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The Golden Age of Trump

No single thread can contain the marvels of this era

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The Secrets of MPC

A vast reservoir of previously hidden knowledge and misgendering

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Encyclopedia Melodramatica

  1. Talk Regarding Ashley "Stalker" Hutsell

Not to be confused with a wikipedia clone filled with porn ads and a book-length explanation of Chris-Chan's sex change

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The political asylum

Libertarianism is perfectly logical, as these threads show

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Leonard Maltin's Western Degeneracy Capsule Reviews

Please, if Hollywood were run by Jews, would it be this depraved?

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      22 Sep
    Slim Jim Nationalist

    If this Kavanaugh saga teaches us anything, it's that Time Rapists must be cautious lest their antics lead to disastrous misunderstandings down the road

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      22 Sep
    FCL: sleeping giant-fucker

    We now need two full-time wage-earners to afford daycare for our single child to be raised by people who don't speak English, but at least we have flatscreens and gay marriage

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      22 Sep

    Historically, women were kept from organized fighting. This stems from the patriarchical idea that fighting is "for the boys." Also, many men see losing to women as humiliating, so they refuse to fight them. Women-only boxing and MMA serve to undo this long history of injustice, as it gets young girls involved in organized fighting. Eventually, when the patriarchy is smashed, we will see co-ed MMA and boxing. Since women make up ~50% of the population, they will win ~50% of such fights.

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      21 Sep
    TEO: Right-Wing Black Ops Master

    Synthetic lumber cabins. Memory foam cot. Smart wood-burning stoves. Real electric lights that you'll think are real burning lanterns. This is Nirvana In Nature. This Is PrimeFrontier.

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