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Amazon Prime will soon deliver your AIDS medicine using drones
The bigots better get used to it: Amazon Prime drones are going to deliver life-saving HIV medicine directly to gay people. And for every Amazon Prime free trial sign-up, MPC gets $$$pAiD$$$.

Already have Amazoid Prime? You can still give back to this gay-friendly cyberpunk samizdat forum by visiting Amazon using this referral link to buy video games and Lego sculptures THEY'RE LEARNING TOOLS, DAD.

If you want to directly reward the hassling of Matt Ygleisas through inappropriate Twitter accounts, consider donating directly to MPC using one of several anti-bigotry techniques detailed at the link. (We pretty much get zilch from Jeff Bezos' crappy link-spamming referrals anyway.)
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      25 Jan
    Milk of Amnesia

    Hang the professors, draw and quarter the administrators, and send the students to the work camps for a year. Burn the universities to the ground.

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      25 Jan
    Chad Buffington

    sometimes i wonder what its like to have sex with a non fat girl that isnt old and jaded, one thats still enthusiastic and intrigued by sexuality and physical intimacy, instead of fat chicks that feel like theyve seen it all after they took a cumulative 3 miles of nigger dick

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      24 Jan

    First, some intriguing backstory. My European father suffers from the rare and prestigious malady of Asperger's Syndrome, while my mother hails from the exotic Far East. Needless to say, my suburban New Jersey girlhood included identity issues that were anything but monochromatic...

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      24 Jan
    video-game rapist

    Neoreaction was a short-lived far-right[1][2] political movement in the early 21st century. Developed out of the writings of pseudonymous blogger "Mencius Moldbug" (Curtis Yarvin)[3], it enjoyed a brief surge of popularity among the New Spergs[4] before collapsing after the 2019 Idaho Standoff, during which reactionary ideologue Michael Anissimov and his followers endured a 34-day siege in their armored compound at the hands of the ATF and DHS, for running an illegal gay prostitution...

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      24 Jan
    Bumbling American

    How far our society has fallen, when even the Valley girls used to "police" homo deviance better than today's so-called males.

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