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Amazon Prime will soon deliver your AIDS medicine using drones
The bigots better get used to it: Amazon Prime drones are going to deliver life-saving HIV medicine directly to gay people. And for every Amazon Prime free trial sign-up, MPC gets $$$pAiD$$$.

Already have Amazoid Prime? You can still give back to this gay-friendly cyberpunk samizdat forum by visiting Amazon using this referral link to buy video games and Lego sculptures THEY'RE LEARNING TOOLS, DAD. Jeffrey P. Bezos has personally approved all content on this site.

If you want to directly reward the hassling of Kevin Williamson through inappropriate Twitter accounts and forged emails from his dad, consider donating directly to MPC using one of several anti-bigotry techniques detailed at the link.
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Doctor Shivago's Photo

Doctor Shivago

Nice job, you’re a better dead man than me.
Today, 12:04 AM
Pangur Springs Exults and Kills's Photo

Pangur Springs Exults and Kills

lol @ thinking shitlibs have light in their eyes
Yesterday, 09:47 PM
Doctor Shivago's Photo

Doctor Shivago

we need a catchy name like, The Black Hundred
Yesterday, 08:53 PM
Terrence Rhine's Photo

Terrence Rhine

This is the last goddamn thing we needed right now – a desert wizard sucking Trump’s life energy out with an evil magic orb.
Yesterday, 08:49 PM
Artful Dogwhistler's Photo

Artful Dogwhistler

I would be more interested to see a movie about Lynch's bit players... when he recruits a new mutant, do they all do a gabba-gabba one of us thing?
Yesterday, 08:23 PM
Summer Camp of the Saints's Photo

Summer Camp of the Saints

i guess i never really grasped the goal of europe before. why did charlemagne convert the saxons? why did palmerston preserve belgium? the answer to these and all questions: to import muslim terrorists to kill people in every city in europe so that shitlibs can virtue signal until they gracelessly expire
Yesterday, 07:23 PM
BTH: Conceived At NPI's Photo

BTH: Conceived At NPI

Are you being serious or trolling about the MYSTERY OF THE DRUIDS? If your serious do you have any More info ? V interested
Yesterday, 07:17 PM
Anglo-Taysachson's Photo


it's the THOT that counts
Yesterday, 04:25 PM
Monkfish's Photo


"If you have only white men sitting in a room making decisions, you get low-quality decisions and very little change," he says. "If you include a woman and a minority in that room, the whole process changes. You get more quality and innovation."
Yesterday, 04:18 PM
X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber's Photo

X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber

The basic premise of gender studies is that humans can be classified on a scale from white heterosexual cisgendered male on one end to good on the other.
Yesterday, 03:56 PM
Drinking and Heavy Racism's Photo

Drinking and Heavy Racism

In the eyes of our governments, Islamic terrorism isn't a problem, wanting to stop it is. We're basically ruled by serial killers.
Yesterday, 03:47 PM
  • X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber's Photo
    X.Y.Z. Shlicklgruber
    VDare is savage and true.
    Yesterday, 03:52 PM


Morrissey rules...Someone forward our Smiths thread to him
Yesterday, 03:39 PM
Gwerks: ex-GS hedge fund dog clothing maker's Photo

Gwerks: ex-GS hedge fund dog clothing maker

THOTs and Prayers
Yesterday, 03:33 PM
Pangur Springs Exults and Kills's Photo

Pangur Springs Exults and Kills

THOTs and Prayers
Yesterday, 03:30 PM
Habakkuk Mucklewrath: Autism Has No Gender's Photo

Habakkuk Mucklewrath: Autism Has No Gender

THOTs and prayers
Yesterday, 03:27 PM
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