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You have reached the forums of My Posting Career, and here your journey into sanity ends. You are about to enter what famous people call "the portal to the Dark Web", "the serial killers MySpace", and "banned from Twitter for making fun of trannies".

MPC is a private forum, a safe space if you will, and access is restricted. To apply, click "Create Account" at the top of the page. Your application will then be reviewed. If it is accepted you will receive a registration email, and can return here to complete the final part of your sign up, which includes a registration fee.

Yes, that's right! MPC now requires a one-time fee to access the forums. This helps us eliminate the best, most qualified discussants and maintain our status as a "troll-filled" forum for Internet addicts only. It also helps out with the upkeep and makes up for the fact that Google cancelled our Adsense account because we "use swear words".

Do you have what it takes to join MPC? a) Internet autism, b) a non-disposable, non-Russian email account, c) $20

For security reasons, applications through Tor, proxies, and public VPNs will not be accepted. Applications from temporary email accounts will also not be accepted.

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