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Amazon Prime will soon deliver your AIDS medicine using drones
The bigots better get used to it: Amazon Prime drones are going to deliver life-saving HIV medicine directly to gay people. And for every Amazon Prime free trial sign-up, MPC gets $$$pAiD$$$.

Already have Amazoid Prime? You can still give back to this gay-friendly cyberpunk samizdat forum by visiting Amazon using this referral link to buy video games and Lego sculptures THEY'RE LEARNING TOOLS, DAD. Jeffrey P. Bezos has personally approved all content on this site.

If you want to directly reward the hassling of Kevin Williamson through inappropriate Twitter accounts and forged emails from his dad, consider donating directly to MPC using one of several anti-bigotry techniques detailed at the link.
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Agent Fred's Photo

Agent Fred

Dreher: the Benedict Option; mlad: the Bendover Option
Today, 12:09 AM
Gwerks: ex-GS hedge fund dog clothing maker's Photo

Gwerks: ex-GS hedge fund dog clothing maker

can't spell vacation without vatican
Yesterday, 07:18 PM
BTH: Conceived At NPI's Photo

BTH: Conceived At NPI

global capitalism asking what size you want your pride t-shirt
Yesterday, 06:42 PM
Scowling Primitive's Photo

Scowling Primitive

Chris Hansen: "Mr. Johnson why did you bring this Death In June mix and bottle of wine over here? What were you expecting to happen?"
Yesterday, 06:33 PM
Prime Minister Mark Latham (PBUH) AKA ENJ's Photo

Prime Minister Mark Latham (PBUH) AKA ENJ

Rotunda returned to the WWF in April 1991, becoming Irwin R. Schyster, abbreviated to I.R.S.. Schyster had a heel gimmick as a former IRS tax collector from Washington, D.C., harassing wrestlers and fans as "tax cheats" and scolding them to "pay their fair share".
Yesterday, 06:01 PM
Delirant Silvam's Photo

Delirant Silvam

“She would come in and we would see the diarrhea running down her leg and to the floor,” one court worker told the NY Post. “She would soil the chair and then ask for a new one.”
Yesterday, 05:38 PM
Shitbrunch's Photo


He's been given all the facts. #standwithnancy
Yesterday, 05:38 PM
Delirant Silvam's Photo

Delirant Silvam

Looking forward to the day. My military training is superior and I've been curious about cannibalism for a long time.
Yesterday, 04:53 PM
  • full-court lugenpresse's Photo
    full-court lugenpresse
    probably a bad idea, you can catch Kuru from eating healthy people, let alone those ones
    Yesterday, 04:56 PM
Navalinfantry's Photo


Every time I think I have enough ammo , I read here for a bit .
Yesterday, 04:35 PM
Earf Worm Jim's Photo

Earf Worm Jim

My ideological commitments ossified as it were during my 20s
Yesterday, 04:32 PM
Delirant Silvam's Photo

Delirant Silvam

I'll never be pregnant again but I'll protect my granddaughters from the "Christian Taliban" with my gun (which I will buy).
Yesterday, 02:00 PM
Gwerks: ex-GS hedge fund dog clothing maker's Photo

Gwerks: ex-GS hedge fund dog clothing maker

Peter Ren, 24, and Katy Gloth, 22, both work at Big Four accounting firms. And both listed Harry Potter books as their favorites. But in a city like Washington, is there anything worse than matching a political junkie with a person who hates all the chatter about politics? We sent them to Mari Vanna near Dupont Circle to find out.
Yesterday, 01:31 PM
  • Shitbrunch's Photo
    "I guess I'll let him know by reading it in the newspaper."
    Yesterday, 02:48 PM
Pangur Springs Exults and Kills's Photo

Pangur Springs Exults and Kills

I am forum royalty.. I'll tell Nancy boy to go fuck himself... especially like the time he banned me for 12 months
Yesterday, 01:06 PM
Gabe Ruth's Photo

Gabe Ruth

In fact, 1 in 50 searches about me are about my supposed gayness, despite the fact that I often write about my wife and watching heterosexual porn.
Yesterday, 12:49 PM


Next week on a very special fear factor... driving 750 yards in richmond, BC
Yesterday, 12:15 PM
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