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You have reached the forums of My Posting Career, and here your journey into sanity ends. You are about to enter what famous people call "the portal to the Dark Web", "the serial killers MySpace", and "banned from Twitter for making fun of trannies".

MPC is a private forum, a safe space if you will, and access is restricted. To apply, click "Create Account" at the top of the page. Your application will then be reviewed. If it is accepted you will receive a registration email, and can return here to complete the final part of your sign up, which includes a registration fee.

Yes, that's right! MPC now requires a one-time fee to access the forums. This helps us eliminate the best, most qualified discussants and maintain our status as a "troll-filled" forum for Internet addicts only. It also helps out with the upkeep and makes up for the fact that Google cancelled our Adsense account because we "use swear words".

Do you have what it takes to join MPC? a) Internet autism, b) a non-disposable, non-Russian email account, c) $20

For security reasons, applications through Tor, proxies, and public VPNs will not be accepted. Applications from temporary email accounts will also not be accepted.

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It takes a really dedicated team of IT support staff employed by Koreans to keep this website going while Jewish caricatures cackle in their hideous "Legion of Doom" SPLC headquarters.

MPC is dedicated to laughing, mocking, trolling, and telling Ta-Nehisi Coates what a crappy writer he is over and over in Disqus comments that are deleted within minutes. Your donations help give us the strength for that one more tweet, that one more esoteric argument, and that one more cogent analysis.

Donating with Amazon Gift Cards (US only)
Jeff Bezos almost certainly supports free speech and trans-skepticism, which is why he created the low-rated tranny melodrama Transparent starring a Jewish man who has been accused of sexually assaulting female and near-female victims. So go ahead, purchase an Amazon gift card (from amazon.com only), and forward the gift card code to MPC, which is exactly what I believe Jeff wants you to do. (Just in case there's a transit problem, it's best to send the gift card to yourself initially. The gift card redemption code will be in the email you are sent.) Send gift card details via private message on the forum or to donation@mypostingcareer.com.

Donating with Google Pay (US only)
Use the monopolist's still failing but recently rebranded PayPal competitor to support MPC. You can create a Google Pay account at https://pay.google.com. Just link a payment method and send any amount you wish. See full instructions here: https://pay.google.com/about/#friends

Send Google donations to: donation@mypostingcareer.com

Donating with Bitcoins
Holy shit YES you can donate with cryptocurrency just like real hackers do. Fuck the Jews and their fiat currency banking and credit system! Click the donate link below to generate a payment address. Using your own mysterious methods, send your bitcoins to that payment address and wait for the fun to begin!

Donate Bitcoin???

If you don't know how to obtain or send bitcoins, congratulations! You are ready to start investing in cryptocurrency!

NEW For the advanced crypto-currency mogul/drug dealer, MPC now supports monero. Unlike bitcoin, monero is "private" (meaning you can and should use it to pay for black market assassinations). You can send monero to:


Donating using the Brave browser
NEW MPC has a referral link at the top of each page for downloading the Brave browser. Brave is a Chromium-based browser designed to give users more control over advertising and privacy. If you download and use Brave for 30 days, MPC gets about $5 from Brave.

The referral link: https://brave.com/mpc155

Brave also supports anonymous donations to any website you use. You use this feature by adding funds to your Brave Wallet, then telling Brave how much to distribute each month to the websites you visit. You can customize which websites receive these funds, so that only the websites you support receive a portion of the monthly distribution. Brave's payment FAQ is here: Brave Payments FAQ

One of the people behind Brave is Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript who was blackballed from Mozilla for opposing gay marriage in California. He's one of the good guys in tech, and the Brave browser could permanently change the way privacy and advertising work on the Internet, as well as support the kind of grassroots content the global corporations have been trying to erase.

(Because it's anonymous, you can't use Brave Payments to pay the application fee. I won't know who the Brave Payments funds are coming from.)

Donating with Visa Gift Cards (US only)
Wait, can usurious credit card companies run by mixed race transsexuals be tricked into supporting the premiere anti-SCALE communitarian website? Yes they can, thereby bypassing multiple layers of globalist oversight and causing George Soros to beat his fists on his desk in rage. You can purchase an electronic gift card from many different online vendors. For a full list of legitimate vendors see: https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/cards/card-finder/gift-finder-page.html.

If you opt to purchase a physical gift card, the vendor may require the recipient to register an address or zip code for use online. If so, forward those instructions along with gift card details. Send gift card details via private message on the forum or to donation@mypostingcareer.com.

International Bank Transfers
NEW Well, Mr. Bond, I see you would like to transfer your €25 casino winnings...all to one account? MPC is now equipped to receive bank transfers in Euros, Pounds, and "Australian Dollars", a form of currency made by scribbling unintelligible symbols onto a bar napkin which is then offered with a cheery "Fair dinkum!", a phrase that has no actual meaning. Send me an email or private message for transfer details.

What if I'm too paranoid even to use crypto?
Finally, for those who don't want to use prepaid gift cards, Google, or cryptocurrency, you can send a check or money order payable to "MPC". Send me a private message for details.

Thanks to everyone who has donated!

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