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#148725 (gi)BB(on)'s Decline and Fall

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Posted Bumbling American on 15 July 2013 - 08:04 PM

BB: reminder: this is what america does. it uses unprecedented and unsustainable prosperity to import illegals to slaughter animals and fry their meat so that we can stuff it down niggers' throats until they're too fat to walk

it literally trains people in the cutting edge of math, science, finance and management to erect offshore platforms to suck up the carbonized remains of extinct species in order to provide the necessary fuel for the spic-nig cycle

i guess i never really grasped the goal of civilization before. why did newton discover calculus? what are maxwell's equations for? why did mendeleev deduce the periodic properties of elements? the answer to these and to all questions: to stuff nigs with fried meat until they become crippled from overeating, then to provide them with heroic medical care until they gracelessly expire

#213288 Cuckservatism: the megathread

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 28 July 2015 - 12:06 AM

Our corner of the Internet has been aflutter lately about the term "cuckservative" and the discovery that the alt right uses it to describe pseudo-cons eager to endorse whatever the latest Twitter-fueled liberal craze is.  Tranny Bruce Jenner?  "Leave him alone!" demands Grover Norquist, because he's "good on taxes".  Gay marriage?  "We should insist on it," avers David Brooks, whose wildly cuckservative piece on Ta Coates' childish new book deserves its own thread and possibly its own forum.  (Brooks' review is such thinly disguised sadomasochism--Coates' words sear him, slap him, then fill his ears--that it reads like a coded classified ad from the 50s.)

Pieces in The New Republic and now BuzzFeed ogle and stroke their chins about this surprising, titillating new term in avant-garde political discourse.  The cuckservative right joins in via The Daily Caller, advancing the typically cuckservative idea that the word is actually all about sordid Mandingo fantasies (well they would think that, wouldn't they).

No one seems sure who coined the term--a search of MPC's database shows the earliest reference to it came from someone quoting the Twitter account @Cuckservative on April 4th.  But it immediately captured everyone's imagination as a fitting label for establishment conservatives who, when confronted with barely coherent liberal jabber, are spineless at best and eagerly servile at worst.  The word was perhaps inspired into being by Donald Trump's candidacy, which itself provoked a cuck chorus of shocked and offended Republicans who had been responsible for crushing genuine conservatism and replacing it with a deformed cuckoo of endless war, corporate oligarchy, and whatever moral boundary liberals stopped just short of ten years minutes ago.

Establishment conservatives are in fact sinecured opportunists who are either too venal or too idiotic (or, most likely, both) to recognize that political conservatism no longer has any meaning.  This conservatism cannot say that it conserves anything because it is in favor of a chaotically destructive free market and its social habits are nothing if not depraved.  The emblematic establishment con is someone who talks his ex-girlfriend's daughter into aborting their love child, or who cucks his own son and then denies it after his daughter-in-law kills herself.  On no issue do these people have the slightest credibility, and as to character they are like understudies to lead-poisoned Roman emperors.  Or else are simpering, childish, figuratively and literally crippled nullities.

But although all this attention to the word "cuckservative" is entertaining, the only one we really care about is BuzzFeed's because it mentions us.

Right away Joseph Bernstein rolls into the racial angle--well, it's right there in the clickbait, SEO friendly headline:

Behind The Racist Hashtag Some Donald Trump Fans Love

A little sidebar here, but the reason we love Trump is precisely because he's the ultimate joke on a thoroughly corrupt and inane political system.  I think I speak for most in saying that our dearest hope is that Trump utterly destroys the Republican party, which has become so clownish that it's beyond salvation.  And do we need any more evidence for that than this:


We don't actually believe that Fuhrer Trumpenkrieg is about to institute an American Reich, kick out all the Mexicans, and make sodomy a criminal offense.  We just know with a certainty beyond liberal imagining that a system that produces Hillary Clinton and ¡Jabe! Bush as leading candidates for president is on the verge of collapse.  It is not just corrupt and stupid, it is totally devoid of sanity.  We're ahead of liberals in that we realize this--we're not looking to test Jeb into mouthing a few platitudes that make us feel better, we just want to watch the Bush dynasty burn.

Getting back to Bernstein:


The explosion of the movement, which is in many cases explicitly racist, has prompted tortured meditations from some libertarian bloggers and commentators about the place of intolerance in their politics:

It seems like the only place where anyone cares what libertarians have to say is on the Internet.


The precedent here is #GamerGate, a movement that similarly combined retrograde cultural politics and anonymous harassment with the bleeding-edge visual grammar of the meme internet, and impelled a similar round of self-examination among mainstream game writers.

"Anonymous harassment", also known as raping your Twitter mentions, to which I would add:

Still, we at MPC do pride ourselves on our bleeding-edge visual grammar--thanks, Joe!  We figured out long before Jews like Bernstein that the soft underbelly of the liberalism of social justice and microaggressions and wanting people thrown in prison for saying "nigger" was its extreme vulnerability to mockery.  The one cure for the misery of modern life is laughter at its absurdity, and once you begin laughing you'll never want to go back to the dour, joyless MiniTruisms of modern liberalism, which actually asks you to believe that Bruce Jenner is now a woman because Bruce Jenner got fake tits.

The absurdity is that this liberalism thinks it's on the right side of history--thinks there is a right side of history, as opposed to an endlessly refracting moral prism which shows a version of the gazer.  Liberalism's arrogant assumptions are comical and this is regularly demonstrated, as when in social surveys they consistently fail to accurately describe what other groups think about themselves.  They have been graded (by themselves) on a Ta Coates-like curve all their lives and are now certain that their self-indulgent intellectualism will sort everything out--as if we've never seen mistakes on a grand scale in human history.

Bernstein himself amply demonstrates the fatuity of this liberalism in his writing:


Like GamerGate, and like much of the major harassment on the internet in 2015, “cuckservative” finds its roots in the intersection of web nerd culture and the politics of cultural hate. And just like #GamerGate, even many of the prominent anti- “cuckservatives” — the people who use the term — aren’t quite sure where exactly that is.

Strangely, liberals love to toss around the word "hate" as they strain against their leashes.  Frankly, no one hates as unreservedly and viciously as a liberal, who is all bitchiness and politics-of-personal-destruction over impossibly trivial matters.  And no one hates like a Jew, a race that has its own Orwellian hate organizations like the ADL and SPLC.  I'm almost at a loss when I see liberals unhinge themselves about everything from calling Asian people "Orientals" to tweeting "#AllLivesMatter", and then call anyone else "haters".

But here's the money shot that I've been leading up to:


MPC and TRS are, respectively, My Posting Career, a kind of 8chan-meets-far-far-right-politics forum, and The Right Stuff, a white supremacist blog dedicated to “Reinvigorating dialogue among a disparate and edgy right-wing” and “Inflaming anuses among the childish and regressive left-wing.” The Right Stuff, which has an incredibly active commenter community, has clearly played a role in popularizing the movement. But it’s deep within a subfourm of My Posting Career where an earlier reference to the term “cuckservative” appears, beneath a copied tweet by the conservative activist Grover Norquist.

Posted Image

We like The Right Stuff guys, and we even like the juvenile nihilism of 8chan (it's not like we haven't stolen memes from them before).  If it somehow fucks up the liberal establishment, we're for it.  Because this is an establishment that is knowingly destroying the world it lords over while arrogantly refusing to be argued with.  These are people who believe in fining you six figures for not baking a cake to celebrate the mock wedding of two fags who will soon be getting drilled by random Grindr users.  Cakes are that fucking critical.


That’s right: These aren’t garden variety conservatives, for whom reflexive support of Israel has become a core value. Indeed, supporting Israeli foreign policy to the detriment of white Christians is one of the hallmark traits of the “cuckservative”; Enkisson’s Twitter is particularly, though not uniquely, anti-Semitic for a member of the movement.

Anti-Semitic?  Whoa, sounds most uncool, Joseph Bernstein.  How could anyone dislike (self-serving, hypocritical, sexually neurotic, nepotistic, histrionic) Jews?


(Enkisson is also a proto-GamerGater who was tweeting antagonistically at GamerGate villain Anita Sarkeesian as far back as 2011).

Tweeting antagonistically.  Very troubling.


That “cuckservative” comes from the place where forum trolls, white supremacy, and GamerGate meet shouldn’t come as a surprise. As I wrote earlier this month, mobile services like Kik have enabled a new group of young white supremacists who are totally fluent in the art of internet persuasion, for whom irony poses no contradiction to the intensities of race hate.

"White supremacist" is the penis-stroking slur of preference for the new liberalism.  It's meaningless, liberally handed out (none other than Ta Coates, a fucking Tracy Morgan-style retard, called Mitt Romney a "white supremacist"), and completely used up.  We don't fucking care anymore, airhead.  Call us racist, white-supremacist, neo-Nazis, or anything you think will stick.  We're still the ones laughing, and you're still the humorless nags holding show trials about words.  We'll win, you'll lose.

#179599 Public School and Diversity

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Posted Stiles on 25 July 2014 - 09:48 AM

I just completed my first year of teaching.  Most of what I'll say in this post won't really surprise any of you racist pieces of shit here on MPC, but it might be helpful if you're considering homeschooling.

I taught 6th graders at a school district that was, until a few years ago, very small and very white.  It was the kind of town where the school staff probably went to church with most of the parents of their students.  It was known in the immediate area as the place to go for good schools.  Like every district I've worked for, the superintendent is a corrupt shitbag surrounded by a small army of ass kissing sycophants.  A few years ago they had a bit of a budget problem, so to make some money fast they opened the school district.  Before this, they kept the schools white by having staff that drove around and verified addresses; this kept DeShaun's mom from lying about his address to get him in.  They removed that requirement in order to get more students and thus more funding.  Since the district is fairly close to Dallas, all of those good boys and girls who don't do nuffin but get kicked out of school anyway were able to flood into the district.  This was, of course catastrophic.

Immediately the district's test scores dropped.  Previously, this district was full of schools that were always Exemplary or Recognized, which means a high percentage of students passing the STAAR test, which is the Texas standardized test.  Even the schools that were on the poor side of town did pretty well.  With the influx of vibrant diversity, the scores dropped and everybody started panicking.  Don't let anybody fool you, either.  Those test scores are the ONLY metric anybody cares about.  

So when I started teaching, the district was still struggling to handle their newly vibrant student population.  We had a discipline system that was created to address the typical problems of a white, small town.  I have no doubt it was a terrific system when it was created, but it just cannot handle typical black behavior.  I think Pleasureman was the first person I ever heard talk about how whites are inherently high order, while blacks are inherently low order.  I knew what he meant, but given control over classes of whites, blacks, and Mexican kids, it's painfully clear.  

Most black students, simply put, are not fit for classrooms designed for white children.  The white classroom, the white teacher, and the white students all want some order.  They want quiet when they try to work.  Chaos isn't enjoyable for them.  That isn't to say white kids don't like cutting up and cutting loose, but if they are expected to learn, they want to do it in an organized fashion.  Black students, on the other hand, cannot understand why they can't talk over each other.  They don't get why they can't talk over their teacher.  They don't understand why they're getting in trouble for yelling in class.  They're upset that they can't sing, or dance, or listen to music loudly.  Sitting there, being quiet, is nearly impossible for a lot of my black students.  Part of this was their age, but the majority of my white and Mexican students were able to control themselves, even when they were bursting with energy.  Blacks just think you're a weirdo for not wanting them to rap a little in the middle of a lesson.

To kind of give you an idea, here is what a typical class might look like.  I had to monitor the hallways in between classes (more on this in a bit), so I had to start each class outside of my room.  I give students a small assignment to work on before the lesson starts.  When I walk in, out of 30 students, maybe 20 have completed the assignment and are talking quietly with their friends, or are working on it.  The remaining students are usually the black students.  They're doing a variety of things.  Most common is yelling at each other in conversation.  They yell over each other, they yell at each other, they yell across the room.  They sit in small groups, yelling at each other, usually with one repeating something over and over at the top of her lungs, something like "OH MY GAH!  OH MY GAH!".  Some of them are up and chasing each other around.  A lot of times they'd be dancing or singing.  I'd get them under control and start handing out discipline, to a chorus of "What?  I didn't even do anything!  I was just talking!"

So I'd start the lesson.  During the lesson, the black students are shouting out.  I found that there is no real way to stop them from shouting out answers or opinions.  If you get a lesson they really enjoy, they'll only shout enthusiastic answers, but they will shout out.(Tip : If you can relate your lesson to a recent horror movie in any way, black kids will like your lesson)  You can write them up all day every day for it, but they just can't help themselves.  If you do get them to raise their hands, they can't do it without going "Ooooooo oooo ooo ooooooo!" while they wave their hands and stand up.  Usually, though, they'll just start having a loud conversation that interrupts everybody else.  When you call them on it, they argue that they weren't doing anything but talking.  To a black kid, talking loudly during a lesson isn't anything bad.  The chaos and noise of these conversations is normal for them.  If you've ever been around groups of black people, you know what I'm talking about.  That conversational order, that process of listening and talking, is mostly foreign to them.  They want to talk, at the same time, getting louder and louder.  

This wasn't just my low scoring kids, either.  I had black girls and boys who were meticulous with their work, high scorers, good readers and writers.  Intelligent kids.  They still did this, though, all of the time.  It's a cultural thing, and it is completely incompatible with classrooms that you or I would learn in.  The lack of future time orientation is another big problem.  More than once, I would address a black student directly.  "If you do that one more time today, I'm going to call your parents."  A lot of black parents are fond of belt discipline, and their kids would tell me that.  So I'd give them a few chances, then tell them I'd call their parents.  They'd still do whatever I'd told them not to.  I'd tell them I'd call their parents, and they'd start crying, hysterically, knowing they were going to get "a whuppin."  I'd ask them why they continued acting up after I'd told them I'd call their parents, and they'd always answer "I don't know.".  And they didn't know.  This would happen to the same kids, over and over, and they'd never learn to stop before it got to that point.  It was mind boggling.  I had white and Mexican kids that I'd had to threaten to call parents once all year.  After that, when they got close to that point, they'd shut up and sit down quietly for the rest of class.  

Another fundamental difference between black students and white and Mexican students is the way you have to talk to them.  I learned that with white kids, you can be gently firm.  Mostly they'll correct their behavior.  If you get too sharp with them too fast, it gets them really upset.  If you get harsh with them, they assume they made a huge mistake.  Black kids, on the other hand, are used to being talked to in a loud, commanding voice.  You try gentle firmness with a black kid, and he or she will assume you're weak and unfit to lead them.  I had one girl tell me she wasn't afraid of any man that wasn't black.  I found that if you get a little loud, a little harsh, they tend to listen.  We had a great black female teacher who was aces at getting black kids to listen to her.  You could hear her yelling from down the hall.  So sometimes I would be a little louder and tolerate less nonsense from the black kids, because that's what they responded to.  My principal pulled me aside and told me I was being too harsh, despite the fact that I wasn't even close to as loud and demanding as the black teacher.  It was my job to let the black kids run roughshod over me, I guess, in the interest of acting like a good, neutered white.

I want to point out that most of the behavior of the black kids wasn't malicious or mean-spirited.  I had a lot of smart and sweet black kids who acted like this, but again it's a cultural thing.  I liked a bunch of these kids, and recognized them as decent, but they were wholly incapable of existing within the framework of what I consider a normal classroom.  Not to be a corny, backpedaling faggot, but I also had several quiet, smart, well-behaved black kids.  They got a lot of shit from their peers, though.  The black kids would sneer "Oh, she never get in trouble" or "she always good" to the really good black students.  They'd try like hell to get the good kids to act foolish, and ridicule them for not joining in.  Again, not to be a corny faggot, but it takes some kind of guts for an 11 year old to reject that kind of peer pressure.

Our hallways were also a mess.  All of the black kids would group up and essentially block the hallways, yelling at each other, dancing, chasing each other, or just standing there rapping or singing.  They made it mandatory for teachers to go into the hallways and break up these groups, which would break up and immediately reform down the hallway.  Again, calling out the students and applying discipline resulted in screeching "I didn't do nothing!  You gonna write me up for TALKING!?" (Answer : yes).  The students were supposed to have a two minute passing period, but another holdover from the white days was no late bell.  So you'd have black kids saunter in ten or fifteen minutes after they were supposed to be in class.  Of course, when they walk in late, all of their friends yell out "Ohhhh you late!" and they argue back and forth, and once again I'm wasting class time calming everybody down because there was some minor distraction that turned into a full scale yelling conversation about who was late, who was in the bathroom, and was she taking a boo-boo?  Oh my gah, she was takin a boo-boo!  When these kids started up, you could see the rest of the class just hang their heads and slump in their chairs.  They hated the bullshit as much as I did.

Our administration was caught in limbo.  Almost all of the repeat offenders who were getting detentions, in-school suspension, and going to alternative school were black, many were Mexican, and few were white.  In an equality-focused and diverse school system, this presents a problem on paper.  We normally had a ten step process to wind up in alternative school.  With problem minorities, this was often ignored until they had racked up 15 or more.  I was told, off the record, that this was to make sure that when the parents came in screaming racism, they could show them that their students had been given far more chances than they should have been.  This lead to situations where a student would get three or four office referrals in a day, and the administration would group them together and talk to the student, deciding to make the referrals not count as discipline infractions.  Meanwhile, one of my students, a white girl, got into a shoving match with a boy.  First big infraction, immediately sent to alternative school.  Admin was eager to get some whites in there to bolster the numbers so we didn't look racist.  One black kid, who was a notorious troublemaker, only had to serve three days of his 30 day stint in alternative because his mom complained and everybody backed down.  The kid was immediately in trouble again, but never got sent back to alternative school.  School administration wants nothing more than to avoid rocking the boat.

So, to boil down this gigantic post, a handful of vibrantly diverse students can essentially hold a school hostage.  If you have gutless administration and education geared towards a white standard, a lot of black students will be unable to handle it.  This is bad for the white kids and the black kids.  When I worked in majority black schools, the staff was able to work better in the chaotic environment.  They were allowed to do things that we couldn't, like play music.  Playing music seems to help a lot for whatever reason.  I thought it was insane to see teachers playing R&B while they tried to teach.  I get it now.  Black kids don't do very well in quiet, orderly classrooms.

#279589 The Mud-Flood Cycle

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Posted Chicano Studies Major on 17 July 2016 - 07:09 AM

While the military coup in Turkey was unfolding, I clicked through the Twitter profiles of Turkish journalists opining on the situation at hand, and it occurred to me that many of them were essentially shitlibs in hijabs: androgynous hipsters with Oxbridge/Ivy League educations (and bragging about them on their profiles) wringing their hands over democracy. Yet the country they were living in and had presumably grown up in had always oscillated between pseudo-secular military dictatorship and Islamic theocracy. It was all a bunch of political LARPing.

But in their quest for authentic diversity, Western universities have imported an entire generation of such ethnic students, many of whom have returned to their countries of origin to apply the lessons they learned at Poz U to their tribal societies. The entire Arab Spring fiasco was essentially that: Western-educated or Western-influenced agitators toppling illiberal, but somewhat stable autocracies to bring about the end of history, cheered on by their Western peers, only to mire their countries in civil war and promote the consolidation of radical Islam.

This prompted me to deduce a new subcategory of MPC's famous spic-nig cycle: the mud-flood cycle.

This is what the West does. It uses unprecedented and unsustainable prosperity to import mystery meats to study postmodern intellectuals and internalize their theories so we can stuff them down primitive societies' throats until they're too demolished to function.

It literally trains people in the cutting edge of political theory, philosophy and diplomacy to build political coalitions to weaponize bastardized versions of utopian theorems in order to provide the necessary fuel for the mud-flood cycle.

I guess I never really grasped the goal of higher education before. Why did Franz Boas push cultural relativism? What are postcolonial studies for? Why did the Rhodes Scholarship have to be expanded to non-Europeans? The answer to these and to all questions: to stuff tribal societies with postmodern liberalism until they descend into sectarian warfare, then to provide the ensuing refugee streams with heroic welfare until civilization gracelessly expires.


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Posted Saya on 27 January 2011 - 08:00 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

#276015 On the importance of openly realtalking

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Posted A little backstory on 30 June 2016 - 02:32 PM

Anonymity is a powerful weapon of the alt-right shitlord; it keeps him from suffering real-world consequences for his unpopular noticing-out-loud and the poasting of hatefacts--we know leftists are mentally unbalanced and prone to violence, so there's a lot of prudence in staying hidden while expressing your most hated views

The Founding Fathers of this country, proto-shitlords one and all, wrote under pen names like Publius, Alice Addertongue, and Vindex the Avenger, to spread their revolutionary views to wider audiences without being dragged off to the King's gaol

I myself use a pseudonym even as I peddle my hateful memes and shitlord apparel, in no small part because of psychotic stalkers who could be an actual danger to my family and me; please don't think I'm advocating that we all shrug off our usernames and start poasting as our real selves without soberly considering the possible aftermath

However, on social media and in real life, under my real name, I openly express my honest opinions about the matters most dear to my hateful heart, the views that make shitlibs squeal in helpless rage--I realtalk about racial differences in IQ, crime, advancement, and culture; I'm open about my belief that homosexuality and other forms of sexual deviance are not "orientations" but symptoms of mental illness and probably childhood sexual trauma; I'm clear about the documented Judaic hatred of all things Christian and their hugely disproportionate contributions to the destruction of Western culture; I promote Trump's entire platform with unapologetic zeal

When Donald Trump announced his intention to run for President last summer, I took the plunge from quiet shitlord to open shitlord and loudly supported him on Facebook and other social media, as well as in real life conversations with the various flavors of cuck and shitlib of my acquaintance--the most fun I had was poasting a selfie wearing a MAGA hat, Trump shirt, and "I Voted" sticker on the day of my state's primary

The salty reaction from nearly everyone I knew was tremendous and immediate, with many demanding that I apologize for my hateful views and renounce my heretical belief that a United States President should put the United States first--since then, I have been called every shitlib/cuck smear word there is: racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe, ignorant, hateful, sick, evil, anti-Semite, uneducated, provincial, divisive, selfish, greedy, mean-spirited, small-minded, etc.

To date I've lost probably 150 Facebook friends because of my open support for Trump and my promotion of various alt-right positions, but the most interesting thing is that I've gained at least 200 more; my friends count is higher than ever and these are not mere internet acquaintances, but people I know in real life--these are new friends, colleagues, clients, and vendors with whom I can be my true self without concern or anxiety

Social justice warriors and other crybullies rely on our own sense of decency to cow us into submission; they know we have reputations and businesses and friendships to protect, and they use the threat of destroying those relationships to keep us from speaking the truth about our views and saying what we have the audacity to notice before our lying eyes

But their threat of destroying us is a paper tiger; not only do I have more friends and better relationships than ever before since revealing myself as an evil bigoted shitlord hateful Nazi homophobic xenophobic uneducated ignorant meanie, but my business has grown and my newest clients are of the highest quality--they tend to share my views, which means they also tend to be financially solvent and fundamentally honest (all shitlibs and cucks are liars and losers; there is no exception to this rule that I've ever found)

When they call you names, you must admit to everything and then double down--cheerfully tell them that a "racist" is someone who is winning an argument with a leftist; inform them that an "anti-Semite" is someone Jews don't like; let them know that it's awfully easy to be an anti-white liberal from the safe enclaves of their lily-white Northern city or gated enclave or expensive doorman building

Point out their hypocrisy and laugh at them, always hitting back twice as hard as they hit you--never give in, never concede an inch, never admit to anything other than being an honest person while they are incorrigible liars, nothing more than self-loathing, mentally ill, anti-white ethnomasochists or just plainly envious non-whites who wish to destroy the competition

They will always hate you, White Man, you and your damnably wonderful genes, your innovation and creativity, your brilliance, your compassion, your physical beauty, your ingrained ability to improve and bring order to any environment in which you choose to live, your rich languages, your constant quest for new discovery and knowledge, your undeniable and well-documented superiority in nearly every area of human endeavor

They will always hate you, so give them a reason to hate you--become the terrifying supremacist bogeyman they've always accused you of being: an uncompromising, unrepentant realtalker with nothing to fear

As a consequence of my decision to reveal my true thoughts and beliefs, I've lost "friends" who never really were, but built lasting, genuine relationships with fellow shitlords who, like me, are immune to leftist shaming and enjoy poking holes in their delusional worldview any time they give us a chance; were I doxxed today, my every poast and tweet revealed under my true name, I've no doubt I would lose a few more of those false friends, and possibly some business opportunities from oversized clients that have their own human resources departments--but the opportunity for personal and professional growth would be even greater, and I can say confidently that my fellow shitlords would stand behind me, continuing to invite me to their social events, attend mine, and give me their business

Some of us here at MPC have experienced unpleasant consequences after being doxxed, and I'm willing to wager that nearly all of us have worried about what would happen if we were exposed, but the more of us who are willing to mainstream our "alt-right" (read: typical for the vast majority of white Westerners for millennia) views, the safer all of us will be if we are ever unmasked by a vengeful leftist or the lugenpresse

It's a personal decision for everyone and can't be taken lightly--there are still real dangers in letting your poasting career be known, including the possibility of violence or state action against you, especially if you live in a country with no First Amendment protections--but I sleep well at night and fear nothing other than the judgment of my Maker when the time to meet Him comes

It's my fondest wish that one day, all of you will experience the sheer joy and self-contentment that comes with shrugging off those same mental chains and becoming a proud voice for sanity, no matter the consequences

tl;dr: I have become impossible to shame and, as such, am truly free


#232441 Raped in the Peace Corp now I post on MPC

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Posted The Gay Syndrome on 20 November 2015 - 11:30 AM

(I can't make a new topic, so I'm posting in this one, for reasons that will be clear very very quickly. I'm disappointed though, because I had a great thread name ready: I Miss the AIDS Down in Africa - Gonna Take Some Time To Explain Away Race for You.)

So many people wanted to hear about my time in Africa, and I want to talk about it, but I’m not really sure which angle to attack it from. You see, not only was I living there, I was a…

Peace Corps Volunteer.

Yep. The pozzed of the pozzed. Actually, it was a good experience, and it started me on the path of the shitlord by exposing me not only to Africans, but also to people so far to the left you need to pop a Truveda just to have a conversation with them. The whole thing was extremely eye opening, and I could write another entire post about international aid generally and Peace Corps specifically, but I want this one just about Africa, Africans, and the way they live.

First, a caveat. Africa is huge, and I can only speak for the little corner I was in. I was assigned to a remote village in the Sahel, basically the transition between the rainforests of central Africa and the Sahara desert, in francophone West Africa. I was in a very stable country (though we had some terrorist scares), and I would not only go back in a heartbeat, I regularly recommend that people go on vacation there. It’s a beautiful place: cheap, on the Atlantic, and open to (French speaking) foreigners. I have tons of shit to talk about it, though, but I’ll lead with the positive.  

The good:

As I mentioned in the post that spawned this one, tribal African society works for them. They’re not smart, but they have strict, specific rules that they follow and that make things sorta work. By sorta work, I mean the power is on 6-8 hours a day, there is running water sometimes, and the roads have potholes so big it’s safer to drive in the bush next to them. But in the small town/village I was in, there was basically no crime, it was very safe to walk around at night, and people got along really well with each other.
How did they achieve this? If Asians are ant-people, well adapted to SCALEd societies, Africans are the opposite. They can’t handle scale, at all. When they live in villages of 100 to 1000, though, things are “functional”. They need familial hierarchies to function, though. Blacks have no morality, they don’t feel bad for doing anything the way you or I do. Their sense of shame and moral compunction is hierarchically imposed. There were a million little niggershines going on every day, and if they got away with it, it was all good. But if an elder catches you, you’re in for a world of hurt. Literally, because all punishment is corporal. They don’t mess around with stern lectures. It’s straight to the beatings, from a young age on.

The system also puts a huge premium on family and community, and nobody there had any desire to ever leave for good. Everyone wanted to get out to get paid, but nobody wanted to emigrate permanently to France or the US. They just wanted to make money, ship it home to “support” their family, and come back to have a little empire of dirt in the bush.  
They are also front-line fighters against shitlibs. They didn’t stand for that shit, at all. If you wanted to come into their villages and build some shit, great. If you wanted to give them lectures about how they needed to accept gays or change their ways, mobs and rocks were in your future. Luckily I worked in Agricultural development, so I mostly got to give away stuff. At the time I felt bad for the ones getting the rocks, but looking back I just laugh. Take that, striver poors!

The bad:

1. Once, a friend of another volunteer wanted to earn some money by baking bread. He got a little bit of money together and used it to buy ingredients. He built a mud stove himself, and cooked 30 loaves of “village bread” - basically misshapen, doughy baguette. He took the bread to the road, and started to sell them, until his father came by. His father said, “You have bread! The family needs bread!” and took 20 loaves for himself and the rest of the kids (this particular father had 4 wives and 8 kids per wife). Our enterprising African friend was left bankrupt. He lost his entire initial investment and never made bread again.

This is the basic story of Africa: communalism gone insane. It is completely unthinkable to refuse a demand of an elder or a family member for money or food. People hid any small money they had, because if anyone knew they had it, there would be a line around the corner asking for loans and favors, and they would be honor-bound or whatever to say yes. I told my friends over and over to say no, and each time they politely explained to me that it was impossible. The whole system is built to pull people down to the lowest common denominator.

2. Every day, I ate the same meal – a huge communal bowl of rice, with fish and some vegetables. Every day, the family I lived with spent a good amount of money (for them) to buy bitter tomatoes and okra to put in the rice, despite the fact that nobody liked bitter tomatoes or okra. I asked, why do you waste so much money on these vegetables that nobody eats? They told me, because we don’t want anyone to think we’re poor.

Africans are all about face and presentation, to the point of self-ruin. We’re talking about people for whom buying a couple vegetables has a huge impact on their bottom line, but they still do it. Saving money is basically impossible. I’m convinced that they have no conception of the future, aside from a vague idea that tomorrow will come. Cause and effect seemed to have no meaning. People who planned well, saved money and invested were not lauded or emulated, just dismissed as flukes or having received the blessing of Allah. Actually, Africans probably took to Islam like flies to shit because in Islam, everything flows directly from God – it is a religion that gives people permission to believe that everything is out of their hands, which they believe anyway.

3. A man asked me if I could give him 10 hectares of land and a diesel-electric water pump to irrigate it. This was not uncommon. The first thing people usually asked me when I told them I was an Agriculture Development person was for tractors, cars, livestock, anything. Completely shameless begging. Men in expensive silk clothes with nice black sedans would shamelessly beg for gimmiedats when they learned what I did. Anyway, I asked this particular guy what experience he had farming or gardening. He said none. I asked, then why do you want such a large scale enterprise? Why not get a small garden from the village chief and a used gas-pump to see how it goes? Maybe you’ll even earn enough money to upgrade in a year or two. He said, well, my cousin got 10 hectares and a diesel-electric pump from the government, so he was going to wait until he could get it too.

Gimmiedats are international. It’s disgusting. Every single cent of international aid is wasted on either bloodthirsty warlords, sniveling SWLP striver salaries, or gimmiedats for the underserving. In case you had any illusions, never give money to any international charity, ever. It breeds a mentality of helplessness and “mana from heaven”, not to mention an entire caste of African hustlers whose only job is to pitch their villages for various causes. The worst thing about this story? The man was completely right to not try a small scale enterprise. He’s African, they have infinite time. One day a government project will come to his village and give him his pump and his 10 hectares. He won’t do shit with it, but he’ll proudly show off his pump and everyone in the village will respect him for his achievement of receiving some gimmiedats.

4. During the festival of Eid al-Hada, a ram must be sacrificed because blah blah who cares. After killing and stringing the ram up into a tree for butchering, a gaggle of boys (they are always around in groups of 10-50, usually begging for presents and money because idiot white people always give it to them) rushed to the dying animal with a pair of scissors, snipped off its balls, and ran away with their prize. I asked the closest mother why, she said they’re going to grill it – the balls are a prized treat for the boys. I asked, do the girls eat it too? Of course not, she said. They would get pregnant with a goat.

Africans are dumb as shit. Basically, they never grow up. You are dealing with 200 pound children. If you go into interactions with that mindset, things go alright, but if you expect anything adult from them, you’ll be disappointed and frustrated at every turn. They believe in everything you can list – ghosts, angels, demons, curses, charms, blessings, and magic. Oh, and magic. They love it. I was party to a number of village magic battles, where charms and counter-charms were buried at people’s doorsteps, protective wards were made, and potions were snuck into tea. It’s a huge deal, and everyone pays big money (for them) to the local shamans and witch doctors to get all these magical trinkets. Yes, even in Islamic Africa, it’s just like this. African Islam is the same as South American Christianity – totally fucked in the head. They are pagan savages first and moon-worshiping goatfuckers second. They just slap a varnish of Islam on it – the magic charm has a Koranic verse in it! – and go about their lives happily as before.

5. A volunteer once fronted enough money for the farmer he lived with to buy fertilizer. They spread it together, and the yield was recorded. In total, it was 9 fold over the year prior. Instead of taking the money back for the loan, said volunteer forced the farmer to buy fertilizer for the next year, and save it. The next year came and they used it again, and again the yield was 10 fold over the first non-fertilizer year. This time, though, the volunteer had left the country. The farmer didn’t buy any fertilizer, and instead blew through the money he earned from his crop on frivolous crap and gifts to every extended family member who cast a shadow on his door. The next year his yields returned to the original level, and everyone went on with their lives as happy as before. The end.

This is my penultimate Africa story. There’s a bit more to it – the Peace Corps showed graphs and charts of this particular case as a successful intervention. I only found out about the little coda because I specifically asked what happened the next year; they didn’t decide to share that little fact in the larger meeting. It brings together everything - the waste, the stupidity, the lack of foresight, the inability to see cause and effect, the massive importance put on frivolous crap, and the way communities tear down their best members. Here’s the takeaway: nobody who wasn’t white on that farm saw the connection between the yields, the money they were making and the fertilizer. Nobody stopped to think hey, we should buy more of this.

That’s the insanity of Africa. 200 pound children, blowing huge stacks of cash on magic charms while they grind out a subsistence livelihood on the border of the desert.
This is already super long, and I could really go on and on about this subject. There are more stories - the myths of the African family, more stories of faux-communalism, stories about crazy African religion and politics, and so on. The long and short of it, though, is this: they’re not terrible people, they just shouldn’t be anywhere near us. Africa is no shit the Garden of Eden. It’s no mistake that the people living there are giant children. Despite tons of diseases and ferocious animals, they want for nothing. Trees growing fruit are everywhere. Every weed is edible. Before the Western-induced population bomb, I’m not even sure they even required agriculture to feed themselves. If we’re going to live a world where complete ethnic cleansing and colonization is off the table, just let them have their little paradise and leave us alone. They have absolutely nothing to offer us nor anything to gain by interaction with the west. They’re a people frozen in time from tens of thousands of years ago, and I have no trouble leaving them like that.  

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Posted I Mildly Touched Richard Dawkins on 03 October 2016 - 10:57 AM

This got long, and rambling.  Perhaps worst of all for MPC, this got sincere. Real as fuck, yo. But hell with it:

For all its Vox Day-ness, SJWs always lie is damn good stuff.  Never apologize.  Never surrender.  Especially never surrender the narrative.

Trump is already ahead of Romney. He's polling closer in blue states-heck, Washington is just about in play.  NJ too.  Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, PA-when were these last in the game?  Hes even holding steady with Romneys numbers in California. Even New mexico will come down to how Johnson's 24% collapses nov 8th.

By any measure, Trump is the best Republican candidate since Reagan. Bush I coasted on Ronnie.  Dubya got a split decision by judicial fiat, and barely managed to put away JOHN KERRY in 04 with a point here or there.

I have not a word of criticism.  Every scandal faded when he ignored it. The entire media elite on both sides has only held him to a tight race with a near certain win (many paths to victory!) and a potential electoral landslide. His gaffes arent not a bit worse than anyone elses.

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood...and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat."

Be as alpha as you like.  Be as silver tongued and fearless as you like.  Any of us-anyone else- would have long since broken. Its been a year and a half and every day from every side, Trump has been under unremitting, vicious, downright depraved attack.

I mean- we forget, you know?  Not to get mushy...no, fuck it.  Lets get mushy. Lets get real.

Theres no reason in HELL to do this.  For all the shitlib conspiracy theories, he has the favors, the connections to get out of any supposed debt or legal tangle.  Hes been good friends with the Clintons, the Bushes, the Kennedys, a dozen others.

His name, his family, his company, his legacy, his health, his pride, his history; his life-both his social and literal life-all of it thrown on the altar. Not to mewl cuck BS but because he loves this rotten shell of failing dreams.  He loves the country that gave his family everything, and he has pledged his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor to fight for her in terrible peril.

Damn us all.  Damn us all to hell.  A year and a half ago every cockswinging deplorable was jerking off to Teddy Cruz and glumly ready to suck it up and vote Jeb. So we could get our amnesty with a side of guac before we ran to some fucking hideyhole. Maybe let our kids turn ten before the jigs moved in next to the spics. So we could huddle down and "enjoy the decline."  Maybe catch a piece or two of bluehaired pussy while the Romes our fathers built-not just one, but a dozen Romes from coast to coast- rotted and burned.

Criticize? Comment?  The unlimited hubris of it.  We were WHIPPED, gang.  We joked about road wars to whistle past the fucking graveyard because we knew it'd never be that good. Just slow rot and shitty jobs until we died, getting older and weaker and fewer while an endless horde of muds twerked in the ruins of our grandeur.

70 years old.  Taking 15 months of endless hate to take a chance at 8 years more.  

The more I think of it, the more it moves me.  I didn't think we got men like this anymore.  Laugh if you like. I dont give a damn. Donald Trump turned his back on endless, unlimited fame, wealth, hedonism, luxury and peace.  Cincinnatus left a plow, not a throne.

I dont care if he ain't couth.  I dont care if he had every wife in Christendom, or missteps ten times or ten thousand times, or doesnt hand me every policy I love on a golden platter.

Theres a story, about Washington. After the war, with no money coming, a number of officers started the Newburgh Conspiracy-plotting a coup.  Fascinating stuff, but the gist is this. Washington found out, and went to address them.  He gave a speech-great, beautiful speech-to little effect.  In a last attempt, he pulled out a letter from a congressman promising (again) money.  Started to read it, and faltered.  
He took out his glasses. Something almost none of them had seen him wear. And said:  

"Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for I have not only grown gray but almost blind in the service of my country."

From anyone else,almost any other man in history that would be grotesque pandering.  But Washington was really everything they say he is.  And his men, these tough bastards from Saratoga and Valley Forge, wept.  The conspiracy ended.

I never thought Id see a leader like that.  I never thought they'd make another.

Call me naive.  Call me glorystruck, blind,  a sycophant and a fool.  I dont care.

That's how I feel about Donald From the By God Celebrity Apprentice Trump.

We say "God Emperor" for ironic detachment. A fantasy from Dune or a silly game for overgrown manchildren.  The symbols of our cultural degeneracy used as a wall to shield us from the terrible hope we feel.  We nitpick and niggle to stay on the details of this and that maneuver to hide away what we're scared to say.  Using the same humorously ironic detachment we condemn in straggling millennial twerps to hide from ourselves.

He isn't a "shitlord" or a fantasy figure, or a meme.

The terrible, terrifying truth is for the second time-for all the warts and wives- we got another man that goddamned GOOD.  We deserve-hah.  After decades of failure, neglect, tomfoolery and greed, we deserve to get exactly what they say he is. Every filthy lie, every depraved fantasy of the sniveling fucking cowards we call fellow citizens is our due.

But by the grace of God-the no shit, real deal, grace and blessing of the Great Jehovah- the dying remnant of our gangrenous nation flipped one last card.

And it came up a Trump.

Im with him.  If he wants me to go to Valley Forge or hell, Im with him. Even if he loses, he gave it all, all the costs he'll bear-and he will suffer terribly- to cut a path for us out of the wilderness.

Im going back to ironic detachment now.  But I wanted to speak my mind to say that I no shit, no homo, no takebacks, no lie-love Donald J. Trump. And the only thing we could ever do to repay this truely great man, is Make America Great Again.

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 25 August 2016 - 02:43 PM

Yesterday, on the TRS forums, I was called out bigtime by TRS forum leader "piss".  He called me out for dragging the name of Richard Spencer through the mud and challenging his leadership of Richard Spencer's Alt Right™.  Others joined in, writing long, detailed, and pretty wordy rebuttals of my shameful mismanagement of MPC and my denigration of the great leader Adolf Hitler.  Others observed tartly, "I don't even know who he is."

Then, last night, Richard Spencer reached out to me.  We had a long talk--I had to adjust the treble down to hear him clearly, as he's a light-voiced uptalker--and Richard shared with me his vision of the Alt Right™, PHALANX™, and his new secret society Reigning Men™.  I immediately saw that it was genius.

The following is my announcement on the TRS forums, which I consider "MPC Pro", which I want to share with you.  These represent my sincere feelings.

Posted Image

The forums have been reassigned per Richard's wishes.  There will be a new influx of so-called "pissposters" who will act as moderators and PHALANX-level thought creators.  This also means there will be mandatory membership fees--Jack Donovan's jacuzzis don't disinfect themselves (God I wish they did).

I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of this.  "Let's roll!"

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Posted Pikkledik on 18 July 2013 - 03:46 PM

Posted Image

#274597 How Brexit helps Trump

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 24 June 2016 - 09:22 AM

The results of Brexit are overdetermined, but precisely because, leave or remain, the future was foreordained.  The proof of it is that the toppling of this single domino has immediately set several others in motion.  We were only waiting for the first one to fall.

The overexpanded structure of globalism was untenable.  It has escalated conflict across the world with breathtaking acceleration.  It has tried (and now failed) to suppress democratic expression, that one cure and promise that makes men safe and free.  It will die from its own massive weight, and its receding shadow will allow sunlight to touch nations and peoples for the first time in decades.

Most revealingly, the servants of globalism were venal politicians, amoral businessmen, and poisonous anti-democrats.  They were weak and fat and stupid, but by conspiring together thought they had achieved permanent power.  Now they face the end of the End of History, which means that men will shape events, not grey bureaucrats and managerialists scheming together in meetings.

The European Union was the epitome of fragility, narrowly escaping crises on the assumption of inevitability until finally its luck ran out.  And all at once it will now collapse.

As the dominoes continue to fall--Scotland, Denmark, France--the public will see that this is a time of change.  The future that was always looming ahead of them has suddenly disappeared, replaced with:  nothing.  The heart of the world has stopped for several seconds, suspended by this leap forward.  They will now sense the possibility of shaping the future themselves.

In any time of change, the most discredited and uninspiring choice is the status quo, and what embodies that choice more than Hillary Clinton, a 90s throwback whose campaign is formed out of a combination of cronyism, "it's my turn", and inept cynical manipulation.

When the Berlin Wall fell it doomed the presidency of George H.W. Bush, because it told the world that this form of Cold War managerialism and hapless domestic compromising was extinct.  So Brexit dooms the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton.

Trump fits liberating change.  The more you hear the world is changing, the more you realize Trump is a leader for that world.

That is what Brexit means for us.

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Posted Cinco Jotas on 12 November 2016 - 09:19 PM

This is the year that converted me into a believer in Carlyle's great man theory of history. Twenty-one months ago I was posting tweets like this...

Posted Image

And wait... I figured we'd be waiting for a cataclysm, some disastrous event that would plunge us into a sea of blood and fire. What we got was even less expected and more outrageous: a genuine great man of history.  

Don't let the carping of the cat ladies, faggots and jews turn your head. Trump is the real deal, an Olympian of the first rank, our Augustus. Even that last comparison may not be overstated. Like Octavian after Actium, Trump is in a position of uniquely unrivaled power. He enters Washington as its master. Starting as a political amateur with not much more than name recognition and a twitter account, in ten months he completely burned the GOP to the ground. In the five months after that, he stomped the Clinton machine into the dust of history and broke the back of the Democratic Party. And those weren't even his biggest victories; Hillary was not the final boss.  

Trump's biggest and most important victory was over his toughest opponent: the mainstream media. By humiliating and routing the media, Donald J. Trump is now poised to become the most powerful American president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


The biggest coup Donald Trump pulled off was laying waste to the entirety of the American media establishment. I've talked in the past about how Trump has been studying how to beat the media for 25 years, and about how he overwhelms the press with sheer Trumposity. (One analyst compared what Trump does to a DDOS attack.) But that doesn't really recognize the totality of his achievement, nor does it tell us what's coming from President Trump.

Donald Trump makes his own media weather. As a private citizen operating in the world's biggest media market, and as a political candidate with every major newspaper, magazine and television network aligned against him, he was unstumpable. He humiliated and neutralized, in sequence, Fox News, Megyn Kelly, the Washington Post, Morning Joe, the New York Times, and anyone and everyone who dared attack him, and they ALL attacked him.  

Trump defeated the media with a smart phone and a twitter account. He revealed himself as the greatest media troll in the history of mankind, thus winning the allegiance of the best and baddest trolls on the internet. Julius Caesar raised a legion to fight in Gaul; Trump raised the Legion of Kek to fight online. Hillary Clinton spent millions of dollars trying to defeat a volunteer army of NEETs, autists, cranks and shitlords, and failed, big league. We beat the ever-loving shit out of journalists and Hillary supporters, we made the internet a toxic environment for anyone who challenged Trump. We hammered them until they screamed, and then we hammered them some more. We won the Great Meme War with a comprehensive victory, nothing of the enemy's was left standing at the end. And American journalism is now a smoking wreck. It'll be rebuilt as something entirely different, more partisan and thus more honest, probably more like the British press. We'll see.

To repeat, Trump as a candidate, with every respectable media outlet against him, was unstumpable. Now, imagine President Trump weilding the Bully Pulpit. He will be the Colussus of the age. Do you think petty media "scandals" will topple our new Jupiter? He will rule from a mountaintop smiting those who resist his Olympian reign. He is the God of Media.


One of the standard cuck/dem/media talking points is, "Trump will have to learn to work with Congress, or he'll fail."

No, Trump does not have to learn  to work with Congress. Congress has to learn to work with Trump.

On January 20, 2017, the only Republican who will have any leverage over President Trump is Jeff Sessions. Trump owes no part of his victory to anyone in Congress except Sessions. He traded no favors, sought no counsel, made no deals with any congresscuck. In fact, the senate is ONLY in GOP hands because of the Trumpening. Even better, the particular way Trump won--by turning out working-class voters in the upper midwest--means that the cuckiest Republicans will have to depend on some of the Trumpiest voters to win their primaries in 2018. Make no mistake, many Republicans are genuinely terrified of Trump and his supporters. Most of them will not defy the God Emperor, and the few that do will be destroyed by the Kekians meme-lords, an object lesson for the rest.

As for the Democrats. They're a broken party. It's not just that the Clintons sucked up all the resources and tamped down any possible rivals, it's also that Obama is a terrible politician. He's looks good in a suit and is a decent public speaker, but his political skills are shit. In eight years he not only didn't help the party, he destroyed the party. They've lost the Senate, the House, and nearly three-quarters of the state legislatures. Their political bench is filled with nothing but shrill feminists, downlow brothers, weird-looking Aztecs and enough sweaty, shifty-eyed jews to stock a dozen yeshivas and/or photography stores. Everyone you've heard of is over 70 years old, except Pocahontas, and she's not going anywhere. (Note to Jim Webb, what are you waiting for, friend? Come home to the party of white men.)

Can the Dems stand against Trump in congress? Not if the Republicans are united. What about the filibuster? Two days after the first successful Dem filibuster, Jeff Sessions will replace Mitch McConnell as majority leader and push the button on the nuclear option. Filibusters will be a thing of the past.

Also, new minority leader Chuck Schumer, who's been around Trump for decades, is not stupid. For months, he's been hedging his bets about Trump, occasionally even saying nice things about him. (Schumer has refused to call Trump a racist.)  And, Trump is a negotiator, which means he favors a win-win solution for those that go along. He'll horse trade with Schumer and make sure that he gets something, but when push comes to shove, Trump will get what he wants.

Taken all together, Congress will not be able to impede any part of the Trump agenda.


In February, Trump will ram through a replacement for Nino Scalia, making the court 5-to-4 "conservative".  (The election might even put some spine in  Chief Justice LightLoafers.)  For this position, I'd like to see Trump nominate a heritage-breed, American Protestant.

After that, it can't be long before the cancer carries away the obstreperous RBG, to be replaced by another Protestant, I hope. The next two oldest are the Reagan-apointee Kennedy at 80, and Breyer (another member of the tribe) at 78. ClarenceThomas, who's now 68, might also retire before the end of Trump's second term.

If all that comes to pass, at the end of Trump's eight years, it will be a 7-to-2 conservative court, with most of the conservative justices in their 50s & 60s. (Alito will be 74, Roberts 69.) With Kagan and the Wise Latina mere speed bumps on the road to history.


Obama and the Clintons destroyed the Democratic Party. They are now almost entirely shut out of politics at the state level, to the point that Republicans are one state legislature away from being able to call a constitutional convention...

Imagine the possibilities! Do you want to end birth-right citizenship? Solidify the Second Amendment?  If President Trump can pull the Republicans to statehouse victory in the 2018 midterms you might see some serious shit.


Trump has both China and Mexico over a barrel. Without American markets China's economy collapses. Without American remittences, Mexico would rise up in revolt. Trump will negotiate with both from a position of strength. We'll still trade with both, but the terms will be more favorable for us.

Trump has promised to turn American energy producers loose, which means he intends to cut out the petro-kleptocracies of the Middle East. We don't need them any more and Americans won't die there anymore. QED.

Russia will do the heavy lifting against ISIS, with US helping in the air and with intel. Based Assad will based.

In Europe, Trump will align us with the nationalist movements. Nigel, Marine & Marion, Frauke, Gert, Viktor et alia will all be allies. Uncle Schlomo will no longer support the globalist poz factories.

This post has to be divided up. In the next part, I'll lay out what I see as the dangers and impediments for the Golden Pepe, how I think he'll govern, and what I think will happen politically going forward.

Let me just say, we're on the edge of something YUUUUUUGE. This is generational transformation in motion.

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Posted Ricky Vaughn on 13 October 2016 - 03:53 PM

Reposted from my facegook:

It is abundantly clear that there are two Americas. In one, Donald Trump is a cartoon villain, liar, serial groper, racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe, Nazi. In the other, Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, lying, globalist politician.

Put these caricatures aside for a second and look at who is lining up on the two different sides. On one side, you have the crooked media, the crooked politicians, 95 percent of elite Jews and Mormons, 95 percent of the big corporations, the permanent bureacracy, the cosmopolitan entertainment business, and the bloated, useless academics.

All of these institutions failed you. And it wasn't an accident. They failed you because they hate you. It was on purpose. They betrayed you. They attacked you for being Christian. For being Catholic. For being a White man. For being a White mother and having White children.

Ladies: They called your men privileged, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Nazi scum who hate all women and minorities. They mock and denigrate you in the popular culture. They bombard you with imagery of weak, cucked men. They encourage you to hate your fathers, your brothers, your White children, your ancestors, your history, and your culture. They tell you having a career is much more rewarding than having a place in a loving family and loving community, with children and a husband who love you.

Men: They encourage you to be weak, and for your wives to despise you and actively work against you in the voting booth. They encourage the image of the "goofy white Dad" who cannot even control his own household. They told you to indulge in drinking bouts and sportsball, to smoke weed and live only for today. They encouraged you to chase pussy, and then later on denigrated you as a privileged white male rapist when you took them at their word. In the popular culture, they portray your sisters, wives, and daughters as trash. Sluts. Harlots. And if you try to object, you are labeled as suffering from an authoritarian personality disorder.

The enemy has flooded our country with millions of low-skill, hostile foreigners who do not speak our language and hate our way of life. They have encouraged our factories to send jobs overseas to cut costs, and their investment banks profited off of every transaction and every offsourced job. Then, they allowed these foreign companies to flood our market with cheap goods, allowing international corporate interests -- many who reside in this country -- to gain wealth. Wealth which they then used to buy up the D.C. political establishment. They turned our politicians into cheap whores. They seduced those who were malleable, and replaced those who couldn't be swayed by cheap, pliable non-entities like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.

So, the choice in this election is quite simple. You can either vote for the corrupt, bloated, effete, decadent, and unworthy political establishment. Or you can vote for Donald Trump, an outsider, hated by the political class, who promises to restore our sovereignty and our control over the political system, and to punish those who have betrayed us. Choose wisely.

#281002 John Leibowitz delivers unfunny lecture to white people

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Posted Bumbling American on 22 July 2016 - 09:01 PM

lol that after all these years he can still masquerade as someone who speaks truth to power instead of power telling you what it wants to be true

Also lol at the semitic vindictiveness of the system he represents--it's not enough to win battles, you have to humiliate the people you beat and demonize them for hitting back in the mildest way or even noticing there's a fight going on

Seeing the thunderclouds gather around this fucker and his friends is gloriois, and knowing that they see them too is even better

#276737 HelloRacist.com

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Posted Monkfish on 04 July 2016 - 11:00 AM

Posted Image

#299830 The Kenneth Bone Zone

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Posted Hyperion on 15 October 2016 - 12:55 AM

Posted Image

This is Ken Bone.

Ken Bone is a 34 year old coal plant worker living in a steel town near St. Louis, in southern Illinois. He asked a question about energy policy at the second presidential debate last Sunday - specifically regarding the candidates' plans for coal power plants and retrofitting older, dirtier plants with new scrubbing technologies. It was a two part question inquiring about both the candidates energy policies and environmental policies.

Ken Bone wore a bright red sweater, and sported a very interesting moustache.

Within only a few hours, he was an internet meme. He became a media celebrity. He was apolitical, stating ad nauseum that he was truly undecided and would not be revealing his candiate choice. This is important, because it gives us a look into what the media does. It gives us an almost clinical look into how they create stories and drum up controversy.

The Honeymoon started off great.

Washington Post:

America needed a hero. Kenneth Bone answered the call.


Rather than make this man some meme to be twisted by the dark scum of the web, let's recognize him for being the one person not sucking our collective will to live.

He has no agenda. No one is marching him on stage as a political prop (yet). He's just a normal dude. He's not a Pepe meme or a Twitter egg or a Bernie Bro, he's just Ken Bone—somehow the one guy not spewing hate and divisive language this year. He's someone, something to finally feel good about.


Today, the pundits will argue over who won the presidential debate. But we think we can safely deliver the verdict:

Ken Bone...

...Ken Bone -- he's no conformist. He's the person a divided America needs right now. The man who brought some levity to the ludicrous, some vim to counter the vitriol. The only thing that was making America great again.

Sports Illustrated Online:

Election hero Ken Bone likes politics, but also hockey

He was being interviewed by all sorts of journos, reporters, and personalities. He was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel. He had his own shirt made that you can buy online. Interacting with Ken Bone meant "entering the Bone Zone". Porn companies were giving him offers for webcam shows. Pretty soon he even had an Uber endorsement.

This honeymoon phase gives us a glimpse into how the media creates narratives. Ken Bone would have been a short lived meme anyway regardless of whether or not the media decided to fan the flames. Within only fourty-eight hours of the debate there were hundreds of 'articles', if you could call them that, talking about Kenneth Bone, American Hero. Most of these articles included some thinly veiled bitching about Donald Trump and his mean words and lying ways.

All these media whores, desperate for page views, hopped on the bandwagon and put the national spotlight on a regular Joe Six-Pack from southern Illinois. Of course, this wouldn't be the media we know and hate if they didn't try to destroy him in the process.

It started with an AMA over on Reddit. Unlike most pre-rehearsed, PR-manicured commercial AMAs, this was just a regular dude who used his regular reddit account. This ended up being a mistake. Here were some of the posts he's made with his account before the AMA:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Worst of all was the post where he thinks the shooting of Trayvon Martin was justified:

Posted Image

What followed was the aptly described 'media fuckery'.


Ken Bone Forgot to Delete His Reddit Porn Comments, Said Trayvon Martin Killing Was 'Justified'

CBS News:

The internet's calling out Ken Bone over his Reddit history

CNN Money:

Ken Bone's charm may now be a thing of the past.

The Daily Beast:

Ken Bone’s Disturbing Reddit History Shows He’s Not Nearly as Adorable as We Thought

Ken Bone was hailed as a symbol of all that is right and good in America after his debate question on Sunday. Now, however, a fuller picture of the guy in a red sweater is emerging.

Of particular interest was the fact that every news article claimed that the worst thing in his history was the fact that he thought George Zimmerman was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin. This, I may remind you (since we tend to forget these things in Clown World) was also the opinion of the grand jury that acquitted Zimmerman.

The Daily Beast:

Most damaging of all, he suggested the killing of Trayvon Martin was “legally justified”—however we should note that Bone did go on to add that George Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the killing of the unarmed teenager on the basis of Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, was a “big ole shit bird.”


He also suggested George Zimmerman was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin. ... Are these incredibly informed opinions? No, of course not. In fact, many of the comments I’ve seen so far are unequivocally offensive.

On Friday, five days after the debate ended, the New York Times, in its sophisticated serif headline font, eruditely concluded that "We May Be Leaving the Ken Bone Zone".

The New York Times:

This is an obituary for a fictional persona: Ken Bone, America’s Red-Breasted Hero.

This Ken Bone of our imaginations was born on Sunday, during a presidential debate, when the American public saw him and decided that he was more important than whatever those two nameless individuals running for president had to say...

Now the bell tolls for Mr. Bone.

This is a story told in headlines and quips, but its a story we all know very well. By now we all have it memorized. Man wears red sweater to debate, media decides to bruteforce a narrative down our throats of a good guy gone bad. While the Quartz article complained that his meme-dom reeked of the kind of mean-spirited attitude (in their words) jocks have when they 'adopt' a nerd for a day, the only people that used and abused poor old Ken was the media, desperate for page views and advertising dollars and willing to stoop as low as necessary to get them. They probably don't even realize they're doing it since by now its probably second nature to them.

Even when covering a light hearted story like this, the media manages to not only blow it way out of proportion, but also tries to destroy the people involved in the process. So the media does to Ken Bone, so it does to Donald Trump and countless others.

#309183 Steve Bannon is 180

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Posted Florida Lion Psychiatrist on 15 November 2016 - 08:25 PM

A Buzzfeed tell-all reveals his power level:


The second form of capitalism that I feel is almost as disturbing, is what I call the Ayn Rand or the Objectivist School of libertarian capitalism. And, look, I’m a big believer in a lot of libertarianism. I have many many friends that’s a very big part of the conservative movement — whether it’s the UKIP movement in England, it’s many of the underpinnings of the populist movement in Europe, and particularly in the United States.

However, that form of capitalism is quite different when you really look at it to what I call the “enlightened capitalism” of the Judeo-Christian West. It is a capitalism that really looks to make people commodities, and to objectify people, and to use them almost — as many of the precepts of Marx — and that is a form of capitalism, particularly to a younger generation [that] they’re really finding quite attractive. And if they don’t see another alternative, it’s going to be an alternative that they gravitate to under this kind of rubric of “personal freedom.”

So I think the discussion of, should we put a cap on wealth creation and distribution? It’s something that should be at the heart of every Christian that is a capitalist — “What is the purpose of whatever I’m doing with this wealth? What is the purpose of what I’m doing with the ability that God has given us, that divine providence has given us to actually be a creator of jobs and a creator of wealth?”

:allears: :allears: :allears:


The central thing that binds that all together is a center-right populist movement of really the middle class, the working men and women in the world who are just tired of being dictated to by what we call the party of Davos. A group of kind of — we’re not conspiracy-theory guys, but there’s certainly — and I could see this when I worked at Goldman Sachs — there are people in New York that feel closer to people in London and in Berlin than they do to people in Kansas and in Colorado, and they have more of this elite mentality that they’re going to dictate to everybody how the world’s going to be run.

Like an echo chamber in a parenthesis factory, by the end you could almost hang a Jew on every other word.


In addition, I think you really need to go back and make banks do what they do: Commercial banks lend money, and investment banks invest in entrepreneurs and to get away from this trading — you know, the hedge fund securitization, which they’ve all become basically trading operations and securitizations and not put capital back and really grow businesses and to grow the economy.

Despite the judeo-Christian phraseology in the rest of the article(2014), Bannon just demonstrated his de-scaleing mindset several times over, which was so opaque to Buzzfeed that they simply published it in its entirety.

#221990 The Naming of the Jew by Ann the Shrew

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Posted GhostfaceCracka on 16 September 2015 - 09:18 PM

Ann Coulter, in a fit of rage and exasperation worthy of MPC, tonight publicly and boldly names the Jew in Tweet after tweet:

really no further commentary necessary :allears:

#210248 Conflict, Aggression, and Humiliation in Modern Politics

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 28 June 2015 - 02:02 AM

When gay activist Hampton Catlin got Brendan Eich forced out of Firefox as CEO, he wrote a blog post about it in the "more in sorrow than anger" vein of gloating:


People think we were upset about his past vote. Instead we were more upset with his current and continued unwillingness to discuss the issue with empathy. Seriously, we assumed that he would reconsider his thoughts on the impact of the law (not his personal beliefs), issue an apology, and then he’d go on to be a great CEO.

Of course, this is never the way it works.  First, any apology given is assumed to be insincere.  Then it is tortured for hidden meaning or stubborn refusal to be abject.  Then it is rejected because there are still hurt feelings and it just isn't going to work out as everyone hoped.  This isn't without meaning.

Catlin's claims in his blog post are plainly bullshit.  Demanding that Eich apologize for "the discrimination we faced" and yet offering to allow him to "keep his personal beliefs" is an illusory compromise--beliefs are meaningless in a democracy if they cannot find political expression.  But this was the actual point of the episode:  to sadistically punish someone and demand total submission.  This political humiliation is not a side effect of the crusade for gay approval, it is in fact the primary goal.

As if his affected blog post were not evidence enough, Catlin decided a year later to remind Eich/humblebrag about getting him fired:

The exchange between Catlin and Eich removes any lingering doubts that the purpose was to wallow in Eich's humiliation.  It seems as if it was also intended to goad Eich into a reaction that Catlin could use to further attack him, and was suspiciously timed to overshadow recent news about Eich's work on WebAssembly.  Another gay man picked up on these aspects of Catlin's tweet:

We know that the push for gay marriage is largely bogus:  of the small percentage of gays who get married, upwards of 75% have no intention of keeping their vows.  Gay activists speak openly of transforming marriage, that is, making it over into a hedonistic partnership disconnected from family and community.  Judging by their behavior, the most important part of a gay marriage isn't forming a sexual or social union, it's ordering a cake from a Christian bakery.

What they wanted was not marriage but the defeat and humiliation of critics of homosexuality.  They didn't want rights to exercise or duties to fulfill--homosexual marriage is uniquely dutiless--they wanted to dominate and punish their targets, silence debate within social networks, and ultimately enforce criminal and civil sanction on political enemies.

To understand the stridency and hostility of this activism and how this fits into the modern trend of leftist politics, we must step back and look at the social changes that gave rise to it.  This also means addressing conservative misconceptions about what has happened and why it has happened.

To start with the misconceptions, the main one is that gay marriage represents liberal politics defeating conservative politics.  I want to reframe this:  what has happened is that the process of atomization has drained society of moral energy.  The rising tide of liberalism is actually the steady erosion of social bonding, the process which creates moral order.  What we see is not gay marriage advancing in perceived legitimacy but the collapse of social life, and thus the destruction of social meaning in marriage itself.

Morality is not a set of rules that people consciously adhere to--it has an almost wholly intuitive character and is tied directly to the formation of social bonds.  Put simply, moral life begins with the internalization of others as part of oneself.  This is most apparent in the intense moral feelings that surround kin relationships, which involve others who are literally part of us genetically.

Previous to mass society and its large scale population movement, the second level of relationships by intensity consisted of networks of families which had interbred within a geographic area.  After this there was the relatedness of countrymen who shared strong cultural and religious values as well as the biological bonds of a relatively static population of larger geographic scope.

These concentric relationship rings comprise an organic social network that provides psychological support and sparks cooperation and altruism because the relationships are genetically driven and highly internalized.

Today, at every level, these relationships have diminished or been supplanted by relationships of lesser intensity and durability:  ideological, class, occupational, avocational, and what I would term relationships of efficiency--for example, obedience to rules as the most reliable way of maximizing resources for oneself.  These comprise the synthetic social networks, transactional and not deeply embedded.

An attenuation of relationship strength has been hinted at in books like Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone, but its ramifications have not yet been fully worked out.  I believe this attenuation overshadows nearly every political development of the past century, and in fact determines most of the political outcomes we have seen, including that of gay activism.

Consider that the last unifying American presidency coincided with a period of ascendant political and social conservatism.  Such unification on a national scale is impossible today due to more fragmented demographics, declining families, and less stable communities.  Urban planning has deliberately increased population movement, which disrupts community formation.  In the Southwest, but increasingly everywhere, immigration has produced dramatic population change.  Meanwhile, family networks are tiny compared to the recent past as couples produce fewer offspring and have less frequent contact with their smaller family networks.  As Putnam has documented, local communal activities that strengthened neighborhood identities are far less common.

This state of attenuated social relationships can be summed up as atomization.  Atomization does more than make us less cooperative and more combative:  it reduces moral feeling.  I have argued that moral feeling is produced by (organic) social relationships, which in modern society have been replaced by voluntary association (synthetic relationships).  Even marriage, of which family unification was an important byproduct, has devolved into mere partnerships.

We are only beginning to understand the effect of atomization on behavior.  When I first wrote about changes in scale of society I focused on the idea of a numerical increase in social interactions overwhelming our mental capacity, producing an overcrowded "conceptual space".  While population density undoubtedly plays a role, the change in quality of social relationships today is very striking.

I think there is evidence that atomization leads to a sadomasochistic element in social conflict.  If atomization results in retarded moral development, we have a handy model for this:  children.  Because children interact socially before they have developed emotionally, we can observe what social behavior should look like among morally retarded, unempathic adults by studying child behavior.

It is fairly normal to see children in groups of three or more periodically engaging in bullying, exclusion, and humiliation.  These childish conflicts exhibit an amoral quality and suggest a fascination with wielding social power over others, devoid of moral feeling.  Today's larger school environments and online social networks provide more opportunity for such behavior, and detached parenting can reinforce poor social development that exacerbates it.

If leftist activists are trapped at a childish stage of moral development, it would explain their extremism and single-minded desire to humiliate opponents even after political victory has been attained.  If my speculation is correct then their nastiness may become even more extreme as growing atomization leads to people who are so drained of moral energy that only humiliation and self-amusement are attainable experiences.

Conservatives should respond to this by demonstrating solidarity.  The scope and manner of this solidarity can be discussed further, but it is important that conservatives provide support and resources for those subject to extremist political attacks.  Many of the attacks to date rely on small but loud activist groups using social media to organize and then sympathetic mainstream media to amplify their voice.  Conservatives should learn to form larger groups to respond effectively (the media will not amplify them).  Fortunately, conservatives are actually better than liberals at this when they are properly organized.

This also suggests the means to become invulnerable to these attacks:  strengthening of personal relationships, living in lower scale communities, maintaining strong family ties, and working independently or for smaller businesses in which co-workers have stronger social bonds with each other.  The tactics of extremists rely on environments in which relationships are weak and in which people exhibit low altruism.

And, of course, never try to apologize simply for stating your views in your own words.


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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 09 December 2015 - 01:52 PM

this is how you deal with wannabe Trump stumpers, from my Facebook:

some stupid liberal cunt:

Scariest part is the bad guys using Trump as a recruiting tool. How do people running his campaign live with themselves.


I don't know about the people running his campaign. But here is why I will vote for him: after decades of rule by an establishment that has repeatedly betrayed us, it is time to revolt. Not by electing a psychopathic, incompetent, stroke-addled shrew, or a befuddled socialist novelty candidate, or the dynastic puddle of haplessness that is Jeb. I will only vote for someone who will preserve the integrity of our nation. The likes of Obama, or Merkel, or Hollande--these people can go to hell. The misery they have fostered around the world is maddening, their venality and amoral behavior is in a class of its own, yet I am supposed to be frightened of Trump? Has it occurred to you that the entire reason we have a national security state (which apparently is not Orwellian when a closeted mulatto is running it) is that we insist on importing people who do not belong here?

It is blatantly obvious that muslims are, as a group, incompatible with our society. Read up on Rotherham. Read up on the zones of sharia law that have cropped up in Western cities with high concentrations of muslims. Read up on the rioting, the drugs, the prostutition, the dole-leeching aggressive young men that form their sewage product. Perhaps what it will take with you is to be woken up at 5 AM by a call to prayer from the local mosque zoned into your whitebread residential area. The idea that we are all the same and infinitely miscible is patronizing babble from sheltered liberals who think that everyone really is just like them, because who would reject their deracinated, hedonistic outlook?

The propaganda of a hyper-partisan left-wing org like Media Matters is intended to lobotomize you. Support Marine Le Pen's National Front. Support Pegida in Germany. Learn something about the immigration crisis abroad. (It is not a "refugee" crisis, for starters--the immigrants are from all over, virtually all of them seeking Europe's generous welfare state, not escape from hardship.) This is no time to stay wed to ignorant leaders and failed policies. They will only produce an endless succession of crises.

#275567 Let them Eat C**k - Revenge of the (((Experts)))

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Posted Ricin Beans on 28 June 2016 - 04:49 PM

If you've ever wondered what the conversations between aristocrats were like as the peasants were storming the Bastille, I suspect some of them were a lot like this Foreign Policy article (reprinted in Yahoo news)



One of the most brazen features of the Brexit vote was the utter repudiation of the bankers and economists and Western heads of state who warned voters against the dangers of a split with the European Union. British Prime Minister David Cameron thought that voters would defer to the near-universal opinion of experts; that only shows how utterly he misjudged his own people.

Why would anyone not trust experts?  I mean, other than a few mistakes, like a series of unwinnable wars, continually increasing inequality and the erosion of the middle class, disastrous immigration policies, and financial crises that seem to get more frequent every generation, they've been pretty much perfect.


The issue, at bottom, is globalization. Brexit, Trump, the National Front, and so on show that political elites have misjudged the depth of the anger at global forces and thus the demand that someone, somehow, restore the status quo ante. It may seem strange that the reaction has come today rather than immediately after the economic crisis of 2008, but the ebbing of the crisis has led to a new sense of stagnation. With prospects of flat growth in Europe and minimal income growth in the United States, voters are rebelling against their dismal long-term prospects. And globalization means culture as well as economics: Older people whose familiar world is vanishing beneath a welter of foreign tongues and multicultural celebrations are waving their fists at cosmopolitan elites. I was recently in Poland, where a far-right party appealing to nationalism and tradition has gained power despite years of undeniable prosperity under a centrist regime. Supporters use the same words again and again to explain their vote: “values and tradition.” They voted for Polishness against the modernity of Western Europe.

Evidence of the failure of the experts aside, there's an obvious issue staring our author in the face and he somehow can't understand his own words: These people have never taken into account that people can care about anything other than GDP.  Leaders have understood this for centuries and yet our self selected "experts" have studiously forgotten it.


Perhaps politics will realign itself around the axis of globalization, with the fist-shakers on one side and the pragmatists on the other. The nationalists would win the loyalty of working-class and middle-class whites who see themselves as the defenders of sovereignty. The reformed center would include the beneficiaries of globalization and the poor and non-white and marginal citizens who recognize that the celebration of national identity excludes them.

I mean he's literally coming out and saying it:  it's the rich and their foreign pets against the middle class.  BUT WHY WON'T THOSE STUPID PROLES GET ON BOARD WITH WHAT IS GOOD FOR US AND THUS FOR EVERYONE (presumably they can drive our Ubers).


Did I say “ignorant”? Yes, I did. It is necessary to say that people are deluded and that the task of leadership is to un-delude them. Is that “elitist”? Maybe it is; maybe we have become so inclined to celebrate the authenticity of all personal conviction that it is now elitist to believe in reason, expertise, and the lessons of history. If so, the party of accepting reality must be prepared to take on the party of denying reality, and its enablers among those who know better. If that is the coming realignment, we should embrace it.

A good way to start would be to hire immigrant thug squads to bust up their rallies.  Maybe get control of the media and use it to slander them.  Another possibility would just be to ban their political parties and referenda (after all you know who else used votes?  HITLER http://www.dailymail...ted-Dachau.html

One thing that had never really occurred to me until I read this: these people think they are doing a heck of a job (Brownie).  They think that things are just hunky dory and nobody has any legitimate complaints.  And they have no intention of changing anything or even taking a serious look at themselves.  They are going to ride this train all the way to the guillotine.

As for the profile of our writer, well it's no surprise that he echoes and that he went to all the right schools and comes from the right background

Posted Image


He is the son of Marvin Traub, formerly chairman of Bloomingdale's, and Lee L. Traub, chair emerita of the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance. He is married to Elizabeth Easton, formerly the chair of the Department of European Painting and Sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum and an adjunct professor at New York University.[4] He is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University (where his father attended both college and business school).


Well there you go.  This is our degenerate jewish elite, and they are going to save us from ourselves. They've learned the "lessons of history" after all.  And if history teaches any lessons, it's that detached elites holding their subjects in contempt and recruiting support from stateless aliens never get their comeuppance.

#281375 Jay Nordlinger Explains "How Trump Folk Talk"

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Posted Terrence Fucking Rhine on 24 July 2016 - 09:20 PM

I never wanted to make a thread for Jay Nordlinger because he’s not worth one, he’s just fine over in Tales of “Conservatism” and Cuckservatism Megathread, but I’ll bend the rules for the sake of length here because I took some interest in a recent article of his where he attempts to grapple with the lexicon of the Trump movement. This is the way he promoted the article in a separate blog:


One of the great complaints of Trump supporters is that no one listens to them — a complaint with some merit, I think. Well, I have listened to them. “I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear.” Someone wrote that a while ago. I have heard the carols of the Trumpites.

…Mine is not a nice piece. But it is a sincere and I think truthful one. Trump supporters will not like it, but some of them may experience a shock, or at least a tremor, of recognition.

If he does say so himself. We will now proceed to see about that but let me hint at the ending: the contents of the lexicon are perfectly recognizable but Nordlinger’s self-congratulation about such an elementary list is unwarranted, and the shallowness of his take on the terms is significant.

As he says right away, Nord does not consider himself to be addressing the Alt Right (“I am not going to talk about the Nazis or the fascists or the racists or the ‘identitarians.’”), and he segregates the term “cuck” from the other terms he discusses. But the fact is that he is talking about the Alt Right, because the terms and ideas he grapples with here are what the rising real Right is really all about—he just can’t see it past the gas chamber memes. (He does say “I may address them another day” so, you know, :allears: ) If anything, the reason these concepts aren’t merely “alt right” is that they’re bigger and more basic and inherently more mainstream than that, they’ve just been repressed until now.

So though he tries to segregate it with the Alt Right and pass it over in this piece, the actual first term in his Trumpster lexicon that he has a jaundiced view of is our favorite one, our masterpiece, our baby:



The alts believe that the conservatives let dark-skinned people come in and rape their women and take over the country. Hence, they are “cucks.”

So we writers at National Review, for example, would be “cuckservatives,” led by “William F. Cuckley.” :lol: That’s the way they talk.

It would take a heart of stone to read this without laughing and swelling with pride at how much eloh’s stupid little term still gets to them after well over a year now. (yes note to Nordlinger for when he’s ready to research his follow-up piece on the racists: the term was coined by forums martyr “eloh” in one of his meltdowns; I’m available for interviews on this Jay let’s talk)

The best summation of what a cuckservative is goes like this: a conservative who loves his country so much that he wants everybody to be able to move into her. Nordlinger presumably believes the dark-skin rapist angle to be hysterical, but that’s not really the charge. The charge is that cucks do not dedicate their politics to their own posterity but to that of others. They may love their country, but they insist that she belongs to everybody. Here Nordlinger would typically object that NR supports immigration restriction and then neglect to mention their consistent support of pro-immigration politicians and also that William F. Cuckley fired the immigration restrictionists.

We then come to the Trump folk terms proper:



I think the most prominent word, from Trumpites, is “globalist.” That is their epithet of choice. It seems to have replaced “cosmopolitan,” or “rootless cosmopolitan,” a once-common slur against Jews.

For the record I still use and embrace the terms “cosmopolitan,” “rootless cosmopolitan,” and “Jew,” all still terrific epithets in my opinion. If Jay’s interested there is also “merchant,” “traveling friends,” and my favorite, “high-functioning gypsies.”


It is one of those nonsense words of the populist Right.

As Orwell said, depriving a concept of a name is powerful. What name then will Jay allow us to give the thing we are talking about when we say “globalist” or “rootless cosmopolitan” ? What would be the non-nonsense word?

Nordlinger loves bitching about the petty linguistic tyrannies of the Left. Yet he is never more effeminately leftist himself than in his frequent habit of accusing people of using anti-semitic code whenever they complain about bankers or the 1% or globalists or whatever. What terms will he accept that are neither nonsense nor code for “Jew” when we want to describe that thing that “globalist” is meant to describe—you know the thing that Romney and Ryan and the GOP donors are, that thing that Americans don’t want to be but that prior to Trump no one was willing to grant them a legitimate opposition to? Nordlinger insists that he and NR have been pro-sovereignty this whole time, but then why does he sneer at using a word to describe the opposite?

Ryan and his congress just pushed through (using lies and backroom secrecy) a trade deal that could not possibly be considered pro-sovereignty—what word are we allowed to use for it?

Open Borders


They will always charge that you are for “open borders” — even if you have been arguing for a restrictionist immigration policy your entire career. And at some cost to yourself.

“Even if you have been arguing for a restrictionist immigration policy your entire career.” Yes and supporting mass immigration politicians your entire career.

“At some cost to yourself.” :lol: Peter Brimelow et al were not available for comment.

Nord proceeds to tell some pretentious story about the Khmer Rouge, his point being that “open borders” when hurled against noble immigration restrictionists like NR is a meaningless epithet like a communist calling someone “CIA.” (Or a neocon calling someone “fascist,”  or a cuck calling someone “racist”…). But George W. Bush really did try to have open borders—his immigration proposal in 2004 was a visa for anyone who could get a position as a serf, along with their families. Paul Ryan really did just pass open borders trade legislation—the president can bring in any new workers he wants. The question is why isn’t “open borders” an epithet that NR throws around, if they’re such immigration hawks?

Open borders for Israel / Israel Firsters / Neocons / Perpetual or endless war

He doesn’t have much to say here except to whine about the terms. The commitment of the now-dying conservative movement to idiotic belligerence in e.g. Syria isn’t even addressed.


The alt-Rightists often say “neocohen.” Get it? Get it? Good one, huh?

:lol: yeah it is


not that these Trumpers have the slightest idea what a neocon is. They have a vague sense that it means warmongering globalist.

This is a strawman made out of run-of-the-mill Trump supporters that denies the larger ideological movement that at its heights certainly does know what a neocon is (a lot of his evaluations here are strawmen about imprecision). But at any rate Nordlinger doesn’t want to educate us on what a neocon is. That’s because he’d prefer the word not exist, Orwell-style. He always tries to paper neocon foreign policy with something like “Reaganite”—fighting for freedom wherever there’s trouble.

Despite the number of terms here that address the American empire in Israel’s neighborhood, Nordlinger doesn’t bother to explain why any of this is wrong and acts like he doesn’t understand the spirit behind the terms. We have been at war in the Middle East for decades and all of Nordlinger’s politicians want us to add and escalate new ones. Yet while we fight them over there we have to let everyone move here, according to NR’s preferred candidates. Nordlinger pretending not to understand the dispute here is the main area where he seems less goofily, childishly clueless and genuinely sinisterly dishonest.



I once wrote an essay on the use and abuse of the word “establishment,” and I won’t recapitulate it here. Suffice it to say that I think people should make arguments for or against various policies without recourse to bogey words such as “establishment.”

well of course that’s what someone in the establishment would say



In any event, my critics can spare me the “RINO” charge because I left the Republican party when Donald Trump cinched the Republican nomination

haha no let’s still call him a RINO

Donor class / cocktail parties / Elites


Someone said to me recently, “You’re working for your donor-class overlords.” This is kind of funny, when the initial shock wears off.

when the shock wears off :lol:

Here he continues his approach of just ignoring the case behind these expressions and whining about them (how is he not working for the donor class when he promotes their mass immigration politicians?), but one tack that his whining takes is telling:


One of the reasons I rejected the Left, many years ago, is that they spoke constantly of “class.” No one could be an individual; everyone had to be shoved into a class. I now hear the same kind of language — ideological language, extremist language — from the Right.

He does this a lot in his writing, moaning that “class” is supposed to be a left-wing thing. It’s impressive how consistently it fails to occur to him that maybe there is something to “class” as a political concern if so many people insist on bringing it up. In his Orwellian disdain for so much as using the words “class,” “elite,” “donor,” he just reconfirms that he isn’t really on the side of sovereignty, immigration control, or Americans at all.

It’s not about ideology / It’s not about box-checking

Well it wasn’t about ideology when Nordlinger supported Bush, McCain, and Romney. They failed whole rows of boxes on the NR checklist—Bush explicitly rejected small government in 2000, reacting to the Republican defeats of the Clinton years; McCain agreed with NR on basically nothing significant but war—but NR supported them and Nordlinger loved them gayly. What people mean by “it’s not about ideology” is the same thing as when they reject left vs. right in favor of nationalism vs. globalism.  Trump is the first politician in decades running on the platform that we (like Israel) deserve to have our own country. We can argue about what kind of policies to have in that country incidentally but we need to reestablish that it is our country first. Nordlinger is pretending that the “America is a marketplace for everyone” approach of his beloved Romney, Ryan etc would leave any kind of country left for us actual Americans to argue policy in.

You’re for Hillary / Another vote for Hillary / The primary is over

(Nerdlinger tendentiously punctuates a lot of these with exclamation points to make the Trumpsters sound bratty but I'm not going to do that. Jay himself is a real sissy though so it wouldn't be inappropriate to imagine a lot of his self-pitying sentences in this article as crybaby exclamations)

He whines that he’s being told he’s helping Hillary by not holding his nose and voting for the imperfect GOP candidate. Yet disaffected whites were supposed to vote for Dole, Bush, Mccain, etc…

Your time is over


they often tell me. I want to reply, “I had a time? Who knew? I wish someone had told me! I might have enjoyed ‘my time’ …”

don’t worry Jay I will probably keep doing posts about you long after the now-defunct National Review is literally gone (i.e., a few months from now)

True Conservatives


They say that George Will is not a conservative. Will is, of course, a classic conservative.

George Will, classic conservative.


They tell Mona Charen that she is not a conservative. She worked in the Reagan White House. She has been on the frontlines for decades.

Mona Charen, you’re not a conservative.


If they want to call themselves nationalists and populists and protectionists and Buchananites and nativists and identitarians and Trumpites, that’s fine with me. But they insist (some of them) that they are conservatives. And that all others are heretics.

Now we’re getting somewhere but the bottom line is that there is no conservatism—no small government, no self-government, no accountable government, no traditional culture—with globalism or mass immigration. Just the nth example of how Nordlinger is lying when he insists he and NR are immigration restrictionists; he says he is and then he says someone who supports transformational migration can be a conservative.



Ever and always, there is the threat — explicit or implicit — that things will be very bad for anti-Trump conservatives, once The Donald wins…Their candidate’s style is belligerent, and so is theirs.

lol fuck you the anti-Trump cucks have been threatening retribution this whole campaign. it’s just sadder coming from them because their time has passed

He concludes with some pompous note on respect for the truth: “Live not by lies” *fires John Derbyshire*

Nordlinger thinks language is his wheelhouse but this piece is just pathetic: it’s mostly crying about boilerplate expressions and piling on imprecise colloquialisms used by nonprofessional civilians. “It’s not about checklists, you’re not a true [group identity here]”—these are just things rank and file people will always say. Nordlinger is just being a baby imbuing them with importance.

But there is something else behind this. The persistent themes are effeminate butthurt and next level disingenuousness about the stage of the road the Right has come to. When I say this article really is about the Alt Right whether he admits it or not it’s because the political direction that this lexicon represents—its preoccupation with globalism, the donor class, elites, immigration and foreign policy unrelated to American interests—is the new north star of the Right, and of the patriotic, tradition-and-liberty-desiring American citizenry that constitutes it. And Nordlinger doesn’t know how to deal with it.


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Posted SeventhSonTRS on 26 January 2016 - 08:17 AM

Hey, I'm assuming this is ok to do since the owner of this here Plantation was our esteemed guest. Here's a link to the new episode of the Daily Shoah featuring Pleasureman and a 90 minute discussion of SCALE. It's good stuff.

Thanks for coming on, Pman. It was a lot of fun.


#221134 Liberalism and free speech

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Posted Terrence Fucking Rhine on 11 September 2015 - 08:55 PM

From the Trump thread:

View PostBeef Supreme, on 04 September 2015 - 12:11 PM, said:

Found this gem: http://www.cosmopoli...s-donald-trump/


"Folks like Trump because he is 'refreshing,' 'tells it like it is' and 'speaks his mind,'" Jonathan Capehart notes in the Washington Post. "And every time he whines about not bowing to 'political correctness' to the delight of his adoring fans, what he (and his overwhelmingly white audiences) really mean is that they want the ability to insult anyone they damn well please without rebuke or censure for being vulgar, racist or rude."

The lie this nigger faggot is telling here is at the crux of much our current politics.

No one cares about not being able to call Capehart a nigger. They care about not being able to discuss crime and education and the tribal politics that will define their children’s and grandchildren’s home nation. They want to be able to talk to their fellow parents about the racial makeup of the local schools without having to sniff out with each new acquaintance how safe it is to do so. They want to be able to talk to their neighbors about the safety of their neighborhood without having to compromise the seriousness of the discussion with euphemisms. They want to be able to discuss race—the safety of where their children live and learn, the quality of life that results from the daily behavior and decency of whatever quality of people live near them—without having worry their neighbors will inform on them in some way. They want to be able to live in a country other than one where even among friends there is incentive to secrecy about what you really think because you never know what will eventually get out or which of your friends wasn’t as sensible or tolerant or honest as you hoped they’d be.

No one cares about not being able to call Capehart a faggot. They care that they can’t make in-depth arguments against their sons’ Boy Scouts following the Catholic Church because there isn’t any way to discuss the matter beyond “uh, well, it’s my faith, I'm really sorry.” Liberals sneer at critics of homosexuality because they say the only premise for objection the opponents have is some primitive text where they choose to ignore the part against shellfish. But that’s the only argument that’s been remotely sayable for years (and it isn’t really anymore); no one can publish or last long publicly talking about mental illness or hedonism or sociopathic tendencies or apologetics for and complicity in abuse. A major CEO can’t even make a personal donation to support his view of marriage without losing his own company, so clearly a normal person isn’t going to be able to voice concerns that monogamy won’t be a part of marriage anymore if an aggressively un-monogomous cohort can be married. They want to be able to say things like that, not pointless insults or jokes. They’d be happy to do it as politely as possible but they’d still be called uncivil and hateful.

No one insists on being insensitive to some emotionally bewildered co-ed who thinks she’s been raped. They want to be able to discuss libertinism and abstinence without being written off as a misogynist. No one feels any desperate need to make fun of Bruce Jenner let alone some confused, mentally broken kid who thinks he’s a girl. They want to be able to argue for women’s restrooms to remain actually women’s restrooms without it being a hate crime. No one absolutely can’t get through their year without telling a Holocaust joke. They want to be able to talk about foreign policy without being crucified for anti-semitism. And just kidding obviously about being able to go a year without bake-off jokes, you don’t have to update your list TOG.

This deliberately obtuse horseshit about wanting to be rude and vulgar is a strawman that our gatekeepers use to deny the existence of all the real subjects to talk about above. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of us who are enthusiastic about being vulgar and uncivil in certain contexts, of course there are and it’s part of rebellion and part of release and part of bonding and part of having a human sense of humor. But it’s an abject lie to say that that’s what the resentment and resistance of PC is about, that that’s what people want when they want their free speech back.

They want to be able to talk about reality without losing their jobs or friends. Why don’t they make sure they get like-minded friends? They can’t know the minds of any new acquaintance for any given amount of time because they can’t talk about these things first. Why don’t they make sure they get jobs that are safe from reprisal? Because they’ve lost their country and they don’t have the control over the social infrastructure to make sure they can get those jobs or that those jobs even exist.

First liberals lie about this dynamic even existing, as Capehart is doing here. But if you do manage to point any of the above out they will admit it does, that what people really shouldn’t be allowed to talk about is race and education and the implications of their children being despised and impotent minorities. They eventually admit that the dynamic is real and they like it that way. But most people aren’t philosophically equipped to get there so they never get even that damning admission. The lie that this is about politeness enforces the crimestop that is at the crux of this problem with our politics.

I don’t mind that I have to post anonymously on the internet or make sure that I’m in the right rarified company if I feel like pointing out that Jonathan Capehart is a faggot and a nigger. It’s fun to point that out but it’s not important to me. I mind that no one can discuss the fate of the country their grandchildren will live in without shackling what they’re trying to express with newspeak and without fear of losing relationships, careers, and livelihoods. That, not “the ability to insult anyone” is what I “really mean” and it’s what the other people this faggot nigger is lying about really mean too.

#315257 funny pics thread

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Posted COOLJACKER: MPC tested. mlad approved on 08 December 2016 - 08:23 PM

And yet,
Posted Image

#320148 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Chicano Studies Major on 01 January 2017 - 09:02 AM

Hope you're having a great current year already, my fellow bigots.

These cold winter days around the turn of the year make for great reflection, and there certainly was a lot to reflect on. I hope this won't just devolve into a subconscious rehashing of Jung Man's seminal remarks from November - but I'll give a little credit in advance just in case (and a strong hint to Jung Man to POAST MOAR).

I think I speak for many among my faggot generation when I say that we've always felt like strangers in our own lands. The end of history afterglow of the 90s was quickly extinguished by the WTC attacks, the rise of the surveillance state, Bush-era neoconservatism, good jobs disappearing to Asia left and right. As if this wasn't bad enough, the political reaction to this mess came in the form of Obama and unhinged postmodern leftism. Obama was the first leader of the free world I experienced as an adult, and his reign made abundantly clear that my feelings had been right: this was not meant to be my world anymore.

Like so many others, I experienced my politically formative years as an outcast in the wilderness, uneasily juggling libertarianism, MRA talking points, HBD spergery and the warped moral framework that so many Millennials have acquired, trying to make it fit somehow. But while the old guard in all these fringe movements seemed to have fond recollections of a world that once was, I didn't. There was no hope. There was only techno-aristocracy and working as a depth groveler after the 2070 paradigm shift. But gallows humor didn't make it better, and neither did Charles Murray or Steve Sailer.

As the refugee crisis in Europe unfolded, I was all but ready to throw in the towel. Exhausted peoples signing away their future under the macabre tutelage of cat ladies and NGOs. Every last bit of reactionary culture pessimism was seemingly confirmed. What could a single person possibly do to reverse this?

But what my depressiveness concealed from me was that so many others were asking the same question, waiting impatiently for the opportunity to enact meaningful change. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, it started happening. Big things, small things, everything was in motion: the current year had arrived. As millions of dissatisfied deplorables around the world started punching the hollow facade of managerial liberalism, we finally noticed how many we are and how scared our superiors were of us. Sure, they could still try and pick off some of us individually, but they couldn't stop the movement as a whole.

20, 30, maybe 40 years of things going slowly but steadily downhill had finally awoken the Saxon and gotten him in the right mood to pick a fight:

This is still my favorite video of the last current year. It's the defamed stale pale male, slightly greyed, hugely outnumbered, but not afraid, not backing down, drawing energy from the fight in real time. A walking, talking trigger to undesirables of all stripes, just like his commander-in-chief, the great and inimitable Donald J. Trump.

Such is the world we live in now. Such is the current year. Hear the ongoing lamentations of cucks and shitlibs, know that you've been given another chance and rejoice, for this is 2017 and our dead gay civilization is finally in conversion therapy.

#310397 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted dain on 19 November 2016 - 10:18 AM

how come I got banned for saying faggot but the biggest druglord in the western hemisphere can tweet all he wants

#274609 How Brexit helps Trump

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Posted Chicano Studies Major on 24 June 2016 - 10:00 AM

Today is a very instructive day to look at the various shades of left-wing publications and find that all of them are so far off the mark on this issue that you have to wonder if they live in some kind of poz bubble (they do).

It's either "we didn't explain the EU's benefits well enough" (translation: proles are stupid and slow), "prejudice prevailed over reason" (translation: proles are morally repugnant) or "now is the time to relaunch the EU as a truly European project" (translation: the proles just wanted more rootless globalism). None of them get it. This was a vote on ethnic integrity, national sovereignty and the most basic kind of political freedom: the freedom not to have petty tyrants in foreign lands dictate your way of life.

Leftists care about none of that. They just don't understand how anyone could object to the EU's inoffensive multicultural officialism. The ideal world of a left-liberal intellectual is a gargantuan city state filled with all colors and creeds who believe in inconsequential variations of liberal dogma and complacently submit themselves to the benevolent social engineering of a caring bureaucracy. Judging by the shocked and horrified reactions to our latest referendum, they also cannot imagine how anyone could not love this idea.

Indeed, the tide of history was briefly on the side of the left. Rapid increases in material wealth and urbanization produced a populace that was willing to give uprooted globalism a fair try. The failure of this project is increasingly visible to anyone but left-liberal dogmatists, who bitterly cling to their granola and COEXIST bumper stickers and lash out at anyone who demands change. But now that Based Nigel has dealt an embarrassing blow to one of their great pet projects in the most public way, the genie is definitely out of the bottle.

Dear shitlibs, batten down the hatches over your safe spaces - a storm of completely unchecked privilege and unreconstructed bigotry is brewing.

#272993 One Year Later

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Posted Terrence Fucking Rhine on 16 June 2016 - 09:25 PM

"You're going to redeem the Republican Party," the ratfaced man said to Jeb. "With the $100 million war chest we have given you you will easily defeat the dangerous alternatives Rand Paul and Ted Cruz without having to pander to the base. You will save us from the racists and bring the natural conservatives into the party once and for all. And then we will finally achieve the great goals of spreading freedom and entitlement reform."


Jeb Bush Announces White House Bid, Saying ‘America Deserves Better’


JUNE 15, 2015


"You're going to be our first woman president," the ratfaced man said to Hillary. "We won't go backward to the days of white cismale presidents and the transformation of America will be complete. Then you and Paul Ryan can work to together to find a compromise on healthy business conditions and tax reform."



"Assad is gone either way," the ratfaced man said to the other ratfaced man. "Whether it's Hillary or whoever the Republican is, we'll be back in charge of an unmitigatedly aggressive foreign policy and we can finally make the Middle East safe for (((freedom))). We'll finish Assad early in 2017 and have years to make sure Iran is next. All the refugees we make can head to Europe and enrich it."


Even Assad’s supporters are baulking now

Hassan Hassan

June 15, 2015


"Europe is finished," all the ratfaced men laughed together. "We've gotten them to call it a refugee crisis now and no one can oppose it. The camp of the saints is irreversible. Nothing and no one can stop us now! L'chaim! Mazel tov! And such small portions!"


World leaders accused of shameful failure over refugee crisis

Kareem Shaheen in Beirut

Monday 15 June 2015


"No one can stop us now!"


#310312 Grab Your Wallet

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Posted The English Outpatient on 18 November 2016 - 10:09 PM

The President said mean words on the campaign trail: boycott even his daughter's business.

Apple uses brutal slave labor to produce its niggertech: buy a new one every year.

Never change shitlibs :lol:

#308510 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Chicano Studies Major on 13 November 2016 - 09:35 PM

This so surreal. When I signed up here, which was basically yesterday, we were all commiserating our dead gay civilization together, and now Rush Limbaugh is openly peddling white identity and Newt Gingrich is trolling the Jews?

I don't even know what to feel, man. And Trump isn't even president yet. Is it really going to be Christmas morning every single day for the next eight years?

#229046 Dubai to all of that

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Posted Gabourey Sidibe's Booking Agent on 02 November 2015 - 08:06 PM

OK, so after some requests, I shall recount some ‘highlights’ of my Dumbai era.   I got recruited out of Sydney for a Dubai gig running a small media company that had licensed some high profile Western titles.  At first figured it was a lark but then it got real.  Wife said do it— tax free, big salary, only 2 years— send money back, we can re-do the house!  Which I did, and was about the only positive outcome of the whole thing.

It was owned by a since disgraced Saudi family with pretensions of grandeur who really only wanted a media front to play with.  The scion was off at Davos all the time, hobnobbing with Clinton, etc.  Court connected, a minister, the whole thing.  I never once met him, even though I was designated a legal director of the company.  It had been run by a bindi and was a complete scam—basically being looted by the employees and a joke in the marketplace.  Bind’s big plan was to get Canadian visa for his retarded kid, which he eventually got.  I got zero support from anyone and it was a complete nightmare from day 1.

A prestige editor turned out to have a taste for $800 bottles of wine and 2 hour workdays and my first act was to blow him up.  He was one of these fuckers who traipsed about in the whole white Bedu get-up and admittedly looking amazing.  Everyone said not to do it as he had a notorious Saudi temper and was connected.  I did and he slunk off never to be heard of again.

Then I had a Syrian journo who liked to stay in the office until late—like 2 am.  A photog came into office dropping off equipment and found him jerking it to online porn—which we could access because we were based in Dubai Media City, where they didn’t block the internet.  Of course it was caught on camera, which had been installed because of the employee theft of equipment that had been going on.  That was an interesting meeting the next day—the guy was 45, married, kids… I didn’t end up blowing him up and he actually behaved himself after that.

I had a bindi tea boy who claimed he had an MBA from some diploma mill in India who we had to fire because he attempted to rape one of the bindi secretaries.  Nice.

Had a delivery guy who was a deserter from the Paki army.  Turned out to be pretty good actually!

I had a bindi custom guy in full uniform try to shake me down because of some bullshit postage thing for $50k.  Told him to fuck off—only worked because I was white as he had done it before with the former bindi MD.

Did an event at a big 5 star hotel which was pretty well attended.  An Emir was keynoting at some big finance thing that no one showed up for at the same time and he ended up crashing our event, pretending it was HIS event, even though it had nothing to do with him.  Only in Dubai.

Had a sales guy who took a week holiday.  Three weeks later, Dubai police dropped in—he did a pump and dump, siphoning about 100k from easily available credit cards and ended up on the lam and bought into a brothel in Bangkok.

Had a raving Saudi literally come off the street and demand I pay him because his family was ‘in need’—had no idea what his deal was and half figured he might have been a local.  Ended up giving him the bum’s rush, but only after very careful consideration.  Piss off the locals and you wind up in deep shit, white or not.

The locals got into mischief that never made the press.   A stupid Swiss kid got raped by his Emirati ‘pals’, ended up with aids and the shitlib mother who dared to complain was thrown out of the country.  No charges ever brought.  Sword fights amongst clans in the lesser known emirates were common.  Lots of weird exotic pets were popular like tigers and alligators.  There was a court case around someone who sold a black rock to locals who claimed it would shield them from a bullet.  Sorcery charges WERE brought.  Drugs rampant.  Fag hook-ups  between bindis and/or Arabs VERY common (they even had back of paper personal ads which I found bizarre considering it was all totally illegal).  $1 a day bindi slave labour run down on highway meant their family was entitled to blood money—about $2k—but only if it was proven (rarely of course).

Came home from a break in Sydney to find out my driver had been using my car as a gypsy cab and my leased car had been impounded by police.  Took him three months of salary to pay the fine off, dumb shit.  Said driver insisted on acting as my spy, beginning every conversation with “Sir, I must inform you…” with some staff nonsense I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about.

Big treat for the bindis were holidays where they’d get to eat biriani, which contains goat meat.  They’d bring me in a dish which, after spotting some goat hair, I promptly dumped in the bin.  Sometimes, they’d get together to buy a goat, which you had to do for some moon cult holidays.  

Wife, daughter and sister came to visit before I actually got an apartment and I was in a scummy (but still expensive) long term hotel.  The stove didn’t work and they must have sent up ten bindis with three different stoves they wheeled in.  Every time they’d spend an hour checking it out then declare—“This cooker don’t work!” and wheel it out again.

Had to go to Riyahd and Jeddah for meetings.  Had one guy tell me how great the Bin Ladens were and that they were really ‘good guys’.  .50 cals and bomb checks to get into the Intercontinental.  Got detained at airport by army guy who refused to accept my passport, even though I had all the permissions, stamps, etc—scary stuff.

Labour camps jammed with Bangladeshis, Russian whores at the Marriott, burqua’d Saudi women blowing thousands in mall jaunts, low class Brit chav builders brought in to do construction management they had no training for, ‘residential developments’ that collapsed leaving dumb assed western investors destitute— every day was a parade of mindless incompetence and almost child-like magical belief that if they aped westernisms, it would all come out all right.

My contract concluded just as GFC was exploding.  People were just abandoning their leased Mercedes at the airport and GTFO.  It was surreal.  It was a long two years and I earned every penny I made.  And no, never again.  Never, ever again.  I will only ever work in White People places after my time in Dumbai.

#167164 Why one relationship is better than many

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 02 February 2014 - 12:51 AM

There was a post I was going to make at some point but I never got around to it, to the effect that one of the things that shortens life the most is relationship-hopping aka serial monogamy.  The Brave New Feminism thread reminded me of it again.

One of the most common arguments for relationship-hopping is that you need to find out who you are compatible with.  God forbid you fail to optimize your relationship stats.  You have to have sex with several people and live with several people and perhaps marry several people before you can be sure you are with your soul mate.

The best argument in favor of settling down early is strong but seldom made.  Maybe for some people it won't do much good, because due to a lot of bad influences they approach relationships selfishly--what am I getting out of this?  Any relationship is necessarily a subordination of self, so it's very hard to make relationships work when that is your attitude.

Because of this subordination a relationship always captures a part of you more or less permanently, which you can think of as the sum of shared memories, feelings, and changes over its course.  Those experiences belong to the relationship, and when you leave the relationship you leave them in a past that continues to recede.  One of the things that makes relationship endings so painful is the loss of those experiences from what you might think of as your current existence.  Sometimes it feels like a kind of death and takes years of grieving to get over.  It's the pain of losing a part of yourself that was fused with that relationship.

The most vivid experiences you have are often firsts, as in your first trip abroad or your first apartment or your first job or your first home or your first move away from where you grew up.  Much like a lot of physical experiences, the first captures the greatest degree of intensity and subsequent iterations lose emotional resonance.  These are important experiences in isolation, but when shared with someone they involve an extra quality of experience--well, we're social creatures.  If you go to a comedy club alone, no matter how funny the comedian is, it's not the same as being there with someone who is sharing your enjoyment.

All of these first experiences change you, but when you end a relationship and start a new one you are essentially rebooting to a new, smaller set of shared experiences that can never include already experienced changes.  Not only have you lost some part of the experiences you shared with someone else (in my experience they don't retain the same vitality they had after a breakup), but as changing experiences they are excluded from all subsequent relationships.

This is true even with bad experiences, which oddly enough can also be important in binding people together.  Surviving a tough financial stretch, or getting burglarized, or losing your job, or becoming hospitalized--these also provide an important social glue, and when the relationship in which they took place expires you lose out on the binding effect they gave.

If you keep ending and starting relationships often enough, you will eventually reach the point where all your new relationships are relatively shallow partnerships, where the best of both of you--at any rate the changes that made you who you are--lies in the past.

I think we intuitively know all this, and it's partly why people will choose to coast in a relationship that isn't going anywhere vs. breaking it off (it's also just a lot of work to break off a relationship of significant duration).  Why relationships coast is a whole other subject, as is why people end up picking unsuitable partners.  But the way we experience our own past and the way we socially bond suggest that we should avoid as much as possible starting over from scratch.

#318044 HIBee Positive: Raising Honeybees in a Pozzed World

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Posted Moxie: Scuzzmaster General on 20 December 2016 - 08:31 PM

A few years ago my godfather invited to me to visit the bee yard (technical term: apiary) that he keeps bees on with his beekeeping partner whom he met at an informational class and offered space on his acreage if my godfather wanted to help him.  In exchange for space for hives my godfather and I bear the brunt of the cost for hives, bees, and all the extras that beekeeping requires.  The municipality that we keep the bees in regulate them as a domesticated animal so we have signs posted and the bee yard is behind deer-proof fencing.  The acreage that we’re on is a little outside the city, there’s a greenhouse complex nearby, some agriculture, prairie, fingers of woods.  A nice mix of food sources and water for our bees.

Posted Image
The casualties of war.  Every winter the older bees will commit seppuku for the make glorious benefit for the hive!

Posted Image
The bee yard at the beginning of the year.  The main hive is two large boxes which is where the queen lays eggs, young is raised, and pollen and honey is stored.

Posted Image
The bee with the blue dot is the queen.  If you pay extra when you buy a package of bees they will mark her for you.  Otherwise I just look for groups of bees who form circles and then look to see if they’re around the queen.

Posted Image
The bee yard at the end of the year.  The smaller boxes stacked on the two larger are called “supers”.  There is a screen which prevents the larger queen from laying eggs in the supers so the other bees just use that space to store honey which is what we harvest.

The Kangz of Egypt showed the first signs of honey bee domestication around 5,000 years ago.  They didn’t really do anything of import with the honey besides store it in jars for intrepid huwyte archaeologists to dig it up at a later date.  Beekeeping as a practical profession and pastime didn’t really take off until an American guy by the name of Langstroth showed up.

Posted Image

Langstroth really perfected the hive and determined what amount of space you could give bees before they would build wax comb into it (about ¼ inch).  This also allowed hives to be built in a manner in which they didn’t have to be destroyed in order to harvest honey from them and thus the honeybee became a truly domesticated animal.

Even though Langstroth’s invention was pretty revolutionary it didn’t really impact bees all that much in terms of their biology.  Bees naturally swarm every spring where the hive makes a new queen and sends her out with a bunch of new bees to start a new hive somewhere.  It didn’t really matter that the old one stayed behind.  Where bees really started to get fucked is when this became a reality:

Posted Image
Industrial beekeeping in a nutshell.  Tractor trailers drag bees cross-country for months on end where they pollinate fields which are eventually harvested by hordes of muds.

Industrial agriculture, in this author’s humble opinion, is responsible for the precarious position that the honey bee finds itself today.  This phenomenon lends itself to the SCALE explanation quite readily, and bees are a linchpin of agriculture today.  Really the only reason that the fruit tree orchards and almond trees can exist in their current state is because honey bees are insanely productive.  Productive on scales that have allowed multi-million dollar industries to pop up.  Of course, the nig-spic cycle sees all and exploits all so upon the labor which bees have wrought ‘seasonal workers’ hop in and facilitate the unsustainable growth.  You can also take all of the other shitty things about industrial agriculture and apply them to honey bees as well.  Less forage because that 20ft strip of prairie next to a creek needed to be turned into corn to feed Agagabwe in Nigeria, more pesticides, etc etc.  It also doesn’t help that urban and suburban SWPLs who find it fashionable to keep a hive in their backyard to signal to their friends their environmental bona fides, are really just harbors of disease and rob more productive hives (like mine :smug: ) of forage.  Most people aren’t really aware of the work required to maintain a hive and usually too stupid to realize when their hive has been decimated by disease or pest only to pass on their infected equipment to the next person and infect even more hives.

When I go out to the bee yard it’s a very relaxing activity.  I don’t wear gloves when I work and don’t get stung too often.  Bees will let you handle them without too much fuss and they’ll let you know when they’re pissed off.  I really try to use the experience to interact with something naturally beautiful and pass that along to my friends and family every year at harvest time.  It’s very rewarding to hand someone a product which you’ve cultivated over the years and see the happiness it brings them.  It's like giving them a handmade gift but on a whole other level.  Bees are also great for experimenting and being creative in problem solving.  Trying new hive arrangements, different hives, techniques etc. mean that each year is different and never really boring.

Any questions?

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#314168 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted parisian privilege on 03 December 2016 - 09:34 PM

View PostKike Hernandez, on 03 December 2016 - 09:25 PM, said:

View PostHateful Heretic, on 03 December 2016 - 09:15 PM, said:

Well, that didn't last long. Thank God. The recount shenanigans were a ridiculously long Hail Mary type play; I'm just glad I won't have to be hearing about dimpled chads for the next two weeks.

Wait until next month when the impeachment campaigns start.

That's why we have Mike Pence.

:librage: Impeach Trump now!!!!

:mel: Ok. Let me just go grab his replacement.

Posted Image

:gay: .....Nevermind

#310009 funny pics thread

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Posted ivan lapshin on 18 November 2016 - 01:30 AM

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#302241 The most astute analysis of American politics in 2016? *Liberal smirks knowin...

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 25 October 2016 - 09:55 AM

It's brilliant and subtle, simpers Jay Rosen, which basically assures us that it is neither of these things.  What is it?  Well it's only the most brilliant and subtle sketch SNL has ever aired.

Posted Image

Or, rather, erred.  Slate's pet blacksplainer, the laboriously bloglike Jamelle Bouie, gushes at length, but his subhead is one big fat spoiler:


It had more to say about class and race than a thousand tenderly crafted portraits of the white working class.

Bouie's annoyance that people are still talking about the white working class (not his beat) screeches through.  You see, the way politics works in Multicultura is that your interests inherently take oxygen from my interests, so my job is to shout over you until you can't be heard.  (Which, incidentally, is how protest groups all function.)


In telling the story of the white workers who backed Trump, they missed the perspective of the black ones who rejected him. This is important. Without that perspective, you risk downplaying the consequences of Trump support—not for supporters, but for the groups Trump has targeted throughout his campaign. Empathy without clarity leads to a place where Trump’s material threat to nonwhites—“stop and frisk,” mass deportation, Muslim surveillance, etc.—is treated as incidental to the story of Trump and his support, when it’s the opposite.

But black voters don't really accept or reject politicians, they vote as a bloc for their patrons.  Corruption in black politics would be legendary if it weren't so banal, whether it is Jesse Jackson shaking down companies to pay for his baby mama or Al Sharpton inflaming race relations everywhere first class can take him.  The sophistication of black political rhetoric is exemplified by pampered moron Ta Coates, an adult male who still reads comic books.

Neither midwit hacks nor pet nig bloggers like Bouie care to discuss the rabid black violence behind "stop and frisk", the violence to communities that mass immigration incurs, the obviously alien nature of Islam, etc.  Because black politics are purely tribal, all that matters is that Trump is not their patron.  Actually, one thing matters more:  that "working class whites" seem to love Trump.  This is how diversity works; the friend of the other tribe is my enemy.  In a zero sum game (which is what tribal politics is) this must be so.

Onto this stunning and brave SNL sketch.  The setup of "Black Jeopardy" is that a black host and two black contestants show off the cluelessness of the lone white contestant, who flubs questions about anything of interest to blacks (stealing, being paranoid about authority, racist white people).  This time the gimmick is that Tom Hanks, dressed up as a Trump voter complete with MAGA hat, turns out to harbor the same suspicion of white people in authority that the black contestants have.


When Thompson reads a second clue for that category—“They out here saying that every vote counts”—Doug answers again, and again correctly: “What is, come on, they already decided who wins even ’fore it happens.’ ” With each correct answer, Doug gets cheers and applause from Thompson, the black contestants, and the black audience. They all seem to understand the world in similar ways. “I really appreciate you saying that,” says Thompson after Doug praises Tyler Perry’s Madea movies, leading to an awkward moment where Hanks' character recoils in fear as Thompson tries to shake his hand, but then relaxes and accepts the gesture.

(You can already see the liberal distortion field at work.  One of many dunce cap race tropes that liberals promote is whites recoiling in fear irrationally before harmless black folk.)  The irony of this equation is that the media actually derides Trump supporters for their suspicions, while fawning over blacks for theirs (which, as a reminder, include believing that Snapple was designed to make them sterile).


“All right, well, let’s take a look at our Final Jeopardy category,” announces Thompson, “ ‘Lives That Matter.’ ”

Jones and Zamata turn to look skeptically at Hanks’ character, while Thompson laughs and gives the punchline. “Well, it was good while it lasted, Doug.” To which Hanks says, “I have a lot to say about this.” And then the sketch comes to a close.

Bouie gets excited, like an antsy youth eager to share an improvised poem about his latest muh-dikking.


Obviously, the answer to the question is “black.” But Doug has “a lot to say about this.” Which suggests that he doesn’t think the answer is that simple. Perhaps he thinks “all lives matter,” or that “blue lives matter,” the phrasing used by those who defend the status quo of policing and criminal justice. Either way, this puts him in direct conflict with the black people he’s befriended. As viewers, we know that “Black Lives Matter” is a movement against police violence, for the essential safety and security of black Americans. It’s a demand for fair and equal treatment as citizens, as opposed to a pervasive assumption of criminality.

Bouie is huffing the fumes of liberal ideological exhaustion.  In fact we know there isn't fair and equal treatment of citizens, because cops are more likely to shoot white suspects, because schools adopt zero tolerance policies to punish white students at the same rate as more violent and disruptive black students, because affirmative action and minority set-asides deliberately privilege incompetent blacks, and because an overwhelming amount of violent crime is perpetrated by blacks.  This is all waved away by liberals every time a strutting black male is told not to niggerwalk in the middle of a street.  In Black Jeopardy terms, what you do in that situation is a) loudly wail about racism, b) make random violent flailing movements, or c) assault a cop.

The intended message is yet more pandering to black narcissism:


Now, this sketch isn’t some exercise in didacticism. It’s genuinely funny with great performances from everyone involved. But it does make a firm statement about our political world: that racism is a huge obstacle to a kind of class solidarity. And that, as long as real-life Dougs hold on to their identity politics, that obstacle will remain.

Yes, that's right:  shouting "Black Lives Matter" whenever a black person is involved in a shooting is about going beyond identity politics, and voting for the candidate who pledges to help all Americans is actually embracing identity politics.

You can't believe this without being stupid, either born stupid like Jamelle Bouie or made stupid by a different kind of tribalism like Jay Rosen.  It's a complete and total inversion of reality, and Twitter is the perfect venue for this glibness because 140 characters is only enough to assert how "brilliant" and "subtle" something is and not enough for someone else to deconstruct it.  Although we can at least ridicule it in kind:

Posted Image

Ridiculing this racial narcissism and hatred of whites is something that mainstream conservatives refuse to do, much less show its self-serving distortions.  At most they blame the problem on Democratic politicians, as if blacks who seethe with resentment at whites while living off their income are blameless.  But now mainstream conservatism is dying, and we are running out of sympathy and patience.

Source:  http://www.slate.com...n_politics.html

#289481 101 Reasons America is still pretty fucking Awesome

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 30 August 2016 - 02:37 PM

1. Free speech, nigger - unlike our slave relatives in Europe, we can't be arrested for offending catladies and journalists on twitter

2. Stronger populism - because of the federal-state division of power, there is an abundance of politicians to cynically promote populism, which means there is a greater chance of accidental populist outcomes

3. More racist - scientific studies show more exposure to niggers = more racist, and we have way dumber, more violent niggers than anyone it's not even close

4. More sexist - bizarre androgynous Euros require women to lead their alt-right movements because their men are so ineffectual

5. Gun rights - in Europe you have to apply for a permit five years in advance for permission to cradle an approved single shot hunting rifle while dreaming of ending it all

6. It's a big, beautiful country - SCALE, schmale, America's "vast reaches" are pretty impressive in their own right, much of it inaccessible to niggers because it involves leaving ravaged urban centers and learning how to read a map

7. Imperial measurement - metric system is for fags, end of

8. Trump

9. The 80s - pretty much invented here, and some of us still live in them

10. God-fearing - more or less the last refuge for Christianity in the West, we love religion so much we're still inventing new ones

More to come...shit we need 91 more...

#222424 The Naming of the Jew by Ann the Shrew

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Posted Power Juice on 19 September 2015 - 09:02 AM

#307888 Comet Ping Pong, Besta Pizza, and You: The World is Run by Pedophile Child Tr...

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Posted Death on the Pozzed Horse on 12 November 2016 - 12:49 AM

#307803 Comet Ping Pong, Besta Pizza, and You: The World is Run by Pedophile Child Tr...

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Posted Work Spans Every Continent on 11 November 2016 - 08:06 PM

Sorry to derail the thread but grown men making friendship bracelets for each other is gayer than a bag of dicks.

#307626 Hillo-bitch 2016: The Neverending Lesbian Bed-Death

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Posted Dr. Hasslein on 11 November 2016 - 09:21 AM

In the end, Hillary was just Jeb! with a bigger dick and a prettier spouse.

#307032 Hillo-bitch 2016: The Neverending Lesbian Bed-Death

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Posted Obama's Other Son on 09 November 2016 - 08:05 PM

We just watched the death of managerial liberalism. I have been saying for at least a year or two that that the Democrats have to get ruined by minorities before the US does. It's just a matter of simple math. And that's what happened.

The fantasy end game of the managerial class was a multi-ethnic global trade empire ruled by them. The problem is, that requires them to win elections, and that's where the problem comes in. See, the problem is that for the foreseeable future, they need the spics & nigs to come out to vote, but they also need a big enough chunk of the white vote to actually win. This is a problem because the dusky hordes don't actually like rich, elderly, pantsuit-wearing white women...but that's who you need to run managerial liberalism.

Not one negro in America believed for a minute that Hillary learned to "whip it" and "nae nae" (whatever the fuck that means, I don't do negro music) for any reason except to pander. They didn't like her, they didn't take her seriously, and they didn't turn out. Meanwhile, white people are coalescing as an ethnic bloc, and they're unsurprisingly not centering their interests on keeping the spic-nic economic cycle funded.

An Obama---a dusky-skinned, rootless, cosmopolitan mulatto raised by a white woman---is a one a billion politician. There's not another Obama.

So the Democrats are between a rock and a hard place. They need a white candidate to get the whites to turn out and to actually manage the machine. But they need an authentically stupid, corrupt negro or Latino to actually get their minority client groups to turn out.

The GOP could still fuck this up, of course. But the Democrats have bet everything on Third World hordes consistently turning out to give Harvard-educated whites and Jews unlimited power, and the dice just came up snake eyes.

#282711 Trump's War on Complexity

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Posted Chicano Studies Major on 29 July 2016 - 05:19 PM

A popular elite talking point on Trump or any other movement riding the wave of right-wing populism is that they allegedly provide "easy answers to complex questions". This of course is meant pejoratively: we can't just solve our immigration problems by halting immigration - we need a bureaucratic Rube Goldberg machine to select and manage immigration precisely to fit "our" needs. The fact that this hasn't been working in the majority's interest for decades doesn't matter; it just implies that we need better, perhaps even more complex solutions.

But complex solutions beget creative workarounds and the more we try to optimize these processes by legislative fiat, the more abuse we're inviting. The H1-B program was introduced as a way for companies to hire foreign specialists with rare skills that couldn't be found on the domestic labor market. 20 years later, an entire industry has sprung up just to game this system and pump as many desperate Bangalore graduates as possible through the pipeline. In return for slightly improved hiring conditions in niche industries, we've created a huge open flank on our working class that is being shamelessly abused by the moneymen.

Would the US economy be less competitive if we simply banned the hiring of non-citizens, a very primitive solution to this problem? Certainly. Would this primitive solution improve the lives of countless workers threatened by the mere possibility of H1-B scab replacements? Even more certainly. But our elites are not interested in acknowledging this downside of complexity as they directly or indirectly benefit from it.

Joseph Tainter gives the example of the Byzantine Empire to illustrate how a society forcibly reduced complexity to ensure survival. Threatened by encroaching Arab invaders that the overburdened empire couldn't deal with anymore, it radically shrunk its professional army in favor of peasant militias, devolved administrative power unto the provinces and limited government to core functions. This most certainly reduced the standard of living enjoyed by the inhabitants of the imperial capital in particular, but it allowed for a consolidation process that enabled the empire to repel further invasions. Had they insisted on maintaining a level of complexity that was apparently unsustainable at the time, then Constantinople would've likely fallen to the cult of Mahound centuries before it did.

Likewise, the West is currently facing existential threats that further complexity only seems to exacerbate. A desire to optimize the global division of labor is draining us of our industrial base; a hunger for cheap labor and certain misguided egalitarian beliefs are facilitating the more or less peaceful invasion of foreign peoples; and unmoored individualism is destroying families, gender roles and healthy sexual repression. These problems seem beyond the capacity or even willingness of Western elites to manage. Thus, the only solutions can be radically simple ones: protect industry, build the wall and create a fecund environment for traditional family structures.

Yes, these measures will likely have a negative effect on our hedonistic pleasures. But on our current trajectory of unsustainable complexity, Western civilization will simply cease to exist as anything but a shell or a cargo cult. Byzantium could've chosen to prolong its grip on the provinces for a few more years and reap the material benefits, but its fate would've been similarly grim.

Simplicity is the dictate of the hour. We should embrace this invective our enemies so carelessly throw around and make the case that a simpler society is indeed the more attractive choice and our only means of survival as Anglo-Saxon and European peoples. Nobody should have to acquire intercultural competencies just to navigate his everyday life. Nobody should have to be expected to move around like a gypsy just to earn a living. Nobody should have to worry that his children will come back as genderqueer trannies after spending time at some faraway college removed from all social constraints.

People have fond memories of the world that used to be precisely because they didn't have to worry about any of that. Life really was simpler and it was great. Let's make it simple and great again.

#278015 Social Conflict 101

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 10 July 2016 - 12:20 PM

A tale of two responses:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here is what I wrote about it on FB:


The plea to listen to and understand each other is, ironically, one of the most dysfunctional reactions to social conflicts. The very fact of the disorder is an indication that there are significant obstacles to cross-communication and that these are probably longstanding and deeply embedded.

Moreover, the sentiment behind the command will quickly wear off, as it is more or less simply an outburst in response to a surge of negative emotional energy.

Because it is a plea it advertises its own weakness. Still worse, it fails to reflect the perspective of any side of the conflict--which is usually one of the main complaints at hand. "We need to listen to each other" is both ineptly vague and counterproductively provoking to the participants in the conflict.

Imagine if you were injured, and at that moment you were told to listen to and understand your attacker. Most likely you would not respond well. This is exactly the scenario with large social conflict--all sides feel injured, and thus demand that the other sides listen to them and change their behavior.

In their different responses, Trump got this right--he emphasized the complaints of all sides of the conflict, indicating that he's heard them--and Hillary Clinton got it badly wrong. She delivered a lecture on behalf of one party of the conflict and a list of commands for the other parties to follow.

Hillary Clinton's response is sure to escalate the conflict, while Trump's offers the only path to de-escalating it.

In reality it's unlikely that we're about to have a big conversation about the root causes of distrust, alienation, and hostility in large cities, the ability of blacks to function in those environments, and the pathology of SCALE that afflicts police departments and other government agencies.  We will, most likely, argue for awhile about who is really to blame, impotently command people to listen, and then as the emotional energy naturally subsides we'll go back to life as usual, having learned and fixed nothing.

That said, one candidate had a far better response than the other.  Perhaps he has mastered social dynamics in the process of building a large real estate and branding empire, while fathering high-achieving offspring.  Perhaps the other candidate, a notoriously bitter paranoid who appears to have difficult social relationships with everyone around her (except her personal servant, Huma), is showing why she would be an incredibly poor choice for president.

#277705 White Tears

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Posted Ricin Beans on 08 July 2016 - 05:04 PM

We've all seen it in our Facebook and Twitter feeds: the stultifying Nice people response to the latest tragedy (the word for any horrible, deadly crime not committed by a white person)

Posted Image

I've noticed that almost all of it has a few characteristics in common.

1) It's cliched

Posted Image

It's almost as if it runs through a standard set of stock phrases and ideas.  "Thoughts and prayers", "cycle of violence", "we need more love".  Sometimes the more verbally adept will find better ways to say these things but they all ultimately say the same thing.

2) It's filled with a sense of helplessness

It's almost aggressive in expressing its unwillingness to confront, or even understand, the awful things that are being discussed.  It's almost as if they think that this is somehow meaningful or expressive in and of itself.

3) It's emotionally stunted and devoid of content

Posted Image

There's never a suggestion to solve or ameliorate a problem.  And when there's not an approved villain (i.e. whites, cops, or better yet white cops) there's never critique, commentary, or even anger.  Without a villain it's a "tragedy", not unlike a hurricane or an earthquake.  The problem of evil is never considered, much less root causes.  There's just an empty sadness.

So why do these Deep Thoughts exist in such large numbers, and why are they so annoying? It's not typically mean spirited, and for the most part it's not rooted in smarm.  I think the people who write this stuff are earnest.  I think that they feel that they need to "say something" to let people know that they care.  But with their thoughts so thoroughly circumscribed by the limits of Nice thought, they are stuck with this empty pablum.  And it's annoying because it drowns out anything that might lead to a solution, or at least an improvement.

#266190 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Cinco Jotas on 14 May 2016 - 02:27 AM

Pay attention 4th Generation Warfighters, Der Trumpenfüher is giving a lesson in asymmetrical warfare, one based on the model of the Iranian Speedboats vs the 5th Fleet.

The action begins when Admiral Bezos orders a fleet of twenty WaPo reporters to sink the USS Trump at all costs. All of the reporters are state-of-the art and battle-tested: built in Ivy-league shipyards at enormous cost, and armed with heavy, mark II Watergate torpedoes.

But, just as this mighty fleet gets underway, it's overwhelmed by a fast-moving swarm of taco bowls, women's cards, racist butlers, phantom publicists, and a thousand other outlandish and picayune controversies, each one crazier and stupider than the last, all of them things that no one could have imagined in a million years of reading Woodward and Bernstein. Worse, like the Iranian speedboats, each one of these "controversies" has to be addressed (a thousand-word think piece on Taco-Bowl-Gate! An op-ed on racist butlers!) because if one slips by without being mentioned, then the leftist twitterati will howl in indignation and Hilary's toadies will mutter threateningly about editors that Feel the Bern.

And if that's not enough, while the fleet is foundering at the mouth of the harbor, the Trump steams into the middle of the ruck and fires it's big guns at the Bezos, scoring a direct hit, and threatening to sink the flagship with a Trust-Buster if it does not retreat from action.

The ultimate result is that the press is tangled up in a hairball of enormous proportions, and exhausts itself and the patience of the American people months before the election takes place. And Trump controls all of this wIth a couple of social media accounts, Morning Joe's telephone number and Roger Stone's merry prankster commando squad.

It's genius and smart shitlords better be going to school on it

#318313 Snopes gets Doxxed

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 21 December 2016 - 09:13 PM

Posted Image

#281209 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Skylark: no more blackpill. only blackshirts now. on 24 July 2016 - 01:59 AM

Jews whining about a foreign nation trying to influence the US is fucking priceless :lol:

#264082 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Mohel's Midnight Snack on 03 May 2016 - 09:24 PM

Posted Image

And now bindis are promising not to come here if he wins? Looks like Christmas is coming in November this year!

#215718 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted R. Jammington III on 12 August 2015 - 10:38 AM

When Heartiste sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of problems with relationships, and they're making us talk about those problems with them. They're bringing retarded memes. They're bringing anti-vaxxers. They're redpillers. And some, I assume, are good posters.

You know, and it amazes me. It does, actually. It amazes me how simple some problems are. 'Oh, it's so complicated, we need more nuance' or, you know, now that they're here we have to convince them to join a church. No. It's very, very simple. You redirect the traffic. You send them to HGTV.com, they can learn to garden or something. I have many friends who took up gardening. You know, I think it builds character, but physically, they're filthy. It's disgusting.

We know that Pleasureman won't do any of these things I'm talking about. Pleasureman, who said, 'Roissy can be insightful.' Insightful! And we're getting killed by their shitposters. By the way, the WORST forum admin of all time.

*head bobbles manically for several moments*

And look, people say to me, oh, how can you say that, you just upvoted his effortpost on scale two days ago! I upvote everybody. That's the system. That's why I can private message PMAN right now and ask for the emoticon list. But it shouldn't be that way. No one should know what the emoticons are. And no one will know under a JAMMER administration. Make MPC great again. Thank you.

#166746 2014 Grammy Awards Review

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Posted Ruprecht The Scoundrel on 27 January 2014 - 07:09 PM

In what can only be described as the most bizarre performance Ive ever seen on TV, Katy Perry grinded on an upside down broomstick in a black robe while Baphomet and some other shadowy demonic figures watched with their approval, much to the delight of degenerate Hollywood faggots everywhere.  A little over half way into the song some mush mouth nigger struts out on stage to throw a little Bix Nood into the mix.  

Posted Image

By the end of it I couldn't help but notice the faces of the people sitting near me in the bar I was at.

Posted Image


Um, did we just witness actual witchcraft during Katy Perry's #Grammys performance?
- E! Online (@eonline) January 27, 2014


I'm like 99% sure Katy perry just summoned satan during her performance
- Chantal Herrera (@Chanteeezzy) January 27, 2014

Posted Image

By this point I didn't think this shit could get any gayer.  Surely we had reached the pinnacle of this mockery of God.  In fact the only thing that could possibly make it any gayer would be if they performed mass gay wedding ceremony commissioned by Queen Latifah right in the middle of this three ring circus.  Yeah...I'm fucking serious.

Posted Image

Posted Image


Queen Latifah said she was sworn in as a temporary commissioner by the state of California on Sunday, so the 33 marriages she performed from the Grammy stage during a performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Madonna were legal.
The landmark nuptuals took place during a medley of the rap duo's breakout hit "Same Love" — an anthem for same sex marriage advocates — as Latifah stage to officiate the simultaneous wedding of couples of varying ages and sexual orientations. The ceremony continued as Madonna took the stage and performed her own classic "Open Your Heart.


Here are some of the lyrics from the song performed by Hollywood's new bottom boy Macklemore during the ceremony.


For those that like the same sex had the characteristics
The right-wing conservatives think it's a decision
And you can be cured with some treatment and religion
Man-made, rewiring of a pre-disposition, playing God

If I was gay I would think hip-hop hates me
Have you read the YouTube comments lately?
"Man, that's gay" gets dropped on the daily

We've become so numb to what we're saying
Our culture founded from oppression
Yet we don't have acceptance for 'em
Call each other faggots
Behind the keys of a message board

A word rooted in hate
Yet our genre still ignores it
"Gay" is synonymous with the lesser
It's the same hate that's caused wars from religion

Gender to skin color, the complexion of your pigment
The same fight that led people to walk-outs and sit-ins
It's human rights for everybody, there is no difference
Live on! And be yourself!

Of course Madonna showed up sporting a gold grill with her pet nigger fashion accessory in tow.

[img]http://media3.s-nbcnews.com/j/streams/2014/January/140127/2D11438128-today-madonna-gold-grills-140125.blocks_desktop_medium.jpg[img] [img]http://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/79/590x/Madonna-son-David-Banda-Grammy-Awards-2014-matching-suits-red-carpet-456306.jpg[/img]

Who you might ask is responsible for creating this big shit sandwich?

Posted Image
Grammy Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich

Posted Image
CBS CEO Leslie Moonves

Posted Image
CBS President Nina Tassler

Posted Image
CBS majority owner and crypt keeper Sumner Murray Rothstein

Welp the Jews have really outdone themselves this year.

#140006 Chechnya redux

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Posted Machop on 19 April 2013 - 02:56 PM

I'm sure most of you know this already, but here's a slav's super-short version of what Chechnya was and is, just so you guys know never to call these guys russkies (or caucasians, for that matter).

Posted Image
Chechnya is very easy to spot on a map

Since the dawn of time, the only people living in the mountainous region now know as the Chechen Republic were bandits. Their entire livelihood came from robbing caravans coming into Russia and Alania. A very good account of early chechen history can be found in Lermontov's poem "The Novice".
During the reign of Alexander I and Nicholas II, Russia annexed Georgia, Eastern Armenia and what is now known as Azerbaijan.

Needless to say, the robber monkeys did not like not being able to rob anymore, so they banded together into an islamic state, an "Imamat" and started a full on dirka-dirka strategic assault on Imperial Russia's defences in the Caucasus, most of the time wielding nothing but shovels (which is ironic, since it's near impossible to make them work with a shovel otherwise). For around fifty years they were getting completely slaughtered by russian officers, after that they kinda got bored and signed a peace treaty, agreeing to be Russia's subject.

It has to be said, Chechnya's neighbours just about had it with it's fucking bullshit by this point, but none hated chechens more than the georgians (murdering georgian monks was chechens' absolute favourite pastime), so when georgian Uncle Joe came to power, he didn't need any extra reasons to send the entire writhing mass of these inbred tribes to gulags.

But they still decided to give him one, by inviting nazi forces to Chechnya to meet with tribe elders, greeting them with open arms and deserting from the red army (90% of chechens deserted almost immediately). This resulted in Stalin implementing the wonderful and morally right Operation Lentil, consisting of the total and utter liquidation of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, along with the populace.

Posted Image

The russian left consider Lentil only a part of "how bad Stalin was", saying he didn't hate chechens in particular, since he deported hundreds of thousands of armenians, georgians and 9 other peoples, but that's bullshit, seeing as he asked Beria (another georgian) to oversee the chechen deportation personally, and telegraph him every day (the messages were really boring, like one said "moved them out on plan. shot all rebels. no incidents to report.").
So just remember that titbit for when you encounter commies who like to talk about how Stalin wasn't racially motivated because he was a POC or whatever. :lol:

Posted Image

After 1957, Khruschev allowed the poor, oppressed mudnogs to return to their mountain trees, which officially resulted in them building the bright communist future for a lil bit. Unofficially though, they came back with a grudge, and started robbing, raping and pillaging with a truly islamic vigour. Partly it was because the commies still couldn't count for shit, and moved 200,000 wild animals into a gentrified Grozny all at the same time. This resulted in catastophic unemployment levels in the region, hunger, 300 murders in the space of a couple months, and, finally, in a good old bloody riot.
Within one year, 113,000 russians, georgians and ukranians left Grozny to rot with it's apes, and that it did, with the power basically falling into the hands of organised crime.

When communism fell, the place that couldn't perceivably get any worse, got worse fast. The affluent clans that held the shambling republic fell as well, and the giant hordes of robbing, raping animals started attacking neighbouring republics. This finally resulted in the huge clusterfuck that was the Ossetian-Ingush Ethnic Conflict.

Posted Image

Long story short, an ex-poet named Yandarbiev and a pro jewhater called Udugov asked the arabs for a lot of money to fund their "independence war", went into the Grozny city hall, turned everything inside into mince and pronounced themselves glorious leaders. Since the arabs were a little too crazy for them, they appointed a chechen general to be their military genius, an ex-red army pilot named Dzhokhar (nice name, huh?) Dudayev.
This started the true end for this shithole (for history's sake I must note that a lot of Dudayev's efforts were funded from Moscow. you can read more on this here, under 'chechnya and russia'. also please know that for, like, five years, every night, planes took off from russian army polygons loaded with everything the russian army had, from tanks and ILs, to about 70 tonnes of shells - all to sell via Grozny. people like Yeltsin and Chubays got very, very rich, to the total tune of about $70 bln.).

So, the First Chechen War, right? The place basically turned into a black hole, with all the chechen clans instantly wanting to kill each other, weapons and drugs being smuggled everywhere, locals drilling for oil (no, really) and selling it in gallon cans by the roadside, trains being stopped, robbed and burnt daily (1993 saw 4000 train robberies), military warehouses being emptied, etc etc.

Posted Image

But Russia needed this war more than anyone else (Dudayev tried to sign a peace treaty multiple times) - they essentially wanted their guy to rule Chechnya.
Funnily enough, in 1996, when the russian forces finally got to Grozny and started squeezing at the remaining chechen forces from all sides, an idiotic russian general called Lebed was sent to Grozny to sign a peace pact. This was like having a winning chess move next turn and suddenly asking for a draw.

Anyway, the treaty was signed, Dudayev caught a rocket in the face, and everything was brillo pads, well, yknow, except for four fucking years of chechen terrorism on russian soil, human trafficking blossoming in the republic (tens of thousands of people), Taliban accepting Chechnya as an independent state, wahhabists appearing all over and swearing jihad, shahid camps popping up all over the place, sharia law and executions ruling supreme, and thousands upon thousands of refugees pouring out of the place.

Posted Image

The Second Chechen War came round in 1999, when Shamil Basaev and Ibn al-Khattab entered Dagestan, then took Grozny in 2000. The russians had just about enough of sitting in these fucking mountains, so they started a full on cleansing of all chechen extremists, which when on till 2009, when it, uh, stopped I suppose. Nobody really cared at this point. At some point in 2002, Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev immigrated to the U.S. with their father, after a Chechen community in Cambridge, Massachusetts helped fund their relocation.

So then Russia proceeded to pay the chechens around $2bn. per year "for the restoration of the republic", or the please shut the fuck up and be quiet tax. The slimes, predictably, built themselves a $5mln. mosque. :lol:

Posted Image

But hey, Russia did get her wish of putting a tiny, constantly angry, super pro-Putin midget on the throne there, so I guess that's something, right?
Nobody even speaks russian there anymore, 96% of babies are chechen, and packs of wild youth gangs from the new brood are already roaming the streets.
The extremists have been forced out of Grozny and right into the long-suffering outer rims of Chechnya (especially poor Ingushetiya), where they proclaimed a new jihad against their neighbours in 2010. They continue to blow shit up on an approximately monthly basis. Kremlin proudly proclaims they kill at least a dozen of them daily. War is the best business in the Caucasus, mostly because there isn't any other business left.

Some countries have accepted chechens with open arms, places like Tatarstan and Kyrgyzstan, where the brothers have spent quite some time.
A lot of details are coming out about the brothers Tsarnaev now, but if anyone dares to call them russian or white to your face I hope you know you should spit in theirs.
They were rightly the most hated, violent, unevolved and inbred of all nations the Russian Empire, in it's latter-day syphilitic idiocy, has taken under it's wing. It has regretted it ever since.

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Posted Bonobo Mindset on 11 January 2017 - 01:53 PM

View PostTerrence Fucking Rhine, on 11 January 2017 - 10:45 AM, said:

:lolnig: the butthurt

Posted Image

you Orwellian scumbags started the fake news meme because you thought you could repress us with it and now you're butthurt because it's turned against you, lie some more and let's see what makes you cry next

Suddenly, the horn-rimmed left has a big problem with the transvaluation of all values.

:librage: You were supposed to deconstruct the church, the family, and the nation, not MY pieties!

No, that's not the way it works buddy. You suckled the teat of Foucault: now your moral systems will be corroded by nihilism from within, just as bacteria devoured the late French philosopher's GRIDS-ravaged brain.

What Chris doesn't seem to understand is that what he and his cohorts call the "free press" is simply a tool of neoliberal domination. He's acting as a mouthpiece of institutional power, serving his global financial masters in their effort to enforce memetic hegemony. He can't bear to to admit he occupies a position of privilege (Media Fragility, anyone?), which he and his predecessors gained by exploiting and repressing the basic social norms of working and middle-class people for decades. Oh, now you want us to observe "decorum" and "precedent"? And why should we respect the trappings of your power structures?

#308021 Comet Ping Pong, Besta Pizza, and You: The World is Run by Pedophile Child Tr...

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 12 November 2016 - 01:04 PM

In light of all that, my current FB status:


Shouldn't we place a "P" at the end of LGBT? We all know what it stands for.

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Posted Jung Man on 06 November 2016 - 08:24 PM

Posted Image

I have tried to write this several times over the past week, but it always comes out too saccharine. Seeing as we’re at the 11th hour, however, I’m just gonna roll with it, and hopefully the more chic MPC poasters among us can forgive me the sentimentality. I’m both very excited and very nervous right now, and I’m afraid it’s bleeding into my poasts.

Trump winning the election was always an impossible dream. When I first happened upon MPC in early 2015, I had consigned myself to not voting in US elections ever again. Even at my relatively young age, I was so supremely disillusioned by the multiple back-to-back Current Years of 2012, 2013, and 2014 that I had – like many in this particular political sphere of the Internet – essentially given up on any sort of interaction with the system. What we now refer to as the elite or the establishment seemed to have such absolute power, such wide-encompassing resources, and so many talented if craven people working for it that it all seemed completely hopeless. I was thoroughly blackpilled, having watched shitlibbery march through the universities and institutions unabated, each year adding an even sillier and more detached outrage, increasing the anti-white sentiment as we went from Trayvon to Ferguson. Worse yet, looking to what we now refer to as the cuckservative leadership for some reprieve, there was nothing to be found but clowns and (((jesters))). It was a dark time, friends; the Overton Window (to use a blast from the past) had essentially grown wings. The poz was inescapable.

What struck me about my first visit to MPC was the humor, far funnier than anything I’d encountered in the despair-mines of Unz or the chans or (forgive me) Takimag. To be sure, there was still a perceptible stench of doom about the place, but at least these shitlords were handling it with a sense of style and grace. The discourse was easily 1488x more intelligent than anything I’d ever read on /pol/, and I enjoyed the complete skewering of some of the sillier ideas I’d entertained in moments of weakness (Moldbug). “These guys really get it”, was what I found myself thinking while I lurked, “and they hate naggers, too!” So began my passage across a sea of hurtful words.

Still, even the bleeding-edge visual grammarians of MPC had to let out a virtual groan over the prospects of Election 2016. Here came Jeb! the Empty Man, just a completely worthless sad sack who was obviously incapable of winning the election against The First Vagina Pres, let alone stopping the issue du jour, HUD-sponsored nagger colonizers being deployed onto unsuspecting whyte neighborhoods. I was still having a good time lurking, but even the humor started failing to mask how dire things seemed for non-gay right-leaning white folk in the West in general and America in particular.

And then he appeared.

In an age where a man LARPing as a woman with a penis was being tentatively considered as the hip, new, Cronenberg-esque face of Republicanism, real-estate billionaire and reality TV star Donald John Trump rode a golden elevator onto stage and announced that the Mexicans were doing the raping and it was high time to kick them the fuck out and that he was running for President of the United States of America to do just that. The sheer tonal bitch slap of that first press conference, when The Donald first showed his characteristic insouciance by dropping his brass YUUUGE ones right onto the podium, was the black swan event (apologies to Taleb if this isn’t quite the exact definition) of the Alt-Right generation. The stunned trickle media down whores could barely believe their eyes… and neither could what would become the foot soldiers of the Trump Army. After all these years, and so many false starts, it was finally happening (faggots).

I mean, if we could just pause for a moment, Donald Trump really should not exist. In an age where Jeb “Bottom of the Barrel” Bush was predetermined to be the completely ineffectual and lackluster “champion of conservatism", in strolled a populist/nationalist with absolutely zero political experience and basically walked up to the biggest baddest nagger (the media), punched it right in the mouth, and declared loudly that anyone who didn’t like it could “Eat shit, niglet.” In an age when Republicans were cucking for “compassionate conservatism", Donald Trump advocated building an actual border wall between the US and Mexico. And stopping trigger-happy Muslims from coming to our shores. And ending birthright citizenship. He advocated putting America First, and he did so without falling into any of the retarded cuckservative traps of yore, like the unconventional conservatism of talking about GDP growth while your nation transformed into a morass of rootless muds right before your very eyes. Incredible and inconceivable.

To condense a long story that you all know very well, here we find ourselves on the eve of the 2016 Election, with that very same madman in the final showdown versus the old shitdawg herself. This thread is an excellent compendium of all the many twists and turns that we took together getting here, from the early TRiUMPhs in the primaries to the weekly Wikileaks drops. He energized an entire generation of Americans into openly realtalking, into asking why our leaders were such incompetent and malevolent clowns. He destroyed the GOP, a feat for which he will always be owed an insane debt of gratitude, and forced many a (((values))) conservative to out themselves as just another side of the globalist coin. He instilled primal fear in our enemies, flipping the tables on them for once, and caused them to go mad, embracing everything from neo-McCarthyism (“The Russians hacked the FBI!”) to overt demographic dispossession (“Can’t wait ‘til all you whites die out!”). He revealed shiftless and violent muds to be exactly what everyone knew them to be, a far cry from the cuckservative’s Natural Conservative™ label. He did this and so much more, becoming the lone champion of the American People against a tidal wave of character assassinations and snarky takedowns.

I want Donald J. Trump to be my president more than anything I’ve perhaps ever wanted. He is one of history’s Great Men, flawed though he may be. His mere existence is the essence of hope.

Will Trump win? God, I hope so. I know in my heart that he can win, that there are certainly worlds that exist after this Tuesday where President Trump is a reality. The odds are likely no better or worse than a coin toss, which is in and of itself one of the most inspirational stories of our time. I believe that Trump will win in the same way I believed that he would win the primaries even when things looked grim after Iowa. I trust the analysis of WWP, and of the thousands of shitlords who have dedicated their 2016 to analyzing Trump’s chances of being president. Make no mistake: I do not think it will be a Trump landslide. It’s going to be close, and we’ll all be incredibly lucky if Trump eeks it out with a few Electoral Votes to spare. But also make no mistake: it can be done. Trump can win.

If the forces of evil prevail once again and we awake Wednesday to Hillary’s MADAME BUTTERTHGHS, I am going to be fucked up, full stop. Pman et al. have advised that Trump is likely the opening salvo in a long realignment away from failed shitlib Current Year policies and I believe him, but the thought of Trump not clinching it is almost too much to bear at this late hour. I love Donald Trump and he seems so unique and the odds are so high that it is nigh on impossible for me to imagine there will ever be anyone like him again. I certainly believe that Trump is the last chance to right the USS Western Civilization by completely democratic means; we are in for a rough next five years no matter who wins, but doubly so if it isn’t Trump.

I also just really, really want Trump to win. I love Trump’s hate of shitlibs, and he’s brought us so far.

In closing, the only vote I’ve ever cast before for president was begrudgingly for John McCain in 2008, God forgive me. To contrast, right now as I type this, I am decked out in Trump gear, have written a small novel about my love for Trump, have donated a respectable amount of money to the Trump campaign, and am completely energized to vote for Trump. Trump has made me believe in America again, that maybe things aren’t completely fucked after all. When I think back to my first days on MPC and compare them to now, I cannot believe how far we’ve come, and we owe nearly all of that to this one man, Donald Trump.

I want to live under a President Trump more than I can really rightly describe. It seems almost surreal that such a wish could very well be a reality in short order. Trump truly is an exceptional man on every level, and the only one I trust to Make America Great Again!

Preaching to the choir here, but please don’t forget to vote, friends. Trump has done so very much for us, and it is now time for us to repay him in kind. God be with us and The Donald now. Trump winning the presidency was always an impossible dream, and yet here we are. Let’s finish the job.

:trump: :allears: :allears: :allears: :allears: :allears:

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Posted Cinco Jotas on 13 October 2016 - 07:42 PM

The Populist Apotheosis of Donald J. Trump

Since February of 2014, when I first laid out my idea for a populist electoral platform, I've found myself in the unusual position of having been right about a few things.

Today, it occurred to me that something I'd predicted in July of 2015 was coming true in spades.  To wit, Trump has entered the "populist golden zone, where every media attack, especially the petty ones, strengthen his electoral position."


What's going to be hilarious, and I mean really hilarious, is watching this dynamic play out. Every one of the usual Ivy League, Columbia J-school faggots are used to having picayune bullshit derail Republican campaigns. Mitt Romney could not have been a more upright and honest man*, yet he was forced to scramble around responding to ridiculous charges about his tax returns.

Nothing like that will stick to Trump. There will be plenty of really grotesque things come out about Trump -- bribery of officials, adultery, Marla Maples, payoffs to thuggish NY union goons-- but none of it will stick, and it will drive the media elites insane, just insane, because every time they drop a bomb, Trump will get stronger.

That's what a populist campaign does, it flips everything upside down. [...]

No one, especially not the bien pensant j-school fuckwits, has ever seen anything like a true populist campaign. In 1980, Reagan got a little of that populist magic, and was teflon-coated because of it. Trump has the potential to enter Huey Long territory, where even evidence of massive, grasping corruption can be spun into electoral gold.

Earlier this afternoon, NPR's All Things Considered opened the show with a clip of an angry Trump denouncing Hillary, the New York Times, big media, the Dems, and the whole rotten establishment as colluding to keep him down. The NPR fag described Trump's language as "apocalyptic". Obviously, they thought the clip would damage Trump, showing him as unhinged. They were wrong.   By ramping up the rhetoric to  DEFCON LEVEL MINUS 1 (MISSILES IN AIR!) and by coming out of the gate so fast last night with his legal threats, Trump has completely jujitsu-ed the narrative.

You might have gone to bed thinking that the top story today would be GROPE-GATE, but it's not. The actual top story today is Trump, in the strongest language, alleging a grand conspiracy of everyone important against him and the American people. So, when I heard that lead-off clip, it struck me that Trump has not just entered the populist golden zone, he's begun to transcend it.

Just as the end of the election arrives, Donald Trump is transitioning into his final form: Trump is achieving populist apotheosis: He is becoming The People's Champion

The new narrative that's breaking into the national consciousness is One Honest Man Against Washington. From here on out, the coordinated nature of the attacks is more important than the content. Every establishment, big media attack validates Trump's righteousness. They're proof that he's the underdog, fighting a virtuous battle. Even the cooked polls help him, after all, an underdog has to be down in the final quarter of the big game for the victory to really matter.

Here's something else: everyone is underestimating the importance of the first ten minutes of the second debate. Consider this: Trump never, ever, never apologizes. Even Granny Just-Words said he never apologizes. But there he was on Sunday night, apologizing. Not just apologizing, but abashed, nervous looking and subdued. This wasn't a histrionic televangelist apology, but evidence of a man experiencing genuine contrition.  

Even better, here's the key section of the written apology:


I have traveled the country talking about change for America, but my travels have also changed me. I've spent time with grieving mothers who've lost their children, laid-off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. I have gotten to know the great people of our country and I've been humbled by the faith they've placed in me. I pledge to be a better man tomorrow, and will never, ever let you down.

That's Trump's metamorphosis; the final act turn of the Hero's Journey. Prince Hal has put away Falstaff and donned the crown of a good king. Trump has repented his sinful ways and been transformed into a righteous warrior.

If we believe his written apology, and I do, Trump has been chosen and transformed by ordinary Americans into their worthy champion. Donald Trump is no longer fighting to increase his wealth, he's fighting against terrible odds to save us from an evil cabal. Want proof he's forsaken wealth?  From the misshapen mouth of an odious bumblefuck...

From an electoral standpoint, practicing Christians, especially evangelicals, are the people most likely to see Trump's apology and contrition as evidence of change. However, I'm convinced that this transformation registers on the subliminal level for everyone. We all saw Trump stumble through his apology, and we all see his recent actions and can compare them to how we've regarded him in the past. He IS a different man.  

The fight right now is for Dems to say he hasn't changed, but they can't actually prove that. Remember in 2000 when the October surprise was that George W. got a DUI in Maine in 1976?  Evangelicals stuck with W. because they knew he had repented, changed his boozing ways, and was forgiven. Evidence of old drinking and drugging couldn't hurt him with Christians as long as he stayed sober, because they understood how apologies work. God forgives you your old sins, and if your behavior remains consistent with contrition humans should forgive you, too. Trump the womanizer is priced into last weekend's apology, so the groping Trump is not actually new news. The problem is that Trump's change was not as public or as far in the past as W's. But it's not bad, and can be cited as evidence. (If you're talking to skeptical Christians, work only on a) Trump's apology was genuine. He's a different man. God has forgiven him, as he forgave David/Solomon/Other Important Sinner, so why are you so hardhearted toward a contrite man? or b) Hillary will be objectively worse for Christians and unborn babies. Moral theory says you have to vote for Trump to stop this predicted gross evil from happening. Trump is contrite. Hillary & Bill have never apologized.)

Right now, the new narrative of Plain Spoken Trump Against Everyone Rotten is in place. There's nothing the MSM or Dems can do to change it. They can't claim they're even-handed or objective, because they've said they're against him a million times in million different ways. They've failed in their effort to portray Trump as being not plain spoken. They've attacked Trump with bogus "fact checkers" for a year, and all that's happened is that the public judges Trump ahead of Hillary in truthfulness with media fact checkers coming in a distant third. They've destroyed their own credibility attacking Trump's. :lol:

So, Trump is the truth-telling champion of the people, an underdog fighting a corrupt establishment, risking his reputation and wealth to save America.  We Trumpians have seen this Trump coming for months, but now the final populist apotheosis of Donald Trump is taking place in full view of the American public, and the panicked press and Dems are building the narrative with every shitty attack, every slanted poll.

Trump is our avenging Golden Pepe. The evidence is how hard the establishment is fighting him. The harder they fight, the more sure we can be that he is the chosen one. And that, my friends, is a populist wave election.

The dramatic arc points to only one conclusion: complete victory. Epic landslide.

* I've obviously changed my mind about Mitt Romney. He's a corrupt, cuckservative piece of shit.

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Posted the Wizard of Poz on 23 June 2016 - 02:58 PM

On a more serious note, the subject of john oliver came up when a colleague (fellow psychologist) and I were discussing politics a few months ago. Although we were both in agreement regarding the general shitlib inanity of the HBO show, my friend was surprised when I explained that the real insidiousness of it is its unmistakably hypnotic structure and pacing.

I ended up pulling up an episode or two off of youtube to show her what I meant. All of the segments I've ever seen from this show follow the same repetitive format: present some "argumentation" and "facts" for about 10 seconds, then quickly follow these up with a snarky quip (which themselves overwhelmingly take the form of complete non-sequitur or otherwise absurd metaphor) before any rational processing of the preceding argument can take place in the mind of the viewer. Further telling is that the only 'beats' or mental pauses in the show's pacing exist solely to highlight the approving laughter or applause of the studio audience. Repeat this basic formula without variation 20-40 times in a row and you have one of the 12-20 minute 'segments' that form the backbone of the show.

The end effect is (obviously) not to deliver information, but rather to literally teach the viewers -- on a subconscious level -- to mentally associate derisive laughter with any person or opinion that is at odds with the narrative's take on the chosen issue. And it accomplishes this by maintaining a strict adherence to a roughly 20-second cycle in which a stimulus is presented, and a response is cued. This is the sense in which the show is fundamentally hypnotic in effect -- even moreso than its precursors in the genre (Daily Show, Colbert, etc).

To my mind, oliver's show is representative of the media's increasing mastery of the methodologies of mass conditioning; in fact it is almost such a perfect technical accomplishment that I would almost have to admire it on technical grounds, if only it weren't so troubling a development, which moreover is in the hands of the entirely wrong people.

#321144 Race War...Now? A Symposium

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Posted Joe Schmoe on 06 January 2017 - 12:17 PM

I hesitate to add my voice to this thread, because the folks poasting here are prominent members of our racist community who have given a tremendous amount in service of the cause of naggerdeath, and I am just a rank-and-file supporter who has given very little. But I think we are seriously off the rails here, and frankly it worries and scares me.  

First, our "enemies" are paper tigers. Africa and the Middle East would starve to death overnight if we stopped feeding them and maintaining what little infrastructure they have. Niggers and hajis will never be able to build B-2 bombers and nuclear weapons at any time in the foreseeable future.  They cannot invade us or overrun us if we do not want them to do so.  If we want to keep them out of our countries, all we have to do is build walls and keep them out.  

If they are more numerous, this means nothing. War isn't a numbers game.  History is filled with examples of whites vanquishing enemies who were hundreds and thousands of times more numerous.  The real issue is competence.  The Japanese are an example of a competent enemy -- they were capable of building their own aircraft carriers.  The current wave of "refugees?"  Please, they are rabble.

I admit that the current situation is unsustainable.  Western Europe  and most of the US have allowed themselves to be overrun, and the fact that whites have overwhelming technological superiority, while our enemies are barely literate, is cold comfort to the white residents of Malmo and Ferguson.  But the solution to this problem is deportation and secure borders.  We are so much more capable than our enemies that there is no reason to engage in genocidal warfare.  If we want to get them out and keep them out, then they're out.  We just need the will to make it happen.

I see the logic of Weev's approach, but I think he is overestimating the threat.  Yes, middle-class blacks who go to church can be seen as "leaders" of the black community -- officers, if you will.  This assumes that the black community presents a serious threat.  But they don't. These people can't even feed themselves.  They never even invented the wheel.  If whites simply show a little cultural dominance, the niggers will tone down a lot of their misbehavior. They behaved much better in the 50's and 60's.  Weev is also right about the psychological dynamics -- when people feel despair, they stop fighting.  But the blacks are the ones who feel despair. The ones who live among us know, deep down, that they could never invent the iPhones that they hold in their hands.  Right now the (((media))) and (((activists))) have conditioned them to act out.  But if we simply let them know that niggershines will no longer be tolerated,  they'll act out less often.  And if we separate, we won't have to worry about them at all.

Second, murder is a sin.  Brevik went around pumping bullets into naive 19 year-old kids who were begging for their lives.  And then he reloaded and did this again and again.  They were liberals, sure, but mostly they were just ambitious 19 year-olds who (1) bought into the conventional wisdom; and (2) wanted to get ahead.  Roof killed a bunch of church ladies, as opposed to drug dealers.  This is just plain evil. It's every bit as horrifying as a partial-birth abortion.  I can't celebrate people who would do something so hideous.  

We've all had to overcome a lot of social conditioning to get to where we are today.  We've all questioned -- and rejected -- a lot of fundamental assumptions.  And sometimes it's hard to keep your moral bearings in a world that celebrates the the perverse and evil,  like 8 year-old kids who claim to be "transgendered."  But there is a reason why your gut turns over when you hear about a crime like Roof's.  You should listen to your gut, because what Roof did was wrong. I feel sorry for Roof and don't understand what pushed him to become as angry as he is.  And I'm sure I'd agree with him on many issues.  But his anger drove him to commit a terrible sin.  I can't celebrate that.    

Look, niggers are, on average, our genetic inferiors.  I accept this.   But they're still human.  They're not like us, but they are like our mentally slow cousin with a mean streak.  Jews are morally sick, like the uncle who is an alcoholic or a compulsive gambler and steals from grandma's bank account.  But our enemies are still human.  They are still made, however imperfectly, the image of God.

I don't want to live in a black neighborhood, I don't want the (((media))) indoctrinating my children with poz.  But I don't think the solution to those problems is violence and genocide.  If the Europeans finally get their shit together and start securing their borders and deporting refugees, I think it's OK to use force to enforce those policies.  But that's the way to handle this, we shouldn't encourage guys like Roof to go shoot up a bunch of cab drivers praying at the local mosque.  

A lot of us are  angry. I know that I'm pretty fucking angry at the status quo. So angry that if someone were to start knocking off, say, porn producers, BLM activists, Wall Street bankers, and prominent cuckservatives, I'd sleep pretty soundly . But i wouldn't do this myself, because I know it's wrong.  It's important not to let your anger, even though it is entirely justified, get out of control.  We've all got to keep that in check.

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Posted Bumbling American on 20 November 2016 - 09:56 PM

:trump: I don't have to wait till after I drop dead to get my own planet

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Posted Jourdan on 30 October 2016 - 08:29 PM

View PostPrime Minister Mark Latham (PBUH) AKA ENJ, on 30 October 2016 - 07:05 PM, said:

Her nightmare hasn't even begun. Here is this establishment lapdog nigger piece of shit, moaning to hell and back, because for the first time in living memory she and her slimy kind face real opposition.  It's telling that even though they have controlled Congress for a bit now, Republicans NEVER reduced our leaders to tears like this. Here she is, facing just a tiny fraction of what those of us in opposition have faced daily for decades, and already she's fallen apart. And she still has pop culture, the media, academia and all government on her side.

Her nightmare hasn't even begun.

#294684 Further Adventures of Dindu Nuffin, Negroid Gentlegiant

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Posted Jung Man on 22 September 2016 - 06:28 PM

This latest chimpening reads like a That-Nagger Coates fanfic, and not one that has been edited into coherence by guilt-ridden (((white))) (((wordsmiths))).


Pure, uncut clown world. To think that Central Casting Negro Gentlegiant #15000 was viciously and unfairly gunned down in a hail of bullets for just tryin' to get HIS READ ON is an affront to the sacrifice anyone who has spent more than five minutes around the average American Chicken Nugget Scoon has made to their sanity. Even if they were not overwhelmingly illiterate to the point of being verbally outclassed by white toddlers, the implication that an 85 IQ nagger has a deep, unspoken affinity for the latter works of John Donne is completely laughable.

But the most clownish - and simultaneously infuriating - aspect of the Charlotte Chimpout is that tired cuckold refrain. You know the one:

:cuck: But if it was a black cop, why are they rioting!? It doesn't make any sense! I need to blog about this.

Because they're a fundamentally loathsome people that are completely unalike Europeans and their descendants in nearly every aspect of comportment and character, you cuck fag. They don't care about your inalienable rights. They don't care about your civic virtue. They certainly don't care about the supposed innate worth of their lives.

Nigs have and will only ever care about maximizing their gibs in the immediate term, be it stealing a new pair of Jordans or murdering another scoon for their pocket change. They're an r-selected, high time preference, truculent, primordially low ape people whose greatest contribution to humanity has been figuring out that smashing peanuts results in peanut butter. There is a good reason why every single other race of people and your very ancestors preached maximum self-awareness around them, white man. Naggers are only ever capable of destruction, and that is why they have always been lower than dogshit without the white man dragging them kicking and screaming towards civilization.

I so tire of seeing the bewilderment, the confusion on the face of oftentimes well-meaning but ultimately completely flaccid whytes during these episodes. They fundamentally lack the apparatus to parse the bestial display taking place before their very eyes, and perpetually spew forth brilliant and completely ineffectual dialectical ripostes to the simian outburts. "But, it isn't logical to burn down their own neighborhoods!", said the oval-faced man with a smug grin. No shit, you really outclassed Tyrone there, Dave, now stand back as he twerks in front of a burning Walmart before beating you to death with a loose piece of concrete.

Anyone who thinks slavery wasn't one of America's foremost mistakes should take a good look at Charlotte right now. Now imagine a cat five chimpout with Dequandro and Shitavious twerking on top of your minivan while the cops do nothing... forever!

#272052 Islamic Mass Killing Cognitive Dissonance thread

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Posted Beware: Small Souled Bug Men on 12 June 2016 - 01:55 PM

View PostSkylark - Ethnic Cleansing at CHEAP Rates!, on 12 June 2016 - 01:29 PM, said:

Is there a thread for ragheads who aren't worthless?

Yes (its empty)

#204370 How transsexualism destroys identity

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 06 May 2015 - 02:25 AM

Quoted in a post on our favorite radfem blog, Gender Trender:


“You are NOT alone. Aside from some of the wonderful women here, this happened to my MIL. Luckily none of the children in that case were young, but it still caused serious problems for them–it was so devastating to his son that he moved to another country. My ex-stepFIL–who now is “a woman,” although he looks, talks, and behaves exactly like a man–barely has a relationship with his children anymore. He’s rarely permitted to see his biological grandchildren, and then only with supervision. (We allow him to see our daughters, but with the caveat that he is NOT to “present” as anything but male around them. We do not call him by his ridiculous tranny name and our girls are not even aware that he goes by a different name around other people.)

His health has been seriously damaged, but as others have said, he made/is making his own choice.

Anyway. Like you, my MIL found that there was zero support for her, and everyone, from therapists to online “support” groups, told her she was the one with the problem because she wasn’t thrilled at the idea of sleeping with/being married to a tranny, and didn’t believe that he could actually “become” anything more than a castrato with fake breasts, which is exactly what he is. More than once she ended up in tears because of how she was spoken to and treated by those people, and because they made her feel like SHE was the one at fault, SHE was the one whose behavior was cruel and unforgivable. It’s likely you will run into people who will say the same to you or treat you the same way. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. YOU ARE NOT WRONG TO THINK THIS IS HORRIFYING AND YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT WRONG TO PROTECT YOUR DAUGHTER IN ANY WAY YOU CAN.

(Sorry for the all-caps, but I feel the above needs an emphasis as strong as I can possibly give it.)

I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for you, having a young child. I am absolutely furious on your and her behalf at the monstrous selfishness and disregard for both of you that this man is displaying.

One of the things that can be observed with serious addiction cases is the gradual disintegration of personality.  In effect, the addict's body and personality become mere devices for the procurement of the addictive substance or behavior.  Everything else, every other characteristic, is blunted or erased completely.

But I think if we look closely at the people around us, we can see that behavior which pushes people away from social interaction causes gradual erasure of the self, to be replaced with what are merely tics, fetishes, and compulsions (these lead to arousal and excitement but are curiously joyless).

The same process appears to be at work with transsexuals.  The first clue is the willingness to destroy close relationships through neglect, abandonment, or outrageous behavior.  Such destructive activity results from a long descent into the fetish of autogynephilia--the process of fetishization infects the personality like a cancer, eventually crowding out all other desires and attachments.  Relationships, which have inherently altruistic qualities for healthy personalities, weaken and break apart because the fetish becomes the central desire as in cases of chemical addiction.

The second clue is the desire to self-mutilate, usually in the form of taking opposite sex hormones but sometimes going to the extreme of genital mutilation to outwardly resemble that sex (of course internally nothing has really changed).  Similar to cases of anorexia nervosa, in which women are so consumed by a distorted self-image that they destroy their own bodies in response, transsexuals often make repeated alterations to their appearance that exposes them to significant health risks--everything from tracheal shaving to facial surgery to radical genital alteration.

(As should always be pointed out, when they opt for the last approach they are obliged to keep dildos shoved into their improvised fuckholes--the body cannot be fooled.)

The third clue is the newly self-centered personality.  Before assumption of a transsexual identity (that is, when there is still some control over the transsexual fetish) many of these people achieve success in their careers and produce families, whereas afterwards they appear to exist for no other reason than to be transsexuals.

Contrary to transsexual arguments, this is not because they have discovered their true identity but because they have obliterated their true identity.  As I have mentioned elsewhere, at the heart of this is a great misconception, that the self is a pure entity that is masked or distorted by conformity to social rules.  The exact opposite is true--the self only comes into being through the formation of healthy social relationships.  The brain is plastic but it is not indifferently so--there is healthy development and unhealthy development.  The former maintains psychic security and resilience through social relationships, and the latter malnourishes through isolation and obsession.

One need only look to the claims of transsexuals to see that they are completely deluded and inauthentic.  Among other things they claim that they feel profound discomfort unless they are allowed to wear opposite sex garments (especially underwear) which do not really fit their bodies.  This is a classic fetish symptom, the sense of agitation or restlessness unless they can experience the fetish even though it interferes with enjoyment of normal activities.

My argument is that this is more than just delusional behavior, it is part of a process that destroys personality.  Secondarily, we can judge the unhealthiness of this and other behaviors by the degree to which they damage important social relationships.

#99624 Child poverty in developed nations

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Posted BB: Full-Time Zionist on 06 June 2012 - 10:23 PM

Lol. Child poverty in Romania? Even our middle class is much poorer than the Section 8 niggers on the South Side.

My parents won't take much of my money. By local standards, they're fairly well off -- they own a three-bedroom apartment in a reasonable-sized city and a late model cheap-ass car (their 1987 Dacia finally died.) Their needs are modest.

On the other hand, they don't own an air conditioner, they try to avoid driving since gas costs 2x what it costs here and they make maybe 1/10 of an American income, they never buy new clothes or consumer goods, etc. My wife's mom still makes clothes for her and sends them over in the mail. They have an old CRT TV. I gave them a computer and they sprung for cable internet because it lets us talk on Skype; that alone probably puts them in the top 15% nationwide.

I expect that my son will grow up to be 4-6 inches taller than I am because he's had a proper diet since childhood. My parents really only eat a few things:

1) Cheap cuts of meat (there wasn't much of that growing up, believe me)
2) Yogurt, kefir, and sour cream, courtesy of the local peasants who sell at the farmer's market
3) Potatoes and grains, particularly polenta (mamaliga) and ground semolina, and of course cheap white bread
4) Fruit and fresh vegetables for a couple of months each year; home preserves the rest of the year

Meanwhile, the niggers are all obese and eating dat Popeyes wif excra mayrnays. I swear to God, you guys have no idea. The niggers can't produce a thing, but you're so rich that you cram meat down their throats all day and pay them to sell drugs to each other between bouts of rape and X-Box.

#319172 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted the simple disturbing message on 26 December 2016 - 12:50 PM

View PostBukkake Baptism, on 26 December 2016 - 12:32 PM, said:

lol, kushner is doing all of the beta tells heartiste talks about

Yeah, like that one tell where you marry a beautiful woman from a fantastically wealthy and famous family and have three kids with her. Beta to the core.

#312483 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted dain on 27 November 2016 - 02:57 PM


#307609 2016 election meltdown thread

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Posted Bumbling American on 11 November 2016 - 08:14 AM

I never believed there was this much free-floating anxiety in the culture. It's one thing to see people wring their hands endlessly over stuff on social media; or have unstable and immature types like blacks and libarts students start riots and hold sit-ins. But literally everyone I know (no exaggeration) has been melting down since Tuesday--some are infantile shitlibs who never grew up well into middle age, but most are responsible, kind, well-meaning people with families and jobs. You have to grant people their beliefs and their Haidt gut reactions to things; but I did not realize how strongly so many regular people who seemed so like-minded in fearing for the wellbeing of the country could get this unhinged. Call it the flipside of the anger of Trump voters if you want, but to me it looks a lot more like neuroticism and petulance over being denied an electoral lollipop after so many years of uninterrupted victories

Lay this at the feet of SCALE, yes, but in micro terms I think it is a consequence of the social-media era: We are used to reacting strongly to things in an abstract world where there are no consequences, where we can get circle-jerked for typing the right things, that we don't feel any shame about this kind of public display of childishness. For the sake of self-awareness I will say that the Alt Right can be guilty of the same kind of anonymous circle-jerking, even if I think we're ultimately correct on all counts here--e.g. going through manic cycles of posting jokes and insulting celebs is a symptom of the same thing as meltdowns, even if, again, the people you're trolling richly deserve it. As Walker Percy had one of his characters say, I hate living in this kind of age, I hate living in a country that has gone this batshit crazy, where people are this out of touch with each other and hate people they don't know and will never meet. I sincerely hope Trump can bring us back to some kind of unity and normalcy. I frankly do not want blood in the streets, or in the e-streets; I want peace of mind for ourselves and especially for our putative enemies. Let's make America great again, let's also try to make our mens sana again.

#307482 Thanksgiving (and beyond) Gloating Thread

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Posted AIDS Kills Fags Dead on 10 November 2016 - 10:02 PM

Spending Thanksgiving with my fiancé's large, 99% Trump-voting family again this year.
Anyone willing to admit they voted for Hillary there is in for a hell of a day.

Funny story from last Thanksgiving:

Before last Thanksgiving her dad and I hadn't really gotten to know each other yet and got along just okay.

After we ate someone turned on TV to watch football and some rapper was on for halftime.
Her dad started bullyciding the TV, saying "look at the way this jigaboo is dancing, yo yo yo!, making up joke raps about fried chicken and watermelon, etc"
My fiancé's sisters tried telling him to stop, he was being mean, blah blah blah while I was laughing the whole time.
He turned to me, looked me in the eye with a serious face and asked "Are you prejudiced against blacks."
I paused for a second, looked him dead in the eye and said "I don't know, but I am racist against niggers."

Instant best-buds.
Going hunting together next weekend.

#307257 Hillo-bitch 2016: The Neverending Lesbian Bed-Death

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 10 November 2016 - 12:37 PM

View PostThe Cuckservative, on 09 November 2016 - 12:28 PM, said:

Hillary has done some serious damage to her party, which is great. Over the next few months what little shitlib introspection at what went wrong (outside of calling white people racist and stupid which is how they got here)will quickly turn into finger pointing and slapfights. That Bernie/Warren wing has to be fucking fuming right now, and there was already divisions bubbling up between them and the niggers. The beaners will be looking for elevation, at the same time that :trump: is undermining their vote by building a wall and physically removing large swaths of their base. What centrist Democrats remain will have to play ball with the new President, because the next midterms have them defending way more seats than the GOP, and as we all know, not even free KFC gets groids to vote in off-year elections.

It can't be overstated how suicidal it was for shitlibs to amp up blacks to such a degree that blacks refuse to even tolerate abject groveling anti-racist whites (you can't respect someone who kisses your ass).  None of the left wing Dems have any hold on black sentiment--they are seen as rich manipulative white people who are also easily pushed around.  Obama was a pyrrhic victory for them.

#290096 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Cinco Jotas on 01 September 2016 - 09:54 PM

View Posthate bumpkin, on 01 September 2016 - 08:03 PM, said:

:smug: I don't know why those Fash the Nation guys got so upset, heh

seeing this after the propaganda blitz and after his past comments on the h1b stuff and his comments on keeping "talented" bindis and chinks who get degrees I have no idea why they'd think that

Posted Image

Trump just pulled a classic sales technique on Mr. and Mrs. America.  It's called the Take Away Close.


The take away close gets its name because you are giving someone something and then taking it away from them. The fact that you never actually physically gave them anything is irrelevant, what you gave was the idea that they were going to receive something of value and then snatched it away from them. Or restricted or place conditions on it. You then offer a way for them to get back what you have taken away, i.e buy your product, subscibe to your list or take a specific action

The Take Away is one of those final option, nuclear closes that you use on people who are on the edge of buying but just can't, for whatever reason, commit.

Trump's sales offer has been stable for more than a year. :trump: "Build a wall. Send Pedro home.  MAGA!"

With that simple pitch, he's closed a shit-ton of people, enough to get him within striking distance of victory. However, there's still, what? Another 5 or 10% more Americans who want exactly what Trump is offering, but think (or been told) the price is too high.  ( "Trump is just a buffoon. He'll never build the Wall. Mexico won't pay, etc...")

Starting a couple weeks ago, Trump began to take away his original offer.

:trump: "Oh, well, maybe what you really want Mr. & Mrs. America is our cut-rate, guaranteed-porous Virtual Wall 2000. And maybe I can package that up with some sort of tax-scheme amnesty."

Those of us who've already committed based on the original offer, start to flip our shit. And the people who wanted Wall-MAGA, but couldn't commit because of price, or whatever, have an emotional reaction. Now, THEY REALLY WANT WALL-MAGA!!  They're disappointed. It seems like it's not available anymore. And, just like that, there's a shit-ton of emotional energy around the Trump campaign, most of it negative, and it's building. Ann Coulter is pissed off. Fash the Nation is black pilled. We're grumbling and Trump is waffling. All eyes are on Trump. What's he going to do?



Suddenly, in a spectacular coup, Trump overcomes the biggest objection  ("Trump is too unstable to be president") and adds more value to the original offer.

:trump: "You were worried that I wasn't Presidential?  Watch this..."

Posted Image
Alpha statesmans the shit out of El Presidente Guapo Beanero.

:trump: "I'm not just giving you Wall-MAGA. I'm deporting the criminal aliens on day one. First hour in office."

And the deal is closed. The drama ends with victory!  The cucks and never-trumpers are blown out and the fence sitters come home. And next week's round of polls should put Trump firmly in the lead.

#280247 The Daily Show gets shut down by hissy conservaqueer

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Posted Chicano Studies Major on 20 July 2016 - 08:31 AM

Faggot producer's reaction was very telling. This was his space; he was about to create reality right then and there, a demiurge shaping the world to his pleasing, but that obviously doesn't work when he himself is being filmed as he pulls his little stunts.

The people who are most (((pushy))) about shoving a camera and a microphone into everyone's private business often get enraged like that when the tables are turned on them. Meaning they know exactly how unwanted their presence is, but still continue out of despicable, selfish motives. This is journalism.avi, folks; horrible, heinous people.

#278412 funny pics thread

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Posted Bumbling American on 11 July 2016 - 11:19 PM

When she wears them, they're chronic fatigues

#268598 The Jews and Their Lies (Revised Edition)

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 26 May 2016 - 12:52 PM

The sleazy dishonesty of Jonathan Weisman is neatly condensed into one super-paragraph of prevarication:


The imaginings by my tormentors of me as an Orthodox Jew in wide-brimmed hat and Hasidic garb were, of course, laughable. The truth is, I have become largely disconnected from Jewish life and faith over the years, and like many American Jews I have been lulled into complacency. Our politics have dispersed between the parties. Our coreligionists grace our movie screens, lead the cities of Los Angeles and Chicago, help oversee [more at "undermine" -PM] the Senate Intelligence Committee, succeed without apology, but also struggle like everyone else.

"The truth is," begins the Jew as he is about to tell the biggest whopper he can think of.  The article, which focuses its whining on the troublingly anti-Semitic humor of people on Twitter, is like a Sunday word puzzle created for readers to while away a long afternoon finding all the logic twisting and disingenuous statements.


Beyond journalism, stories of Muslims assaulted by Trump supporters are piling up. :lol: Hispanic immigrants are lining up for citizenship, eager to vote. Groups that have been maligned over centuries at different times in different regions now share a common tormentor, the alt-right, a militant agglomeration of white nationalists, racists, anti-Semites and America Firsters that have been waging war on the Republican establishment for some time. Their goals: Close the borders, deport illegal immigrants, pull out of international entanglements and pull up the drawbridge.

Yes indeed, the best stories are "beyond journalism", largely because they require creative input.


“Thanks to @jonathanweisman for redpilling at least 1.5k normies today by retweeting premium content. Epitome of useful idiot,” responded one tormentor whose Twitter handle is too vulgar to repeat, even if I wanted to. Maybe he was right.



I grew up in Atlanta in the 1970s, when friends spoke of “Jewing down” a price and anti-Semitism was casual, if not nearly as omnipresent as racial prejudice. My parents joined a synagogue that had been bombed by the Klan. My father opened his medical practice in Marietta, where Leo Frank was lynched in 1915 at the age of 31.

Note that this same synagogue had previously been cremated at Belzec.

edit: :lol: they approved this comment
Posted Image

Source: http://www.nytimes.c...d=tw-share&_r=1

#238099 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Congenital Caveman on 23 December 2015 - 02:01 PM

Shlongedgate has brought up the women's question and it's worth discussing how Trump should handle that. It would be a mistake to get hung up on the other candidates' misogyny and impropriety. That's a weak point for Trump since (1) Democrats don't care like Republicans (2) He's no model of Christian family life and (3) Hillary for sure will smear him with the old domestic abuse allegations and that could really hurt if he gets stuck trying to defend himself. Going after Hillary and Bill's personal sexual history is what a cuck would do. It's a risky, low reward strategy. It's petty, defensive, mean-spirited, hypocritical, weak and most importantly, irrelevant to the interests of the American people.

Instead, whenever people accuse Trump of misogyny he should flip it right back to immigration. He just needs to show what a holocaust immigration has been for women especially in Europe. Bring up the worst cases seasoned with strategic overstatement for media bait. I'd like to see Trump blow the lid on Rotherham and not let go until Rotherham, in the form of 'Trump said this about Rotherham' is top news in every channel. Get millions of people reading and talking about Rotherham and watch the shitlords sprout like mushrooms. Rotherham is the best argument we have, it's PC Kryptonite no matter which way you try to spin it.

:trump: "Over 100,000 English girls raped by Muslim gangs, and the government knew all about it, the police knew about it, the British government knew everything that was going on, not for a short time, for decades! And they didn't do anything! This is what's going on in Rotherham and every other city over there in England right now. Their government knew it, they knew these girls are being raped by Muslim immigrants, and they didn't do anything! Why? Because 'that would be racist!' 'We don't wanna be Islamaphobic!’. And so they covered it up. Over 100,000 English girls, very young, innocent children really, very young, it's terrible, raped by Muslim pedophile immigrant gangs, the most innocent little girls got enslaved, raped, got turned into sex slaves in the most horrible way. Muslims are bringing back slavery, people. Muslim rapists, slave traders are taking over entire cities in England, in Europe. And not just English girls but Indian, Asian, Black, everyone, they’re enslaving girls from every race. And the governments there know it's happening and they don't do anything about it because the governments are being taken over by Muslim rapists, it sounds extreme but if you look at the facts that’s the only conclusion, they're being bribed and terrorized to go along with it, by these same Muslim animals, right over there in England."

:trump: "And now what do we get over here? All these clowns and incompetent politicians we got over here, know what they're saying? Now they're saying, [in the manner of an odious SWPL faggot] "Donald Trump hates women, 'cause Donald Trump said the word 'schlong'!" And those people want to bring the same thing from England over here! They want to open our borders to all the world's criminals, and rapists, and terrorists and fanatics that really hate women. These people hate women. You can't even imagine how much these people, that they wanna let into our country, how much they hate women, they want to rape girls and women and bring women down to slavery like in England. And those people that want to keep our borders wide open, that want to let the same pedophile rapist terrorists into our country, they want to turn American cities into the next Rotherham, they say Donald Trump hates women because I said the word 'schlong'. Now, when it comes to protecting women, how can anyone take these clowns seriously? They're all talking about women's rights, talking talking talking, women’s rights this, women’s rights that, you can’t say the word ’schlong’, that’s an insult to women, but when it comes to actually defending women from a huge danger? They're useless! They're total hypocrites about defending women. Total hypocrites. I'm the only one that's serious about the number one threat to women in this country, what's that? The number one threat to women right now? Open borders! Immigration, from every kind of unvetted rapists terrorists, fanatics that they want to let into our country! Over 100,000 British girls got raped, enslaved as sex slaves by Muslim immigrants and they want to let the same thing happen here, and they're talking about women's rights. Give me a break. The number one threat to women is our immigration policy. Not a word. Not the word 'schlong'. With all due respect to Hillary Clinton, the New York Times, the media, the fact I said the word 'schlong' is not a big threat to women. Our current immigration policy is the number one threat to women."

:rabbi: How dare you endanger American lives by insulting these peace-loving Muslim rapists and slave traders.

:kagan: STOP PRESS: Is this the end for Trump? Statistics show only 83,531 English girls have been enslaved by Muslim gangs, not 100,000. Can America accept someone so irresponsible with the truth?!

:librage: CHECKMATE, BIGOTS!!!

#232579 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted A little backstory on 21 November 2015 - 01:14 PM

I've posted this picture before but it's relevant again here: sure JFK was a degenerate philanderer and probable drug addict with many bad ideas but there's no denying that this

Posted Image

says more about our horrifying descent into WE PREZNENT NOW UNH, UNH Clown World trash culture than any number of hand-wringing editorials about how maybe if Michelle Antoinette just didn't take so many expensive vacations on the taxpayer dime we could respect her more, etc.

Trump appeals to Americans, in the most basic sense of the term; this proposition nation scam might fly with clever-silly shitlibs and mud people but most Americans still instinctively recoil from the idea that our magic dirt is what makes us who we are and any Jamal or Muhammed or Chang will become one of us the second they get a green card

It's not even necessarily about race because there are plenty of decent non-whites who hate the polyglot toilet this country has become; sure they also hate whites but that doesn't mean they want to see the US turned into Brasilia Norte

The idea of having a well-dressed, fit, beautiful fashion model as First Lady is too good to be true, since we haven't really seen one since the Reagan Administration; now add to that well-behaved, attractive, successful children instead of bratty entitled niglets (Obamas) or drunk party sluts (Bushes) or tragically ugly nerds (Clintons) and a POTUS who will alpha most world leaders or at least stand up as their equal in case they are also strongmen (i.e. Putin) and it's irresistible

When he says he wants to Make America Great Again it strikes a chord with people who have been deeply ashamed of their representation in Washington for decades, maybe even their entire lives; I was born during the early Reagan era and have never once, in my entire life, felt proud of my country's government--the idea of supporting my President is intoxicating and shocking (kind of like the realization that watching old footage of Nazi rallies in post-Weimar Germany made me feel comforted and wistful instead of scared--when whites organize as a martial collective we are nearly unstoppable)

Trump represents founding stock Americans, he is the white man's candidate, and considering we are still the largest voting bloc and that most of us are also gun owners this should (and does, I believe) have the globalist elite so panicked that they're pushing too hard, making blunder after blunder, tipping their hand, making it so much easier to expose them for what they are...

It's a great time to be a hatepoaster :sippin:

#314172 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Bersicker on 03 December 2016 - 10:04 PM

Funny how the two Jews running for President turned out to be complete scam artists, and only in it for the shekels.

(((Bernie Sanders))) raised $220 million from his gullible supporters, promising to contest the Democrat convention and fight for the super delegates.

Then the weekend before the convention, he backed away from all his promises and endorsed Hillary.

(((Jill Stein))) raised $7 million from her gullible supporters, promising a recount that she had to know would never happen. Now she can do whatever she wants with all those shekels. Maybe buy a nice beach house like Bernie did.

Stereotypes exist for a reason.

#312814 Hillo-bitch 2016: The Neverending Lesbian Bed-Death

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Posted Chrome on 28 November 2016 - 06:09 PM

I love the idea of Hillary just running over and over again until she's like 90 and gets progressively more bitter and insane and loses by a bigger margin each time.

#299206 Cuckservatism: the megathread

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Posted Cinco Jotas on 12 October 2016 - 01:38 PM

View PostI Mildly Touched Richard Dawkins, on 09 October 2016 - 05:32 PM, said:

Thats because Trump gives off a vastly different vibe.  Ryan,  Brush Clearin' Texas Bush they all want to seem like your next door neighbor made good.  Trump doesnt do that.  Hes a billionaire from a rich family.  He doesnt show up wearing a t shirt and jeans.  He dresses like a billionaire, and he loves his people.

One of many things that makes shitlibs maaaad is that us proles dont care about the money.  Hes got noblesse oblige, and ww love it.

He does have noblesse oblige, but he's also got the common touch. Trump is from a rich family, but it's not ancient money, and Fred made sure Trump did his share of grunt work with the proles. He's done the same for Don, Jr., Eric and Ivanka.  It's also certain that his mother, who was from the most scenic but most god-awful impoverished part of Scotland, probably didn't allow much high-hanedness or incivility to ordinary people.

When I think of real American noblesse oblige, I think of a family like the Teddy Roosevelts, old-money American aristocracy who had power, wealth and status, but none-the-less did their duty at great cost. Read about Teddy Roosevelt, Jr.., the ultimate anti-cuck, who was in many ways more impressive than his father.


Ted volunteered to be one of the first soldiers to go to France [in World War I]. There, he was recognized as the best battalion commander in his division, according to the division commander. Roosevelt braved hostile fire and gas and led his battalion in combat. So concerned was he for his men's welfare that he purchased combat boots for the entire battalion with his own money. He eventually commanded the 26th Regiment in the 1st Division as lieutenant colonel. He fought in several major battles, including America's first victory at Cantigny. He was gassed and wounded at Soissons during the summer of 1918. In July of that year, his youngest brother Quentin Roosevelt was killed in combat. Ted received the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions during the war. France conferred upon him the Chevalier Légion d'honneur on March 16, 1919.

Ted comes back to America, makes his own considerable fortune in business, and enters Republican politics, eventually being appointed governor of Puerto Rico and then Governor General of the Philippines. At the outbreak of WWII he reenlisted at the age of 53 in his old unit, the 1st Infantry Division, and fought across North Africa as a brigade commander.  At 56, with bad arthritis and a heart condition, he was in the first wave ashore on Utah Beach, literally the oldest man in the invasion force, the only general officer to land by sea, and the only man who had a son in the invasion (Quentin Roosevelt II, who was in the first wave at Omaha Beach.) He was gimpy from being wounded in the first war, and walked with the aid of a cane.  

Most of the units on Utah were jumbled up. Roosevelt's own boat had landed a mile from where it was supposed to. He took charge of the beach and famously decided to "start the war from right here," rather than move the units into the correct start positions.


With artillery landing close by, each follow-on regiment was personally welcomed on the beach by a cool, calm, and collected Roosevelt, who inspired all with humor and confidence, reciting poetry and telling anecdotes of his father to steady the nerves of his men. Roosevelt pointed almost every regiment to its changed objective. Sometimes he worked under fire as a self-appointed traffic cop, untangling traffic jams of trucks and tanks all struggling to get inland and off the beach. One GI later reported that seeing the general walking around, apparently unaffected by the enemy fire, even when clods of earth fell down on him, gave him the courage to get on with the job, saying if the general is like that it can't be that bad.

Ted Roosevelt, personally unfucked the entire Utah Beach portion of the invasion with poetry and a walking stick. Omar Bradley said it was the "the single greatest act of courage" he'd witnessed in the entire war. Roosevelt was awarded a justly deserved Medal of Honor for his actions on Utah Beach, and died five weeks later from a heart attack.  

No one would have said a word if 53-year-old Ted Roosevelt, Jr. had decided to sit out the Second World War. He'd done his duty and was literally physically unfit for service. He was a rich man, the son of a president, part of the super-WASP New York aristocracy, middle-aged and gimpy. But he went anyway. That's noblesse oblige, and that's why America was a better place back then, because our leaders were better people.

The Roosevelts continued their tradition of noblesse oblige. Ted Roosevelt III, was a navy pilot in the Pacific. Ted Roosevelt, IV, was a diplomat in Upper Volta, and a no-shit Navy Seal who did two tours in Vietnam


My father had been in the Navy. My grandfather had been in the Army. I was torn. I really wanted to serve on a destroyer until a good friend of mine said, “Ted, what you really want to do is go to Basic Underwater Demolition school (BUD/S).”

When I read about it, and what you did afterward, I said, “That’s for me.” I loved the physical challenge. The officers were virtually indistinguishable from the enlisted men. Sure, we had rank, but officers did everything that the enlisted men did.

And then it all fucking comes apart...

Ted IV, who started out so nobly, became an investment banker after Vietnam and now he's a full-on cuckservative who supported Kasich in the primaries and feels that the Golden Don isn't "right for the presidency or the GOP."

And of course, his son, Ted Roosevelt V, is a 40-year-old, childless, Obama-fellating Democrat, faggoty, uber-SWPL hedge fund manager, who runs triathlons instead of serving in the military. He's completely detached from ordinary people, a repulsively smug creature whose male ancestors would have found odious and unmanly. He is an avatar of our debased age and the utter dead-end of a noble line.

#298130 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Bumbling American on 08 October 2016 - 02:43 AM

People who march in gay-pride parades want you to be horrified at a guy talking about pussy

#292641 Tim Tebow and The Jews

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Posted Schrödinger's Grasp on 13 September 2016 - 10:18 PM

Posted Image

Eric Striker

No athletic career provokes more confusion from fans than the curious case of Tim Tebow.  On paper, the versatile Florida Gators quarterback used his ability for quick thinking congruent to his fleet of foot (did you know whites can be fast too? Not if you read Sports Illustrated) to lead his team to two championships (2006 and 2008), while cultivating his personal trophy case by winning the prestigious Heisman trophy, Quarterback Of the Year, SEC Player of the Year (twice), and countless other decorations illustrating his immense talent. Even before being drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos in 2010, he was a sought after commodity slated to continue the legacy of what made John Elway a football legend: a quarterback that can run.

As a starter, Tebow inherited a 1-4 Broncos team most had written off. Through a series of amazing and historic 4th quarter movie-like underdog comebacks, Tebow led the Broncos on a 6 game winning streak. The team that began as the AFC West’s Bad News Bears wound up winning the division title, their first at that time since 2005.  For team owners, wins and losses are as important as packed stadiums and merchandise sales, and here too, he delivered. As his fairy tale story began to write itself, Tebow’s No. 15 jersey flew off the shelves, people from across the nation tuned in to watch what kind of surprises or excitement the Broncos would deliver next.  

Tebow, whose 2011 rookie season was the only one he got to play in his NFL career, resonated so deeply with the American people that his short-lived No. 11 he wore for the Phildalphia Eagles in the 2015 pre-season, shortly before being cut, outsold the shirts of negroes like Marshawn Lynch, whose jockstraps are put on a pedestal and worshiped as divine by Jews and their purchased middle aged cuckolds at Jew-run Disney’s (Chair and CEO: Michael Eisner) ESPN.  In his analysis of the sales data, John Breech of CBS Sports makes the claim that the only reason Tebow’s Eagles jersey didn’t sell even more is due to the very small window of availability it had [1].   “Tebowing”, the act of genuflecting before God after a touch down, became a national sensation. All eyes were on Tebow. Even as a man who personally despises spectator sports, I tuned in to watch Tebow. As a person who is skeptical about organized religion as a rule, I watched in awe at Tebow’s love of the Christian faith.

Off the field, Tebow was a role model, a moral paradigm towering over the mediocre, shrill, self-absorbed Millenial pajama boy. The art of combining alpha masculinity and humanity has been lost in the modern world, where you’re expected either to entirely emulate the Sons of Anarchy or become a nice to a fault goof like Ned Flanders.  Despite being in the fruit of his 20‘s and a world famous athlete, Tebow eschewed excess for humility, giving his summers to kids with cancer instead of chest-blessed groupies, and unpaid work at an orphanage rather than cocaine and Da Club. As a famous star, Tebow had a large cult-like following from women who required nothing more than a snap of his fingers for a “field goal”, and yet still, Tebow encouraged sexual continence when asked, and stayed true to his moral and religious convictions by saving himself for marriage. By normal standards, Tebow was unique in a good way. By NFL standards, where not being a rapist or a murderer is already abnormal, most people said “finally, a good example for our nation’s youth”.

So why isn’t he on the box of Wheaties? Or an even better question, why is a football player who has outperformed all expectations when actually allowed to play, today reduced to trying out for a Venezuelan winter baseball team?

The answer is always the same when something good defies the odds and peaks through the wreck and dreck that is our culture, only to be whacked to death and covered up in a political burqa: the loathsome Jew.

The Conspiracy Against Tebow: Jews in the NFL and Sports Journalism

Before looking into the details, we must begin by looking at the disproportionate power Jews wield within the NFL, in order to demonstrate how these positions directly relate to the sabotage of Tim Tebow.

Of 32 NFL teams, Jews (2% of US population) are the owners or presidents of 11, a little less than 30%. The motive for this overrepresentation is likely political, as football is one of the most important cultural chokepoints in American society, especially since sports teams are notoriously expensive to acquire, time consuming, and with a few exceptions, volatile in their profitability. A peculiar ethnic interest or attraction to football in and of itself is also unlikely, there are more Jews who own NFL teams than are playing . According to Reference.com, there are only nine Jewish players…in the entire league [2].  Here are the 11 teams along with associated Jew:

New York Jets: Neil Glat (President), Mike Tannenbaum (former GM, now Vice President)

Oakland Raiders: Marc Badain (President)

Atlanta Falcons: Arthur Blank (Owner)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Glazer Family (Owners and Chairpersons)

New England Patriots: Robert Kraft (Owner), Jonathan Kraft (President)

Philadelphia Eagles: Jeffrey Lurie (Owner) , Don Smolenski (President)

Indianapolis Colts: James Irsay (Owner and CEO)

Miami Dolphins: Stephen M. Ross (Owner)

Washington Redskins: Daniel Snyder (Owner) , Bruce Allen (President)

New York Giants: Steve Tisch (Owner)

Minnesota Vikings: Zygi Wilf (Owner), Mark Wilf (President)

Sports journalism is also heavily Jewish. For example, Sports Illustrated , easily the authority in the written sports world, has Paul Fichtenbaum as its editor in chief. Then of course there is ESPN which is owned and managed by the Jews at Disney,  etc.  There is simply not enough space in print to list every single Jew involved in sports journalism as anchors, writers, authors, opinion molders, but one thing should be clear: these sports culture gatekeepers never shy away from pushing political agendas, whether it’s the ridiculous anti-white coverage given during the Duke LaCrosse case, not even considering the possibility of a white running back while every year digging up a new “magical negro” black quarterback, or the Zionist media octopus’ attempt to bully a team into drafting a talentless kicker on the sole basis of his homosexuality.

Tebow and the Jews

Any talk about Tebow’s abilities being to blame for his blacklisting in the NFL is a flagrant lie, a paper curtain to cover the outrageous: His fate was sealed before even touched a football in the NFL, because he was white, morally impeccable, and flaunted his values–what Jews in the 1950 population study “The Authoritarian Personality” (Levinson, Brunswik, Adorno, et al) identified as an inherent danger to Jews.

Posted Image

Jeff Pearlman

On the eve of Tim Tebow’s draft, “respected” ex  Sports Illustrated writer Jeff Pearlman set the stage in his vicious piece “I Want Tim Tebow to Fail” [3] . On the eve of his entry into the NFL, Tim Tebow starred in a BIG GAYME ad for Focus on the Family, an organization that lobbies against homosexual marriage and abortion that showed Tim Tebow besides his mother (who gives no political opinion) and the words “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life”–a mild statement that drew vicious Talmudic ire from Pearlman, who wrote about what he “wants” (that would curiously become “prophetic”, more on that later) for Tebow:

“I have never written those words about an athlete before. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever written those words about a person before. But I want Tim Tebow to fail. I want a team to draft him in the sixth round, then I want him to report to training camp, throw a bunch of dying quails and be cut.

[…]I  want him to fail in the NFL nonetheless, because a famous Tim Tebow is a dangerous Tim Tebow.”

Posted Image

Fred Toettcher (Aka “Toucher”)

Pearlman was not the only one to go into a vicious seizure over the prospect of Tim Tebow even existing in the NFL. Tebow’s entry into the NFL must’ve been a hot subject amongst Jews in private, because after he was drafted, Sports radio host Fred Toettcher (Aka “Toucher”), listed as a Jew [4], of the nationally syndicated The Toucher and Rich Show, in April 2010 unironically stated that Tebow’s draft party was akin to a “Nazi Gathering”.

Posted Image

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

Once the Gentile owned Broncos finally let Tebow start, and the team started to win, the Jewish rhetoric got even more radical and extreme. In December 2011 The Jewish Week published an outrageous piece by Rabbi Joshua Hammerman called “I’ve got a Tim Tebow Problem”:

“I want to root for the guy, but I’m afraid of what will happen if the hulky Denver Bronco quarterback continues to pull off what is fast becoming the Greatest Gridiron Story Ever Told. Since  taking over as the starting quarterback earlier this season, the Heisman winning national champion from the University of Florida has been winning consistently and dramatically, in the final minutes of the game or overtime, relying on powerful legs rather than his infamously erratic arm and confounding skeptical fans along with the Bronco management, who, it is said, were hoping he would fail.
If Tebow wins the BIG GAYME, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants. While America has become more inclusive since Jerry Falwell’s first political forays, a Tebow triumph could set those efforts back considerably.”

When Rabbi Hammerman’s article began making the rounds in non-Jewish circles, The Jewish Week pulled it from the website and issued an apology[5]  , but this was more of a “sorry you caught me” than an actual sorry.  The Jewish animosity against Tebow was partially religious, in that Tebow was a Christian, but this is not the whole story as many non-white athletes display their religious (including Christian) convictions on the field and Jews never say anything.  The hatred against Tebow was racial, not theological–they feared a young man who, in the words of Rabbi Hammerman’s article “turned down his selection as a Playboy All American because it was, well, Playboy”–it is clear from the Rabbi’s piece that he is familiar with “The Authoritarian Personality” (1950), and thus his panic and spitting rage at a man considered to be one of the kindest people to ever play football begin to make sense.

Tebow had to be stopped, somehow. When the Broncos were finally eliminated in the playoffs, Jews breathed a sigh of relief, but also put their plan into into motion. For all their talk of “alternative lifestyles”, Jews will never tolerate individuals with healthy values to become prominent on their watch, because once somebody is able to challenge the culture of death and degradation they believe keeps Gentiles as pacified slaves, millions will follow.

The Jewing of Tebow

After his Cinderella rookie season, John Elway decided that Tim Tebow would become the starting Broncos quarterback in 2012.  Then, out of the blue, a number of “coincidences” came to be.

The first one was the sudden decision of future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning–a free agent so desired multiple teams had to compete in a metaphorical “lottery” to sign–to play for the Broncos. Manning’s decision came as a surprise to many, but it was objectively in the Bronco’s interests to make him their starter over Tebow (Manning would later take the Broncos to the BIG GAYME).

What happened next has no logical explanation other than a pre-meditated Jewish conspiracy against Tim Tebow’s career that had nothing to do with sports. A number of teams expressed strong interest in Tebow, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, whose more “Southern” and Christian fan-base, slumping team, along with the fact that Tebow is a native of the state who played for the Florida Gators, would’ve been a natural fit, but the Broncos turned down an offer of $3 million dollars and a fourth round draft pick in order to give Tebow to the New York Jets–whose offer was slightly inferior.

Nevertheless, the Jets’ Jew General Manager at the time, Mike Tannenbaum, aggressively negotiated[6] to bring Tebow to New York, and eventually the Jets and the Broncos came to an agreement.  A month after Tebow was retained in the trade,  the Jew Neil Glat, heavily connected to the corporate world, was made President of the Jets.  Could there have been a “secret” trade that would get the Broncos Peyton Manning, in exchange for handing Tebow off to the Jets? There is no hard evidence of such a thing, but it is certainly plausible when looking at how the Jets treated Tebow once they got him. The amount of fan energy and future potential the Broncos were bestowed with through Tebow could never be matched by any other single player other than Peyton Manning–if this aspect wasn’t a conspiracy, it certainly was the perfect catalyst that put one into motion.

Out of all the teams vying for Tebow, the Jets getting him was very controversial to observers, especially seeing all the money and time they spent to procure a player they objectively didn’t need. The Jew Tannenbaum’s explanation was even more bizarre: they did not want Tebow to play as a quarterback, but instead in a lower profile alternative offensive position. Famous Jets quarterback Joe Namath was half-right in his comments [7] on the topic when news broke of the deal: “I’m just sorry that I can’t agree with this situation. I think it’s just a publicity stunt. I can’t go with it. I think it’s wrong. I don’t think they know what they’re doing over there. And I’m a big Tim Tebow fan, but I’m a bigger Jet fan than I am a Tim Tebow fan.”

Assuming incompetence is where conservatives die 1,000 intellectual deaths. Jews are not incompetent, their ridiculous plans for Tebow were by design.

Once the 2012 season began, people were astonished. Tebow spent most of his time either on the bench, occasionally playing a background position on the punt team.  When Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez began to falter–and badly–Jets fans begged, petitioned, demanded, that the team let Tebow start at least one game in his place.  To the puzzlement of all neutral observers, the Jets abjectly refused, letting him join in in only 77 offensive plays (in miscellaneous positions) all year–effectively wasting his season.  When the season was over and the 2013 one was about to begin, the Jew controlled Jets clung to Tebow until the first Monday after the NFL draft, when most team rosters are already full–making it almost impossible for Tebow to find another team in time!

Tebow was replaced by Geno Smith, a negro quarterback much hyped by the typical sports Heebs as is the custom. Despite numerous attempts to make the Smith the Jets’ starting quarterback, he has put up abysmal numbers compared to Tebow’s sole season with the Broncos. Today he continues to be the most hyped up new quarterback in the league, despite being relegated to the bench most of the time.

On this pre-meditated act of career sabotage, Yahoo! Sports writer Les Carpenter hinted at the non-football related motive behind the timing of Tebow’s release–Hate:

“When the Jets fought to get him, you would think they understood what they were getting. You would guess they had a way to exploit his strengths. Instead they embarrassed him. They seemed to hate the way he drew more interest than their other players. They grumbled about the mania around him that was so great they had to hold a separate press conference for him after games in which he barely played.

Off goes Tim Tebow, the player they pursued hard but never wanted.” [8]

Carpenter too chalks up the Tebow-Jets debacle as at least partially motivated by “incompetent management”, but wait, there’s more.

In spite of his late release, the New England Patriots offered Tebow a two year, non-guaranteed contract on June 11th, 2013, where millions of dollars were promised if Tebow played. Tebow’s power of personality and talent in need of cultivation (and game time) was able to defy roster norms. The Patriots, run top to bottom by the Jew Kraft and his extended family, held on to Tebow through the summer. Barely a little more than one week before the 2013 season began, on August 31st,  the New England Patriots suddenly realized that “there was nothing” they could do with a player that was benched for an entire season with the Jets, as if expecting him to be cultivated in just two months, and cut him last minute. The Patriots effectively wasted Tebow’s time, and paid him exactly $0 of his contract money.  This is considered to be the stake through Tebow’s career in the NFL by ensuring he sit out the season by being released twice, and in spite of this, naive Tebow personally thanked the Jew Robert Kraft for the “opportunity” anyway.   Sports journalists worked night and day concocting reasons for why the Jets and Patriots could find nothing for Tebow to do, but the man on the street didn’t buy it.

The final nail in Tebow’s quarterback coffin came with the Philadelphia Eagles, who signed him for a one year contract two seasons later.  During the two year hiatus, Tebow scored jobs as a TV and radio football analyst, where he retained his fan base and was gaining traction career-wise, but Jews could not leave him alone.  The Eagles, controlled by the Jew Jeff Lurie and his Yiddish assistant Don Smolenski, took him on in April, and fired him just a few days before the NFL season officially started in September 2015. Despite substantial improvements in his accuracy (what critics would harp on) in pre-season games, the Eagles claimed he was unfit to even fill his originally intended role of being their third-string quarterback. About as believable as the gas chamber story.

What a coincidence that of all the teams in the NFL that would’ve loved to have Tebow, it was three teams controlled by Jews that tossed him to one another like a hot potato. They were never interested in him, they wanted to tarnish his reputation and his brand, with Jew run sports media creating the narratives just like they do in politics.

Doug Gottlieb, a former ESPN host, later came the closest a Jew can to telling the truth during Tebow’s Jets days. In one interview [9], Gottlieb admits there was an orchestrated corporate policy demanding that pundits and sports journalists talk about Tebow as much as possible, although Gottlieb pretends it was neutral coverage rather than the reality (most coverage of Tebow at this time was resoundingly negative and full of nitpicking).

Another semi-honest Jew, Michael Silver for Yahoo! Sports, basically admitted that Tebow was blackballed from the NFL for non-sports reasons [10], but naturally didn’t go into details.  In an interview with an anonymous NFC head coach, Silver writes:

“He seems like a great guy to have on a team, and I’d be tempted to bring him in as our backup,” one NFC head coach told me Wednesday. “But it’s just not worth dealing with all the stuff that comes with it.”

Tebow, as one NFC offensive coordinator told me last spring, carries more of a stigma than Terrell Owens.

Or, in the words of one AFC head coach to whom I spoke recently: “You don’t want to put up with the circus.”

Thus, Silver puts the question to bed. Tebow got shut out from the NFL because he was a normal young white man and not afraid to show it. If he was gay, if he was black, if he kept his mouth shut on sex and marriage, if he didn’t genuflect on the field–if he wasn’t the very model white man Jews have nightmares about having to ever confront again on a meta-political level, Tebow would be world famous today.  In what amounts to a very cynical attempt to obscure the Jewish role in destroying Tebow, Silver ends the piece with:

“And just as I feel compelled to call out the league when it comes to injustices like the dearth of minorities in offensive play-calling roles, the apparent blacklisting of a quarterback who went 7-4 as a starter in 2011 and won a memorable playoff game over the Pittsburgh Steelers doesn’t seem kosher to me.”

I guess the idea is to throw off the scent of a kosher butchering by specifically claiming that it isn’t kosher when the Goyim are growing suspicious. Sort of like how Jews used to argue that critics correlating them to Bolshevism were wrong because it was impossible to be both an atheist and Jewish.

As he packs his bags to go play Minor league ball in an impoverished country, Tebow most likely has no clue who, why or what wanted him to fail, and then did everything in their power to make it so. Either Jeff Pearlman and Rabbi Hammerman, raging in public screeds that Tebow must  fail at any cost, are magical hate fueled oracles, or there’s something else going on. I don’t believe in fortune tellers but I do observe Jews.  We must assert ourselves back over our own culture and smash them.


[1] http://www.cbssports...and-suh-in-june


[3] http://www.jeffpearl...-tebow-to-fail/

[4] http://jewishexponen...hilip-toettcher)


[6] http://www.espn.com/...ade-second-time




[10] http://sports.yahoo....-054940389.html


#288268 Warning signs that your child may be "alt-right"

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 25 August 2016 - 09:10 AM

We all know how to check to see if someone we love is emo:

Well, there's a new thing that more and more kids are getting into:  it's called the alt-right, and it could be dangerous.  Here are some signs to look for to see if your child is getting sucked into this new movement.

  • Hitlerjugend hair

  • anime avatar :siren:

  • will only eat "tendies"

  • refuses to leave the house (except for Trump rallies)

  • Google search history includes "Race IQ" and "Charles Martel"

  • #GamerGate hashtag found on tweets to Anita Sarkeesian

  • Leslie Jones porn stash

  • listens to vaporwave

  • actual vaping :siren:

  • has photoshopped Pepe into his/her yearbook photo

  • excuses himself from dinner saying "I'll be with my chans if you need me"

  • cryptocurrency enthusiast

  • Posted Image

  • has given his Jewish history teacher "all the facts"

  • certificate of membership to Richard Spencer's PHALANX™

  • does not get along with your wife's son

If you see any of these signs, please report your child to Media Matters as soon as possible.  Intervention is possible but it must happen before your child starts an alt-comedy group and is signed to [adult swim].

#266249 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Cinco Jotas on 14 May 2016 - 12:22 PM

As an addendum to my last post: One of the reasons Trump can keep big media tangled up from here to election is because he moves substantially faster than the media's OODA loop.  Editors decide which stories reporters cover, and that locks the reporter in place until something is published, aired or shitcanned.  That's the OODA loop of the news cycle, and Trump lives inside that OODA, kicking the shit out of the media.

And to prove my point, this panic piece appeared this morning in the New York Times...


How Much Bad Press Does It Take to Cost Donald Trump a News Cycle?

Notice that it's not, "How Much Bad Press Does It Take to Cost Donald Trump the Election."  They can't even win a fucking news cycle and they know it!


With few exceptions, Donald J. Trump’s week in the news was a blur of unflattering reports.

His refusal to disclose his effective tax rate eclipsed an audiotape of him posing as his own spokesman. That, in turn, upstaged reports about his former butler saying racist, violent things about President Fuccboi Cryalot. Which had already overtaken Mr. Trump’s waffling over his own call for a ban on Muslims entering the country.

But Mr. Trump somehow seemed to win the news cycle anyway.

“He is the first candidate to truly take advantage of the fact we are an A.D.D. society,’’ said J. Tucker Martin, a Republican communications strategist in Virginia. “He moves so quick and creates outrages so fast, you almost forget what happened.’’

Mr. Trump, who by every measure has dominated campaign news for 11 months, was head-spinningly ubiquitous this week – calling into television morning shows, speaking to reporters from his office at Trump Tower, popping up on Capitol Hill and sustaining his steady stream of boasts and insults on Twitter.

Repeatedly, he had to do damage control, walking back, clarifying or re-clarifying comments about the Muslim ban, whether he wanted to raise taxes on the rich, or whether he would release his own tax returns before November.

Yet the sheer volume of incoming fire seemed to diminish the impact of any of it when it landed.

Just ask “John Miller.”

“I’ve never seen somebody that’s so immune” to bad press, said “Mr. Miller,” the name Mr. Trump evidently gave in identifying himself as a spokesman for Mr. Trump, not the genuine article, during an interview with a People magazine reporter in 1991.

Since 1991! .... Bask in those words: Trump has known how to play the press to his advantage since at least 1991!

And now he's now giving a master class to the whole world.


The voice on the recording, published on Friday by The Washington Post, sounded undeniably like Mr. Trump’s, and spoke extensively and authoritatively about his romantic and business exploits, albeit in the third person. (Mr. Trump, asked about the recording on NBC’s “Today” show on Friday, nonetheless denied the voice was his.)

It hardly mattered, because the story was deprived of oxygen by another one: Mr. Trump’s telling George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s “Good Morning America” that it’s “none of your business” what tax rate he pays.

With Mr. Trump monopolizing so much of the coverage of the campaign, his likely Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, has been far less visible. Some Democrats fret that she is being harmed by the lack of exposure.

I told you a few days ago that sucking the media oxygen out of his opponents' lungs was one of Golden Pepe's super powers.

I don't want to keep crowing about my own predictions, but I'm giddy right now. I'm not used to being right about politics. Look what I wrote about  populist wave elections back in July of last year:

View PostCinco Jotas, on 13 July 2015 - 05:47 PM, said:

To expand upon my previous thought, Trump has entered the populist golden zone, where every media attack, especially the petty ones, strengthen his electoral position.  [...]

What's going to be hilarious, and I mean really hilarious, is watching this dynamic play out. Every one of the usual Ivy League, Columbia J-school faggots are used to having picayune bullshit derail Republican campaigns. Mitt Romney could not have been a more upright and honest man, yet he was forced to scramble around responding to ridiculous charges about his tax returns.

Nothing like that will stick to Trump. There will be plenty of really grotesque things come out about Trump -- bribery of officials, adultery, Marla Maples, payoffs to thuggish NY union goons-- but none of it will stick, and it will drive the media elites insane, just insane, because every time they drop a bomb, Trump will get stronger.

That's what a populist campaign does, it flips everything upside down.

And Americans everywhere will cheer, and the NY Times faggots will tear at their hair and gnash their teeth and curse themselves for yet again playing into the Donald's hands.

No one, especially not the bien pensant j-school fuckwits, has ever seen anything like a true populist campaign.
In 1980, Reagan got a little of that populist magic, and was teflon-coated because of it. Trump has the potential to enter Huey Long territory, where even evidence of massive, grasping corruption can be spun into electoral gold.

What I didn't predict was that Trump would aggressively generate petty outrages to feed this dynamic. He truly is the master.

This is history in the making. The internal enemies of America are being routed by the King of the Shitlords!  A one-man media wrecking crew, who's already tamed Fox News and the conservative punditry, will now methodically crush CNN, The Washington Post,  The New York Times, and anyone else who stands against him.

And the best part of it--the absolutely best part of it--is that they're now waking up to the reality of what's happening, and they can't do a single thing about it. This is the part in the horror movie when people begin to panic, when the dread settles on the future victims. This is Aliens, minutes before Paul Krugman starts shouting "GAME OVER, MAN! GAME OVER!"  They don't even have the option of taking off and nuking the site from orbit.

Fuck the movies. There's no happy ending here for the media. This is evolution in action. Our oppressive shitlib media has produced the ultimate media killer. Trump isn't a centipede.  He's one of those giant Japanese hornets that kills an entire hive full of bees. He's immune to their stings, and until they evolve a new strategy, which will take a generation or more, it'll just be carnage. I predict that entire newsrooms will be cleaned out by Trump. I'm serious. Look for shitlib reporters who become disillusioned with the occupation. The loss of cultural power and the incessant mockery on twitter and in the comments section will be too much for many of them. They'll retire and quit in droves, and J-schools will disappear as students decide on other careers.

In conclusion, to summarize what the New York Times and Washington Post learned this week: Trump isn't locked in here with the media, the media is locked in here with Trump.

#247015 Culturally Appropriating the Frankfurt School

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Posted Chicano Studies Major on 07 February 2016 - 06:39 PM

Whoever ventures into the realm of the alt-right is bound to encounter the term "Frankfurt School" sooner or later. If one group is perceived by the alt-right as the single most important culprit for our current societal malaise, it would be this band of (((intellectuals))):

Posted Image

In the broadest possible terms, the Frankfurt School (named after the Institute for Social Research at Frankfurt's Goethe University, where the movement more or less originated) was a loose association of Marxists who, like Marx, believed in the general desirability of overcoming capitalism and establishing a society liberated from its more harmful iniquities, but unlike Marx, did not believe this development to be historically inevitable. To the contrary, they asserted that capitalism had infected the cultural sphere to such an extent that its self-perpetuating memes would essentially guarantee its survival ad infinitum, and that its structures of oppression would have to be discovered and deconstructed in critical social discourses for positive change to become an option. That's why their ideology is also referred to as "cultural Marxism".

It's easy to recognize from this description how contemporary peddlers of poz are massively influenced by the Frankfurt School's methodology, but you can't blame the testator for the actions of his heirs. SJWs are as revolutionary as manufacturers of Che t-shirts; they have made peace with the system at large and are using the rhetoric of fundamental opposition as cheat codes to unlock sinecures for themselves, which makes them and their politics so utterly despicable.

Nonetheless, as the struggle for the displacement of Europeans all over the world continues apace and as "scientific" criticism of whiteness leads to the emergence of formal and informal structures of oppression against European man in particular, the original writings of the Frankfurt School become strangely relevant to our cause. They did, after all, develop critical discourses to dismantle existing power structures, and it's fairly obvious that the streams of power in the age of poz are not exactly flowing in our direction.

I'd like to illustrate this contention with a few examples, starting with Herbert Marcuse and his concept of repressive desublimation, which he explains in his book One-Dimensional Man:


In this chapter, certain key notions and images of literature and their fate will illustrate how the progress of technological rationality is liquidating the oppositional and transcending elements in the "higher culture." They succumb in fact to the process of desublimation which prevails in the advanced regions of contemporary society. [...]

Man today can do more than the culture heros and half-gods; he has solved many insoluble problems. But he has also betrayed the hope and destroyed the truth which were preserved in the sublimations of higher culture. [...]

Today's novel feature is the flattening out of the antagonism between culture and social reality through the obliteration of the oppositional, alien, and transcendent elements in the higher culture by virtue of which it constituted another dimension of reality. This liquidation of two-dimensional culture takes place not through the denial and rejection of the "cultural values," but through their wholesale incorporation into the established order, through their reproduction and display on a massive scale.

Marcuse's claim here is that in pre-modern times, certain elements of cultural life existed out of reach of the system from which they originated. They were sublime. He's thinking about art and literature in particular. Artists could create fictional elements that, through their sheer existence, invalidated the oppressive logic of the system that spawned them; they were not integrated, existed outside the bounds of acceptable discourse and hence provided an inspiration for a world that might become, a world not tainted by the shortcomings of social reality. This is quite a culture-of-critique-y take on literature, but we'll run with it.


And in the literature, this other dimension is represented not by the religious, spiritual, moral heroes (who often sustain the established order) but rather by such disruptive characters as the artist, the prostitute, the adulteress, the great criminal and outcast, the warrior, the rebel-poet, the devil, the fool-those who don't earn a living, at least not in an orderly and normal way.

To be sure, these characters have not disappeared from the literature of advanced industrial society, but they survive essentially transformed. The vamp, the national hero, the beatnik, the neurotic housewife, the gangster, the star, the charismatic tycoon perform a function very different from and even contrary to that of their cultural predecessors. They are no longer images of another way of life but rather freaks or types of the same life, serving as an affirmation rather than negation of the established order.

Nowadays, the culture industry still produces anti-heroes, but they all exist within the bounds of the larger social consensus. Marcuse's examples are quite 1960-ish, so let's use a more recent type: the ghetto banger, a favorite trope of rappers the world over. Yes, he breaks the law, but in a pursuit of material satisfaction that couldn't be more kosher as a goal. The utopia of a banger is filled with expensive status symbols. Despite all the talk about rap music being the artistic vehicle of the disenfranchised, there’s nothing oppositional or subversive about it. It is desublimated and perpetuates the narrative of the powers that be, albeit with a different window dressing.

This observation extends to much of the cultural liberation the left has so proudly fought for in the last decades:


Artistic alienation is sublimation. It creates the images of conditions which are irreconcilable with the established Reality Principle but which, as cultural images, become tolerable, even edifying and useful. [...]

The Pleasure Principle absorbs the Reality Principle; sexuality is liberated (or rather liberalized) in socially constructive forms. This notion implies that there are repressive modes of desublimation, compared with which the sublimated drives and objectives contain more deviation, more freedom, and more refusal to heed the social taboos. It appears that such repressive desublimation is indeed operative in the sexual sphere, and here, as in the desublimation of higher culture, it operates as the by-product of the social controls of technological reality, which extend liberty while intensifying domination. [...]

Institutionalized desublimation thus appears to be an aspect of the "conquest of transcendence" achieved by the one-dimensional society. Just as this society tends to reduce, and even absorb opposition (the qualitative difference!) in the realm of politics and higher culture, so it does in the instinctual sphere. The result is the atrophy of the mental organs for grasping the contradictions and the alternatives and, in the one remaining dimension of technological rationality, the Happy Consciousness comes to prevail.

To a dissident rightist, these insights are important in two ways. The seemingly unstoppable march of poz we've been witnessing in recent years was certainly catalyzed by self-interested pressure groups, but there's also a systemic logic behind it that, in Marxist terms, made its rise almost inevitable.

The slut walker, the gender freak, the pride marcher - they're all participating in a discourse of individual autonomy that is about as safe and mainstream as it gets, and the managerial class is happy to integrate their masturbatory concerns into the larger social consensus. Their success was hindered by vestiges of moral paradigms that predate our modern logic, but in hindsight those battles had always been fought from a losing position. Piety had been losing ground to desublimated self-actualization for a long time, with gay marriage's and autogynephilia's mainstreaming being a question of when and not if.

Thus, when we condemn cuckservatives for being cucks, we're not just passing an aesthetic judgment. We're facing the reality that a community-oriented mode of social organization cannot survive as a quaint relic in an otherwise uprooted universe and that those who claim otherwise out of greed or cowardice are in denial of this reality, have "false consciousness", and will ultimately lose their heritage to forces which they believe to control, but which are actually controlling them and their fate. Even without a black bull at hand, they're being existentially cucked and should be made aware of it.

A second consideration is more pertinent to our own cause. LARPing is repressive desublimation. Esoteric Hitlerism and techno-aristocracy are consumer brands meant to channel our righteous frustration into lifestyle products. If, at the end of the day, your edginess only serves to satisfy your own vanity, you're like "the beatnik, the neurotic housewife, the gangster, the star" - manufactured opposition with a commodified identity. Do not fall into this trap. The loyal husband or faithful wife who genuinely believe in something that transcends quarterly earnings and raise a family in this humble spirit are greater foes to the forces of destruction than a loud and self-absorbed caricature.

So much for our rather abstract relationship with Marcuse. More concrete proof of Frankfurt School crimethink comes from Theodor Adorno (center right in the above picture). Adorno, in his 1951 opus Minima Moralia, actually foresaw both the totalitarian nature of racial egalitarianism and the profit motive that stood behind it. This supposed communist would have gotten a double Richwine treatment if he'd published his insights in our time:


If one wished to proclaim the equality of all those who bear human features as an ideal, instead of establishing it as a fact, this would be of little help. The abstract utopia would be all too easily reconcilable with the most devious tendencies of society. That all human beings would resemble each other, is exactly what suits this latter. It regards factual or imagined differences as marks of shame, which reveal, that one has not brought things far enough; that something somewhere has been left free of the machine, is not totally determined by the totality.[...]

This is exactly the dynamic we're seeing today. Blacks do worse than whites in segregated schools? We must integrate. They still do worse? We must take affirmative action. Still not working? We must educate about structural racism. Still nothing? Then whites must be carrying an invisible knapsack of privilege that gives them unfair advantages. Now any measure to rectify this situation seems appropriate. Failure to achieve equality just means we have to try again and harder this time.

Of course, what Adorno as a generic anti-totalitarian couldn't predict was the consciously anti-white bent this egalitarianism would take. Nowadays, factual differences are marks of shame if they apply to white people, but praiseworthy heritage if they can be attributed to any other group.


An emancipated society however would be no unitary state, but the realization of the generality in the reconciliation of differences. A politics which took this seriously should therefore not propagate even the idea of the abstract equality of human beings. They should rather point to the bad equality of today, the identity of film interests with weapons interests, and think of the better condition as the one in which one could be different without fear.

Yes, you read that right: a Frankfurt School patriarch stopping just short of calling for "separate but equal" because he's a little concerned about the "equal" part.

His second statement is even more important and describes a fundamental problem of our contemporary left wing: instead of worrying about these synthetic conceptions of equality, why don't they pick the low-hanging fruit and agitate against the ridiculously oppressive axis of propaganda, arms and capital? Our foremost left-wing scholars are so busy deconstructing white privilege that they've completely stopped caring about the injustices of neoconservative foreign policy, especially since the promotion of gay rights has become part of that policy deal.


The “melting pot” was an institution of free-wheeling industrial capitalism. The thought of landing in it conjures up martyrdom, not democracy.

Preach it, brother. Preach it to the diversity consultants who are making a fortune out of obscuring this exploitative relationship.

Even though we've collected enough problematic ideas to flood several safe spaces with, we'll take one more. The Frankfurt School also had a problem with SCIENCE! and the blind trust that accumulating knowledge without any kind of overarching spiritual framework would lead us ever closer to utopia simply by virtue of being progress. This was the domain of Max Horkheimer (center left in the above picture). John Abromeit has aptly summarized Horkheimer's thought in his book Max Horkheimer and the Foundations of the Frankfurt School:


[...] after the revolutions of 1848, the continental bourgeoisie took a decidedly conservative turn, which manifested itself philosophically in two main ways, according to Horkheimer. First, it abandoned of the universal regulative ideals that had guided it during its heroic phase. The positivist attack on metaphysics was directed not only against religious concepts such as God or the eternal soul, but against transcendent ideals of any type, even progressive ones such as universal rights, human dignity or a just society. Second, it entailed a corresponding loss of self-reflexivity. [...]

The positivists believed they could dispense with abstract universals and self-reflexivity because they were convinced that scientific rationality and its concrete application would lead not only to ever-increasing control of nature, but also to constant improvement of the conditions of human life. They believed, as one of the early defenders of modern positivism, Saint-Simon, put it, "the state of affairs which is most favorable to industry is ... the most favorable to society," and that, therefore, science should be primarily the "science of production."

This is more or less still the view of those who have replaced religion with a metaphysical belief in science: that value-free scientific inquiry into material improvement is the best and only guide to continuous social progress, and that an unspoken utilitarianism behind this scientific effort is the rational mode of organizing society.

It is, in a way, an ultra-conservative view that would like to freeze existing power structures and just add a few more gadgets as time goes on. In the 19th century, that would've meant obscene wealth for a few and crushing poverty for the masses, sweetened by the occasional mass-produced invention. Today, it means secular liberalism, open borders and bowling alone, sweetened by the occasional mass-produced invention.

Since this state of affairs is clearly a raw deal for the majority, a similar situation unfolded in both the distant and recent past:


When it became increasingly apparent that bourgeois society would not automatically realize this promise of creating a more just and humane society - that the interests of large industry and its bourgeois proprietors might not be identical with the interests of society as a whole - philosophy was called on to justify the aims of science. [...]

In what can certainly be seen as an anticipation of one of the central arguments from Dialectic of Enlightenment, Horkheimer demonstrates how the positivist hypostatization of a truncated version of Enlightenment reason terminated in the recrudescence of metaphysics and myth.

Once again, scientific work is being interlaced with unfounded ideology to a point where the two are hardly separable. This is where purple-haired assistant professors writing papers about the insecure masculinity of quantum physics come into play. Science itself facilitates, but cannot justify the atomized liberalism of our time, so it needs help from intellectual bullies who will do that, just like 19th century science needed help from bourgeois philosophers to justify the existing social order.

A "recrudescence of metaphysics and myth" is when the college-aged children of black millionaires evoke their African ancestors and sing chants about black bodies to justify whatever it is they think they deserve. The current state of the academy promotes this kind of behavior because science as a social category is increasingly reliant on extra-rational behavior to justify its oversized position within society. If the masses don't perceive science as an engine of material progress anymore (if only because a skewed distribution of wealth is leaving them poorer by the day), then they must at least see it as an engine of political progress, even if that leaves science ill-equipped to deal with actual scientific problems.

And that is why, according to Horkheimer, science doesn't exist outside the social relations it examines and why the worship of scientific neutrality is ultimately pointless. That is why SCIENCE! acolytes have no choice but to become increasingly pozzed to the point of scientific absurdity and why questions of social organization cannot be answered by merely "looking at the data".


In conclusion, we discovered that the patron saints of the left considered sexual liberalism a pacification strategy for the masses, racial equality a ghoulish form of totalitarianism, diversity a nauseating invention of the oligarchy and science worship a self-defeating exercise in circular reasoning.

What of the left's grand edifice is still standing after the scathing critique of cultural Marxism has blown over it? Ruins, if they're lucky, and it didn't take a single shitlord to do it. Just a bunch of innocuous Jewish intellectuals. Oy vey!

#100759 Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

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Posted PLEASUREMAN on 13 June 2012 - 03:12 PM

To start, some very obvious things that you already know.  Human beings are a pair bonding species.  Some other mammals are too, but human beings especially, it is a deeply embedded instinct, so deeply embedded that when you see human beings reject that instinct you know something went wrong somewhere.

One of the reasons pair bonding is such a deeply embedded instinct is that our offspring require massive resources in order to survive and mature properly.  Whether because it is intrinsically advantageous or is contingent upon certain conditions, our psychological development is most balanced with male and female parents, a concept we've formalized with marriage.  It's true you can find various primitive societies that do not have formal marriage, but they are incredibly rare, lack robustness, and remain stuck at a primitive, almost animal level of social organization.

When you are a loose band of nomads, individual deviation from the healthiest norms has very localized effects, namely your offspring are more likely to die before reproducing, group cohesion is weaker, the ability to manage large threats is reduced.  But as societies grow larger and larger, these effects do not stay so localized--deviations from pair bonding contribute to social disorder, and the larger the society the more disorder they create.  Family chaos creates more illegitimacy, crime, substance abuse, domestic violence, promiscuity, on and on--and these risk devouring public resources, not just government resources.  You have to pay more for your auto insurance, you have to buy a more expensive house to stay in a good school system (i.e. to avoid dysgenic filth), you are physically less secure, etc.

We've been watching it in real time for the past 50 years with illegitimacy rates.  We've watched lower class blacks collapse into nearly feral behavior, and without draconian incarceration of black males the problem would be a hundred times worse.  We see similar problems with Mexicans and to a lesser (but still measurable) degree with whites.  It isn't someone else's problem, it is devouring resources and energy at a massive rate.

So when you see pair bonding decrease or become less stable, if you are at all awake you see a huge problem.  The effects won't be local, they will spread and will carry over into subsequent generations.  And as it happens, homosexual couples all have higher rates of social dysfunction, remarkably like the products of illegitimacy.  They have higher rates of substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness (besides being sexually deviant), promiscuity, and I believe if statistics could be accurately collected they would have higher rates of criminal behavior when controlled for race.  Anecdotally, homosexuals appear to be overrepresented in radical political groups of the right and left.  Their hedonism is off the charts.  With gay marriage it is safe to predict that homosexual "partnerships" will be shorter, non-monogamous, and more disordered.

As such homosexuals are a net cost to society, leaving out whether their sexual practices should be ignored by a "consenting adults" standard (the lowest standard of public morality you can have).  Completely apart from that they are a net cost.  A glance at gay subculture tells you this, and the statistics back it up.  That said, politically I think arguing that homosexuality is harmful is a loser, because there are too few homosexuals and because other groups grossly overshadow them in proportional harm.  Also because conservatives are inordinately bad at arguing harm.

More important than the social disorder they directly contribute to, homosexuality is a symptom of hyperliberalization.  I repeat, the main problem is what homosexuality is a symptom of, not what harm it causes.  To a liberal, at least one who doesn't read much, hyperliberalization might sound great--finally, real progressivism!  Like they talk about on Current TV!  But in reality hyperliberalization is a very bad thing.  It's a sign of anomie, a state of normlessness and disillusionment which results in ramped up materialism and relaxed morality and cohesion.  The main thing hyperliberalization is good for is creating lots of disorder.  That's what it did back in the 1920s.  This period saw a sharp increase in deviance from social norms in the Western world, which, depending on how you look at it, either fed an atmosophere of greed and materialism or was fed by it (probably both).  Reactions such as Prohibition were either ineffective or stimulated even more disorder and crime.

The end result, according to social scientists like Robert Paxton, was turmoil and fascism.  Generally these are not in progressive interests, even if you're an angry Journolist member and would like to kick some people through plate glass windows (metaphorically speaking of course).  Usually turmoil is really bad for liberals and results in the opposite of the society they want to live in, even when the new government calls itself "the people's party".

Conservatives usually argue that homosexuality is "just wrong" (sometimes they can't even go that far).  They can't say why or articulate the harmful effects or defend the benefit of shared morality (much less state why morality is more than harm and fairness).  They're hopeless.  That is why they have no rejoinder to the naive liberal assertion that gay marriage is about love and holding hands and being yourself.  In defense of conservatives, liberals are profoundly obtuse on this subject--their thinking is inbred, they ignore their own data, and they hide behind mindless emotional catchphrases.  As stupid as conservatives are, they're simply not smart enough to be as hysterically dumb as a liberal with a slogan.  (Conservatives will always be second rate when it comes to idiocy, as in so many things.)

I think you can point to additional factors that indict homosexuality as abnormal on the level of sociopathy or pedophilia.  Physical development--gay face, finger length, brain morphology--is just clearly abnormal.  For strictly eugenic reasons it is appropriate to study it as an abnormality and come up with forms of treatment, or if need be to change the environment that is producing it.  Emotional development mirrors the physical--neoteny, hedonism, lack of self-control--homosexuals seem a lot like hypersexualized children.  It's no wonder then that in an age that exposes children to sexuality far before their brains have matured in crucial ways, homosexuality has far greater acceptance, as does most other sexual deviance.

Liberals are free to continue being stupid--no one can stop them.  Fortunately they are only 20% of the public, and they seem fine with shooting themselves in the foot.  I think most everyone else (at least those who have reached full maturity) can be convinced that continuing to sanction homosexuality, much less gay marriage, is a terrible idea.

#283073 The wrath of Khan

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Posted Prime Minister Mark Latham (PBUH) AKA ENJ on 31 July 2016 - 07:17 PM

View PostCena Spook, on 31 July 2016 - 06:49 PM, said:

View PostShitlord Slam Poet, on 31 July 2016 - 06:08 PM, said:

:trump: Tremendous

It looks like Trump stuck his foot in his mouth again with his comments about that Muslim guy at the DNC whose son died in Iraq. Was he doing some off the cuff counter-punching without thinking of the consequences, or was he purposefully slowing his own momentum down... again.

One look at that posing mud and I had no doubt that he's a bigger piece of shit than Clock Faggot's father.

I'm expecting some goods to drop this week. There's no way this moron hasn't given a sharia speech in front of a roomful of people and a camera.

It's not just Salafists and gang-rapists which give everyone the shits, the Western World is totally sick of whining, ungrateful Muslims like the Khans. We accept living in a fucking surveillance state because Muslims live in our countries, we accept having our genitals fondled by airport security because Muslims live in our countries, we're forced to pretend there's nothing wrong with Muslims for fear of losing our jobs, and rather than show us gratitude those two-faced cunts continue moaning and whining like common lesbians.

Mr and Mrs Khan are traitorous human garbage and they need to be treated like garbage, they're spitting on America by continuing to promote their despicable religion in public and they're spitting on their son's grave by promoting a Satanic plutocrat who voted to invade Iraq.

#249411 Trump's Pope-a-dope

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Posted BTH: Conceived At NPI on 18 February 2016 - 11:23 AM





If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been President because this would not have happened. ISIS would have been eradicated unlike what is happening now with our all talk, no action politicians.

The Mexican government and its leadership has made many disparaging remarks about me to the Pope, because they want to continue to rip off the United States, both on trade and at the border, and they understand I am totally wise to them. The Pope only heard one side of the story - he didn’t see the crime, the drug trafficking and the negative economic impact the current policies have on the United States. He doesn’t see how Mexican leadership is outsmarting President Fuccboi Cryalot and our leadership in every aspect of negotiation.

For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful. I am proud to be a Christian and as President I will not allow Christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened, unlike what is happening now, with our current President. No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith. They are using the Pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing so, especially when so many lives are involved and when illegal immigration is so rampant.

:allears: :trump: :mel:

Easily and brazenly dismisses Pope Faggot and calls him a pawn of the global elites. I would vote for this man everyday until the end of days.

#241863 The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

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Posted Jung Man on 12 January 2016 - 11:25 AM

Although I can't be sure, I'd like to think I speak for the vast contingent of MPC dot com lurkers when I say this thread has truly been a gift to those of us in awe of Donald Trump's unprecedented march to victory and are in search of competent analysis on the phenomenon that is Trump. To think, only four or five years ago I would have been reading that ruddy Jew Nate Silver or whatever professional (((pollsters))) the Washington Post or NY Times had flown down from Cambridge to gain insight into the candidates and their policies. I might have even been despairing in that great pit of learned helplessness, Unz dot com, with the rest of the keening women of the "dissident right". Terrifying.

There has been has been such a dearth of intelligent commentary on what Trump is doing, what he represents, what his candidacy says about the state of the country, etc. The professional outlets are absolute garbage at Trump coverage, and even many alternative sources have been blinded by his former life as a popular television personality. This thread, along with some low-traffic rightist blogs, that Chinese cartoon imageboard, and the Dilbert fag's website are really the only places to turn if you want unvarnished, trenchant insight into Trump and his actions. Strange times, but not altogether unwelcome ones.

I remember reading a post on MPC around the time I first started lurking, a short quip about the Overton window "now including a view of the Lake of Fire". I thought this was a brilliant embodiment of the gallows humor (or outright despair at Sailer's outfit) that had permeated this corner of the internet at the time. Now, not even a year later, Trump is almost assured the Republican nomination, calls himself a nationalist publicly, shits on birthright citizenship, unfettered immigration, and the idiocy of our current "leadership"... all the while maintaining a dominant position in the race with virtually no positive coverage from the media. Surreal, and makes me wonder if I'm dreaming at times.

Anyhow, I would like to thank MPC dot com and its regulars for putting on this production, whether or not it was intended for mass consumption. Every single day I come read this thread, and every day I feel better about being an American having done so. If Trump's candidacy can make disaffected internet nationalists believe in voting again, just imagine what he can do for the country.

#210004 It's official: words have no meaning

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Posted yersinia pestis on 25 June 2015 - 01:42 PM

Posted Image

Not the best chop in the world, but I really should be working right now.

#313869 funny pics thread

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Posted Florida Lion Psychiatrist on 02 December 2016 - 06:27 PM

Posted Image

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