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As per the Internet Bill of Rights, you have access to most of the forums here, but MPC is a BLM-designated white privilege zone and you must become white to have a voice. Once you respond to the registration email, someone--no one knows who--must approve your new account. You will then become "white" and your privilege will be instantly assaulted.
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It takes a really dedicated team of IT support staff employed by Koreans to keep this website going while Jewish caricatures cackle in their hideous "Legion of Doom" SPLC headquarters.

MPC is dedicated to laughing, mocking, trolling, and telling Ta-Nehisi Coates what a crappy writer he is over and over in Disqus comments that are deleted within minutes. Your donations help give us the strength for that one more tweet, that one more esoteric argument, and that one more cogent analysis.

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Wait, can usurious credit card companies run by mixed race transsexuals be tricked into supporting the premiere anti-SCALE communitarian website? Yes they can, thereby bypassing multiple layers of globalist oversight and causing George Soros to beat his fists on his desk in rage. You can purchase an electronic gift card from many different online vendors. For a full list of legitimate vendors see: https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/cards/card-finder/gift-finder-page.html.

If you opt to purchase a physical gift card, the vendor may require the recipient to register an address or zip code for use online. If so, forward those instructions along with gift card details. Send gift card details via private message on the forum or to donation@mypostingcareer.com.

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Jeff Bezos almost certainly supports free speech and trans-skepticism, which is why he created the ultra-low-rated tranny melodrama Transparent. So go ahead, purchase an Amazon gift card (from amazon.com only), and forward the gift card code to MPC, which is exactly what I believe Jeff wants you to do. (Just in case there's a transit problem, it's best to send the gift card to yourself initially. The gift card redemption code will be in the email you are sent.) Send gift card details via private message on the forum or to donation@mypostingcareer.com.

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AIDS-riddled soy boy Jack Conte is losing users faster than he is losing white blood cells. Hatreon is a new crowdfunding service and Patreon alternative designed expressly to protect political speech, especially from Jack Conte. Hatreon takes 10% of all donations. Donate at https://hatreon.us/mypostingcareer (THIS NO LONGER WORKS).

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Use the monopolist's failed PayPal competitor to support MPC. If you already have Google Wallet tied to your Google account you should see a new Attach Money option when you roll over the plus sign at the bottom of a new message:

If you don't see the Attach Money option, you can add a Google Wallet (https://wallet.google.com) and that should make it available. See full instructions here: https://www.google.com/wallet/send-money/

Send Google donations to: donation@mypostingcareer.com

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Holy shit YES you can donate with cryptocurrency just like real hackers do. It's virtually as untraceable as Rolling Stone rape claims. Fuck the Jews and their fiat currency banking and credit system! Click the donate button here (it's just like using Paypal) and make The Man blubber in frustration while you fund the hosting costs of real Internet age homoskeptic tricksters.


A donation today is great, but what about next month? Now you can create a bitcoin subscription donation that is automatically sent from your hyper-inflated e-tulip bank account every single month! What could be more convenient, other than knuckling under to a corrupt political establishment that uses private corporations to silence speech?


NEW For the advanced crypto-currency mogul/drug dealer, MPC now supports monero. Unlike bitcoin, monero is "private" (meaning you can and should use it to pay for black market assassinations). You can send monero to:


What if I'm too paranoid even to use crypto?
Finally, for those who don't want to use prepaid gift cards, Google, or cryptocurrency, you can send a check or money order payable to "MPC" to the following address: send me a private message for details. (Not a member? Become one, make good posts, and wait for your digital membership package to arrive. In the meantime, use one of the above donation methods.)

Thanks to everyone who has donated!
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